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Preston School Board Meeting September 17, 2014 Superintendent Report If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

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1 Preston School Board Meeting September 17, 2014 Superintendent Report If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

2  Mission: To provide all students with the academic and social knowledge and skills needed for life-long success in a changing world.  Vision: The Preston School District believes that in the partnership with parents and the community our schools will provide appropriate opportunities for all learners to reach their academic and social potential in a safe and supportive environment Mission & Vision Statements

3  ITD Proposal:  *  State will pave the driveway and install the signs.  The 30 day termination clause is modified to show that as long as the driveway is required by federal regulation, State will not terminate. District will convey to State a 100 x 100 permanent easement.  * Jr. High Highway Access

4  SMART Goals: Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Result Based, Time-Bound.  Goals – Indicators – Tasks  Example  Goal: Improve School Leadership & Decision Making  Indicator IE09: The principal challenges, supports, and monitors the correction of unsound teaching practices.  Tasks: Principal performs an informal walkthrough observation of each classroom every 3 weeks. Principal reports to superintendent each week regarding classrooms visited and comments given to teachers. Teachers are evaluated using the evaluation tool Danielson Framework for Effective Teaching. Principals pass teacher evaluation course via Teachscape. WISE Tool

5  I. College and Career Readiness  1. 7 year plan (6th grade – 12th grade class schedule).  2. Provide career exploration at jr. high level.  3. Participate in Bridgerland 7th Grade Career Exploration Day.  4. Strengthen PTE (Professional/ Technical Education).  5. Clear Dual Credit plan to fill general education requirements. Strategic Plan

6  II. Quality Education and Learning Opportunities  K -12 vertical alignment.  Increase rigor in high school classes to meet college level expectations.  EOC’s... End of Course Assessments, common curriculum for common courses.  Common curriculum for common courses to close gap in rigor between classes.  Character Education. 5 Year Strategic Plan (Cont.)

7  III. Quality Personnel  Help high school teachers become adjunct professors. Work with higher education to provide students general education course instructors.  Common preps and regular professional development.  Proactive recruiting of new teachers.  Strengthen new teacher mentoring programs. 5 Year Strategic Plan (Cont.)

8 IV. School and Community Public Relations  Aggressively communicate dual course offerings.  Communicate PTE offerings.  Communicate via various means... texts, emails, Facebook, twitter, website, and newspaper (weakest means).  Proactively communicate budget and financial transparency. 5 Year Strategic Plan (Cont.)

9  V. School Environment and Facilities  1. 5 Year Facility Levy - $4,000,000  2. Technology Bundle – Security Cameras, upgraded telephones, wireless in buildings, etc.  3. Remodel Bundle – Update older high school classrooms, update pod configuration at Oakwood, etc.  4. New Construction Bundle – Bigger multipurpose room at Pioneer, improve elementary cafeteria, add air conditioning where lacking, etc. 5 Year Strategic Plan (Cont.)

10 Partial Schedule List The following Concurrent Enrollment Courses are offered at PHS: High School Course College Course College Credits College Algebra Math 1050 College Algebra USU 4 Trigonometry Math 1060 Trigonometry USU 2 AP Calculus A&B Math 1170 Calculus I ISU 4 Intro to College Statistics A&B Math 1153 Intro to Statistics ISU 3 Concurrent English 12A ENGL 1101 English Composition ISU 3 Concurrent English 12B ENGL 1110 Intro to Literature ISU 3 Economics (Concurrent) CFS 1120 Personal Economics ISU 3 Concurrent Am. Government A&B POLS 1101 Intro to Am. Government ISU 3 Concurrent US History A HIST 1111 US History I ISU 3 Concurrent US History B HIST 1112 US History II ISU 3 Online/Independent Study Options: Despite the many class options available at PHS, natural limitations prohibit the type and number of courses offered. Independent study and online courses provide students the opportunity to make up lost credits, take courses not currently offered at PHS, or to take Concurrent or AP classes not offered at PHS.

11  High School English Teacher – Part-time officer. Only considered police officer when on duty. If District requests he become full-time officer, he could be considered a police officer during school emergencies. District would have to offer token compensation. School Resource Officer

12  Minigrant Awards:  Jill Durrant – “Advanced Choir Musical” - $500.00  Sara Crane – “Fractions – Eat Them Up” - $130.00  Alisa Huskinson – “Expanding Expression Tool – EET” - $251.90  Oct. 8 th, 5:00 pm: Next Ed. Foundation Meeting  Ed. Foundation Board: Joy Christensen, Julie Westerberg, Sara Kelley, Karen Child, Kelly Keller, Kamille Kunz, Joel Wilson  Education Foundation

13  Oct. 2 nd or 3 rd  Invite past graduates & parents  Invite community  Speakers (School Board, FCHS Principal, past FCHS Administrators?) FCHS Open House

14  Jan. 21, 2015  6:00 pm  Training Topic: Levy Election  ISBA Regional Training: Sept. 24, 2014: Pocatello/Chubbuck School District Office, 6:30 pm  ISBA Conference: Boise, Nov. 12 th – 14th ISBA Training

15  Brian Jensen – May 2015 Election  Joy Christensen – May 2015 Election  Fred Titensor – May 15 Election  Jody Shumay – May 2017 Election  Chad Womack – May 2017 Election  ************************************  Ed. Foundation – Joy Christensen  Interview Committee – Brian Jensen, Fred Titensor  Budget Review – Chad Womack  5 Year Strategic Plan – Jody Shumway  FCHS Graduation – Brian Jensen, Joy Christensen Board Member Assignments

16  The Idaho State School Board issued a letter regarding the tiered licensure proposal. This is the proposal to raise teacher pay for beginning teachers at $40,000. Some concerns my superintendent's group is expressing are:  1. What happens to veteran teachers who may be already making more than this proposal?  2. What happens to teacher employment rights and due process issues if a teacher is released from their position?  3. Will funding be available if the state goes down this path?  I spoke with the superintendent in the Meridian School District who sits on the committee developing this plan. She is convinced that funding will be made available and legislators are on board.  I also have contact with a state representative from Bingham County who said there is no way this proposal will be passed if goes before the legislature.  There appears to be a lot of work left to do on this issue. Please email me your concerns with this plan so that I can share your voice with decision makers in Boise. Teacher Pay Proposal

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