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Women’s Empowerment through Mobile Technology Day 4.

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1 Women’s Empowerment through Mobile Technology Day 4

2 TODAY’S PLAN  Review the power and influence of technology, internet and mobile apps  Highlight tools for your campaign  Individual Sessions (if want one) at end

3 Troubleshooting and Debrief  Problems?  Favorite apps?  Least favorite apps?

4 Troubleshooting Tip  Research a problem about anything by typing into Google: “______ sucks”  For Example: “Latest Samsung Android sucks”

5 App Summary: What can mobile tech do for you ? Personal, Professional, Creative, Entertainment.

6 Get and Share information  Web Browser apps  Safari  Social Network apps  Email App

7 Medical Apps Help Yourself Help Others


9 Glucose Buddy Help Diabetics Track medications Glucose levels Exercise and Food

10 Web MD

11 Professional

12 Time Management Organization SEE: Google Tasks Todoist Watch Video

13 Voice Recording

14 Hootsuite Schedule posts Track hashtags All from one place

15 Keep Learning! Continue Education

16 Math Bingo

17 iTunes University & online learning

18 Ted Talks Ted Talks : ideas worth spreading  TEDx TEDx  Individuals and organizations  Local level  TEDInitiatives TEDInitiatives  Prizes  Fellows  TEDWomen TEDWomen  Videos  Conferences

19 Languages Dictionaries

20 Languages Flash Card learning

21 Word Lens

22 Travel Apps

23 Fun and Creativity enjoying life, enjoying tech

24 Pandora & ShazamShazam


26 iPhonography Photography taken and edited with mobile device

27 Instagram

28 Remote Control App Light Switch Home Stereo Write your own: See Bruce’s video “Getting Nowhere” Write your own: See Bruce’s video “Getting Nowhere”

29 Marketing Tools

30 Never Underestimate the Possibilities From Amazing to RidiculousRidiculous

31 Viral message  Make a message “viral”  IT SPREADS ITSELF  Reach your primary audience and  They pass it on  till it reaches news outlets, politicians, corporations or  ANY community you want to send a message

32 Start with a Good Website  Lotus Outreach Lotus Outreach  WATCH video on main page  Excellent website model  Simple and Clear to navigate  Personal  Includes Video  Multiple donation options

33 Technology: A tool to promote change  Take specific action  Begin fundamental, cultural change  Example: Example:

34 It Gets Better Campaign  It Gets Better Campaign It Gets Better Campaign  Goes viral by Social networks, etc.  Celebrities do it Celebrities do it  Petition to SF Giants team Petition to SF Giants team  Giants Team makes a Video Giants Team makes a Video  Message reaches new audiences until it reaches the mainstream

35 Vlogging  Blogging with Video, “Video Log”  Low production quality  Produced by one person  Direct and Personal  Examples:  MissXRojas MissXRojas  Natalie Tran on Community Channel Natalie Tran on Community Channel  Next Vlogger tutorials Next Vlogger tutorials  See Playbook – CAN DOWNLOAD

36 Crowdsourcing Social Network Fundraising

37 Documentary Film  Want to raise money for:  A Documentary with animation about a young Judo athlete  An Interactive Website for empowerment of girls

38 Indie Go Go  Example: Adventures of Judo Girl Example: Adventures of Judo Girl  WATCH FUNDRAISING TRAILER WATCH FUNDRAISING TRAILER  NOTE FOR INDIE GO GO: You get all the money raised, even if DON”T meet your goal

39 Kickstarter  NOTE FOR KICKSTARTER: If you don’t meet your goal, you don’t get ANY of the money  More tension and more successful big money campaigns  Example: WONDER WOMEN!WONDER WOMEN  Watch video on Kickstarter page Watch video on Kickstarter page

40 Snoball  Watch Video Watch Video  Combining Interests with Charitable passions  Maximize Consumerism  Partner with Businesses

41 Technology Events Thinking in NEW Ways

42 Painted by Tweets  Created by HotPixel (in Mexico) for CROMAfest  WATCH: VIDEO WATCH: VIDEO  Use Twitter to connect with visitors & environment  Visualizes and generates sound with every new tweet using the mention of the audiovisual festival: #CROMAfest  By adding a hashtag of color to the mention (for example: #green or #blue), the background light of the sculpture also changes

43 the Hello Wall  Created by Hellicar & Lewis  “I know commands: circle, square, rectangle, triangle, shake, faster, slower, bigger, smaller. And all these colors. Try tweeting them to me.” 

44 Find Funding OR MAKE IT FOR FREE

45 Women’s Organizations  Cherie Blair Foundation Cherie Blair Foundation  Women in Business Program  Mobile Technology Program  Grants  Women in the World (organization)  One each year, see 2012  WATCH: Hillary Clinton WATCH: Hillary Clinton

46 Free Image-making Tools  Photo Editing:  Pixlr Pixlr  Gimp Gimp  Animated GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)  Make a GIF Make a GIF  GIF ninja GIF ninja  Picasion Picasion  Video Editing: Video Editing  Avidemux  VirtualDub  Openshot  Animation  Pencil Pencil  Muvizu Muvizu

47 Answer List of Questions  How do I download a video for later?  VIDEO DEMO for Cached Items in Opera Browser VIDEO DEMO for Cached Items in Opera Browser  VIDEO DEMO of VOOBYS VIDEO DEMO of VOOBYS  Use Bookmarklet (article with links) Use Bookmarklet (article with links)  GeoTag Technology  Use GPS ability of phone to mark location  Location Services ON  Photos often geotagged (like Instagram)  Yo Jude on NY Times Yo Jude on NY Times  Messenger Dog article and videoarticle video

48 More Answers  Online Learning  E-Learning for kids E-Learning for kids  iNacol iNacol  PBS TeacherLine PBS TeacherLine  Making Videos  Scripts Scripts  Storyboarding Storyboarding  Online Market for Handmade items  Etsy Etsy  File Sharing & Collaboration  Google Docs Google Docs  Wedoist (like Todoist) Wedoist

49 Return iPod Touches  I will clear the Touches of all your information for you  TURN Wifi OFF on your iPod Touch  Return iPod Touch with accessories:  Case  Cable  Earbuds (ear phones)  Chargers

50 Go Geek Puff graduates! Good luck & Stay in Touch.

51 Individual Sessions


53 Books  From Public Library with Overdrive  iBooks iBooks  Kobo Kobo

54 PAVE “People against a violent environment” WEBSITE

55 NIOSH Chemical Hazards

56 Minke Rescue

57 Anasazi Slider Basic Puzzle Game Cultural promotion

58 Picture It Settled Track negotiations

59 Gimic Apps Hold On Hang Time


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