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OCSL OPEN FORUM February 16, 2014. WHY ARE WE HERE? What is an Open Forum? Purpose History Why is it important now? 2/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum2.

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Presentation on theme: "OCSL OPEN FORUM February 16, 2014. WHY ARE WE HERE? What is an Open Forum? Purpose History Why is it important now? 2/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum2."— Presentation transcript:

1 OCSL OPEN FORUM February 16, 2014

2 WHY ARE WE HERE? What is an Open Forum? Purpose History Why is it important now? 2/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum2

3 AGENDA SPIRITUAL PRACTICE Introductions Housekeeping Participation Agreements Financial Update Deferred Maintenance/Facilities $$ Q/A Time on Finances 3 2/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum

4 AGENDA Arc of Transition: Current and To Come Q/A Session on Arc of Transition BREAK 2014 Bylaws Presentation and Q/A Session OPEN Q/A Session Closing Benediction 2/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum4


6 Introductions Core Council Members Rev. Robert Collins, CSL Regional Support Representative Rev. Sharon in Orlando Bylaws Committee Members Finance Committee Members HR Committee Members 2/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum6

7 HOUSEKEEPING We are LIVE STREAMING (Wave, ya’ll!) Presentation First, Dialogue After Question Queue Use notepaper in backs of chairs to record your questions – Paul has pens Index Cards: how to use them One Official Break, so take care of your needs PPT slides and notes will be linked to our website and posted on the bulletin board 2/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum7

8 PARTICIPATION AGREEMENTS RESPECTFUL COMMUNICATION – Speak from the “I” without blaming and flaming RESPECTFUL LISTENING – Even if you don’t agree BE CONCISE – Remember that others are waiting to speak PERSONAL/INDIVIDUAL ISSUES – will not be addressed individually during the Forum. Council members will remain after to speak with you. 82/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum

9 PARTICIPATION AGREEMENTS FROM LAST NOVEMBER’S FORUM ◦ Hold this as a sacred gathering ◦ No cross talk ◦ No preaching OTHERS? 92/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum

10 FINANCIAL PRESENTATION OVERVIEW Finance Committee Year-End 2013 Results January 31, 2014 Snapshot 2014 Budget Projection Committed Giving Campaign to “Better the Budget”: Geri Carder Raising the Roof Status: Ellen Deferred Maintenance Estimates: Ellen 102/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum

11 FINANCE COMMITTEE Sanford Livingston, Chair Ouida Joi Cooper-Rodriguez Jon Eccleston Garnet McQuitty Elke Moritz Debi Morris Steve Olsen Lynda Zwack Our purpose is to oversee the finances and make recommendations to the Core Council to help strengthen and heal/reveal the financial health and financial consciousness of OCSL. 2/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum11

12 FINANCE COMMITTEE Financial Committee Goals: Review monthly financial reports Help balance the budget Develop a multi-pronged financial development plan, including new fundraising processes Advise and make recommendations/suggestions to the Core Council, with clear reporting to the Core Council 2/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum12

13 FINANCE COMMITTEE Goals for Our Community: Help educate/inform the community regarding intentional giving (tithing) Bring financial spiritual principles more into our community Transparency Encourage volunteerism Building unity by transparency and trust 2/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum13

14 14 COMPARISON OVER FOUR YEARS From November 2013 Open Forum 11/24/13 OCSL Open Forum

15 From October to Year-End 2013 October December Income: $488,455 $578,332 Expense: $517,466 $617,044 Personnel: $247,289 $287,785 Net Loss: $ (29,011) $ (37,448) Note: Sign-Up Sheet in the Back for Those Who Want Full Copy of 2013 P & L Statement 2/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum15

16 JANUARY 2014 Total Income:$31,882 Total Expenses:$44,842 Personnel:$18,419 Expenses Coming Up Over Next Few Months Approx. $30,000 Rev. Joan’s retirement fulfillment Property tax Past Due Janitorial Fees Computer upgrades and network fixes Roof Loan 2/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum16

17 2014 BUDGET - Projected Income:$501,103 Expenses:$460,518 Personnel:$156, 021 Net Profit$ 12, 575 Does not include designated funds Includes $$ for an interim minister Does not include salary for new senior minister Will be revisited again in MARCH 2/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum17

18 Beefing Up the 2014 Budget ACTIVATE, DEMONSTRATE AND CELEBRATE Geri Carder 2/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum18

19 RAISING THE ROOF Have raised $5,637 Have $9,363 to go What’s the difference between Raising the Roof and Activate/Demonstrate? (Ellen and Geri) 2/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum19

20 2/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum20

21 Long Term (2016-2018) $90,000 Replace Sanctuary & Social Hall Roofs - $83,000 Pave Area Graveled Parking Area - $7,000 2/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum21

22 2/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum22

23 FACILITIES GRAND TOTAL 2/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum23



26 Our Period of Stillness Over the next 2-3 months we will be self- sufficient Sunday Service Team ◦ Rev. Sharon Dunn, Lead ◦ Lynne Carr-Sykes, Music ◦ Walter Carlisle, Video ◦ Jacquie Onipede, Lead Practitioners ◦ Verona Garland, Host & Speaker Support ◦ Susan Brecker, Host & Speaker Support 262/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum

27 Sunday Service Speakers Today: Rev. Muata Rasuli February 23: Rev. Sharon Dunn March 2:Rev. Coco Stewart March 9:Rev. Sherry McCreary March 16:Rev. Linda Reppond March 23:Rev. Margaret Stortz March 30:Rev. Bernardo Monserrat 2/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum27

28 Sunday Service Speakers April 6:Rev. Sharon Dunn April 13:Rev. Susan Overland April 20:Rev. FranCione April 27:Rev. Karyl Huntley May 4:Rev. Mary Murray Shelton May 18:Rev. Lloyd Tupper 2/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum28

29 STRAW POLL Should we consider moving from two services to one service at 10:00 am? Idea: To try it for three months beginning in March after we track attendance in this time when we are using guest speakers. Benefits: reduced costs and less labor for staff and volunteers Cons: Disrupting the familiar and expected 2/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum29

30 Self-Sufficiency (with God’s Grace) Core Council continues to function Finance Committee continues to meet Ellen and her Facilities Gurus (Paul Presutti and Christopher Brown) are on top of things Ministries continue to function Visioning continues to unfold Practitioners are here for all of us Katherine as chair meets weekly with Strategic Business Manager and Staff Minister 2/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum30

31 SHIFTS AND ADJUSTMENTS No longer have Executive Director and Senior Minister salaries Compensate Strategic Business Manager for a 30 hour work week Have contracted with an IT company to provide much needed professional upgrading, network mapping, maintenance and support 312/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum

32 SHIFTS AND ADJUSTMENTS Recruiting a professional, part-time bookkeeper to replace Johanna van Gelder Will need to compensate an interim minister Currently maintain both administrative staff positions 322/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum

33 STAFFING AT PRESENT From full-time Executive Director to part-time Strategic Business Manager Two full-time administrative assistants A full time senior minister Part-time Stipend Positions ◦ Education Registrar ◦ YFM Coordinator ◦ Nursery Manager ◦ Staff Minister 332/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum

34 STAFFING AT PRESENT Contractors ◦ IT Support ◦ Bookkeeper ◦ Maintenance/Janitorial ◦ Groundskeeper 2/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum34

35 Staffing for Our Future The Executive Core will work with Strategic Business Manager and the HR Committee to re-evaluate ALL administrative/operational tasks that are needed to keep us up and running. What is the best way to manage the two arenas: financial and personnel/operational matters? ◦ Different skill sets ◦ Both areas require intense, dedicated focus 2/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum35

36 Staffing for Our Future What kind of administrative support do we need now? What are the best practices in other churches? What about other non-profits? How can volunteers extend and complement paid staff? 2/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum36

37 AND THE OUTCOME IS … ??????? Unknown Executive Core, HR Committee and Business Manager to research, brainstorm, develop proposals Present to Core Council Stay Tuned … “Film at Eleven” 2/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum37

38 AND NOW – LOOKING AHEAD THE ARC OF TRANSITION What Happens Next? 382/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum

39 Interim Minister The Core Council is now visioning and interviewing for an interim minister. The Core Council is responsible for hiring the interim minister. The community is involved in hiring the permanent senior minister Interested candidates are being vetted and referred through CSL Headquarters and our Regional Support Coordinator, Rev. Robert Collins No names yet, no finalists yet. Have interviewed one candidate, are anticipating at least one-two more Intention is to have an interim minister by May 2/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum39

40 Why An Interim Minister? (Review) Experience shows downside of rushing in to bring in a new spiritual leader. Interim Minister works with leadership to create organizational and financial readiness. Ultimate Goal: spiritual, financial and organizational fitness to call in our greater vision 402/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum

41 Interim Minister An Interim Minister is not allowed to be a candidate for the Center s/he is shepherding. Will have a letter of call that specifies duration of service and expectations. Will be compensated according to mutually acceptable agreement. 412/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum

42 Over the Summer Interim Minister will function as our senior minister. Rev. Sharon will report to and work with him/her Most importantly … 2/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum42

43 Over the Summer Interim Minister will work with Rev. Robert Collins to bring highly trained ministers to help us through the Co-Creation and Visioning Processes that will ◦ release the old, ◦ create the new, and ◦ allow us to call forth a new senior minister whose qualities and vision resonate with our collective consciousness. ◦ Let us BE that which we want to see in our new senior minister! 2/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum43

44 NEXT: THE CANDIDATING PROCESS - - SEEKING A NEW SENIOR MINISTER Probably will not begin until September 2014 Requires a great deal of work from a SELECTION COMMITTEE that is appointed by the Core Council in accordance with bylaws and CSL Headquarter policies. 442/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum

45 SELECTION COMMITTEE PROPOSED COMPOSITION (in the bylaws) Core Council Chair and one other Council member, plus Four Practitioners Four Laity Staff minister Rev. Sharon Dunn With best possible diversity of age, gender, and ethnicity 452/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum

46 Selection Committee Eligibility Criteria Members in good standing according to OCSL bylaws for at least two years Practitioners in good standing according to CSL Ethical Standards for at least two years Have been consistent financial supporters of OCSL for at least two years Completed Foundations and one other certificated SOM class (laity) Have demonstrated commitment to OCSL with notable, reliable loving service 462/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum

47 Selection Committee Criteria “A member must serve with absolute integrity, respecting the confidentiality of all committee meetings, candidate files and candidate interviews. … To the best of their ability, they will bring back all feedback, input and comments to the Committee without filtering it through their own personal perspective.” -- CSL Candidating Kit 2013 472/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum

48 Selection Committee Process When ready to begin, announcement will be made. (No early-bird discounts, no head starts!) Eligible interested people will complete an application and write a statement of intention and qualifications. All applications will be reviewed and criteria confirmed by Core Council and Rev. Sharon. 2/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum48

49 Selection Committee Process Confirmed applicants will be considered in prayer and contemplation during group spiritual practice. Final selections will be arrived at through prayer and evaluation of applicants’: ◦ demonstrated commitment to OCSL; ◦ demonstrated application of SOM principles; and ◦ representation of the diversity of our community. 2/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum49

50 Selection Committee Tasks Establish ministerial selection criteria based on the Co-Creation Process Establish/maintain frequent communication and information sharing with the community Develop a Candidate Review Plan Screen applicants Advise the Council of which candidates they wish to pursue Based on first round of screening and interviews, recommend finalists (3 or 4 at most) to present to the community 502/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum

51 PRESENTING FINALISTS Finalists under consideration are brought to OCSL to: ◦ Give a Sunday service talk ◦ Hold a workshop and/or teach a class ◦ Meet with leadership, practitioners, other appropriate groups/ministries ◦ Have extensive dialogue with Core Council & Selection Committee ◦ Have a reception or some kind of social setting for meeting/greeting members 512/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum

52 WHAT THE MEMBERS DO Attend the Sunday services and workshops/classes so they can experience the candidates, while … Keeping in mind the qualities of spiritual leadership that the community has chosen as its values (the Co-Creation Process) Complete evaluation forms that have been developed by CSL 522/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum

53 The Selection Committee Reviews member evaluations and other feedback/evaluation from the candidates’ visit Evaluate candidates’ alignment with OCSL’s goals, vision and values Determines if the candidates fit our financial parameters and potential start dates Presents two finalists to the Core Council, who will then arrange for an election by the membership 532/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum

54 WHAT THE MEMBERS DO OCSL bylaws stipulate that members in good standing elect the new senior minister. The Core Council will convene a general meeting in order to elect the new senior minister by majority vote 542/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum

55 WHAT THE COUNCIL DOES The Core Council extends our invitation and negotiates a Letter of Call for the new senior minister. Helps provide transition and orientation. Breathes a sigh of relief. 552/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum

56 Candidating Timeframe CSL Headquarters recommends that the candidating and election process be completed within 180 days. ✪ With prayer, visioning and commitment, we can do better than that: goal is to elect a new senior minister before the close of 2014 562/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum


58 NEXT UP: BYLAW CHANGES Introducing Doug Myers and members of the Bylaws Committee. (Take it away, Doug!) 2/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum58

59 OPEN QUESTION/ANSWER Follow-up questions on information presented? Anything else on your minds? Comments and suggestions? 2/16/2014 OCSL Open Forum59


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