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Deep Carbon Observatory Deep Life Workshop to Develop an ICDP Drilling Project.

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1 Deep Carbon Observatory Deep Life Workshop to Develop an ICDP Drilling Project

2 COSC ICDP drilling Summer 2014 Deep life studies have “piggy-backed” onto ICDP drilling projects, (e.g., Chesapeake Bay Impact Crater, COSC in Sweden, Oman Ophiolites, Bushveld Complex?), But, piggy-backing is problematic: ICDP structure makes it hard to come in late – no Ancillary Project Letters Drilling/sampling plans get set in stone early in the process Difficult to add tracers, subcoring, etc. Biologists get low priority for scheduling, samples.


4 ICDP needs the continental drilling equivalent of IODP Leg 201. Compelling research question and site that will pave the way for future deep-life-driven projects. ICDP wants deep life, but the continental deep life community has been slow to initiate a bio-driven drilling project.



7 ICDP Selection Criteria Global CriterionGlobal Criterion -- The proposed projects should focus on drilling targets which represent problems of global significance (“World Class Problems”) and be conducted at the best possible locations world-wide (“World Geological Sites”). International CriterionInternational Criterion -- ICDP projects should be international in scope in order to choose the very best targets, to optimise scientific yields, and to pool technological and financial resources Need-for-Drilling CriterionNeed-for-Drilling Criterion -- The ICDP should only choose drilling projects where it can clearly be shown that the necessary information is not otherwise obtainable than by drilling, or which exploit the unique environment of the borehole. Depth-and-Cost CriterionDepth-and-Cost Criterion -- The ICDP projects should try to be cost effective by minimizing the depth, difficulty, and hence cost, of the drilling targets selected, by judicious choice of the best possible locations worldwide for the classes of phenomena being investigated. Societal-Needs CriterionSocietal-Needs Criterion -- The ICDP projects, where appropriate, should strive to collaborate with industry, and not only be concerned with purely academic issues. Where possible it should give preference to projects, which have some relevance to societal needs, such as energy and mineral resources and geological hazards, etc. Active-Processes CriterionActive-Processes Criterion -- The ICDP should put special emphasis on the study of active rather than ancient systems. Drilling projects should focus on projects where drilling provides crucial information, not

8 ICDP application flowchart

9 DCO DL ICDP Workshop, Nov. 2014 Jan. 2015 Late 2015 (or 2016) Jan 2016 or 2017 Obtain external funds Drill in 2018??

10 Proposed sites – so far

11 Let’s consider other sites, as well. Conduct a systematic, global survey.

12 Geologic provinces Basalt flows Shale oil/gas Ni-Cu-PGE sulphides Ophiolites ?

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