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Presented By Kyle L. Nash Director of Public Works Newberry County.

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1 Presented By Kyle L. Nash Director of Public Works Newberry County

2 Beisel Road - Overview 0.8 mile dirt and gravel road off a major state road (Mt. Bethel Garmany Rd.) Dead-end at USFS property 31 different parcels on this road or accessed from it

3 Beisel Rd – Aerial View

4 Beisel Road - History In 1981, non-exclusive easement acquired by USA for a portion of what is now Beisel Rd In 1990, through a land exchange USA conveyed property to William C. Sullivan, but retained ingress-egress rights along what was designated Forest Service System Road FSSR-1011 Subsequently, a cooperative agreement was made between USFS and Newberry County for maintenance along FSSR-1011 (Beisel Rd) In 2009, residents requested paving of Beisel Rd through USFS and Newberry County, however, the road was not a County road USFS supported the County assuming full maintenance of the road By Ordinance, Newberry County no longer accepts new roads into its system that are not paved

5 Beisel Road – History (continued) Newberry County Council amended its Road Paving Ordinance to allow the acceptance of unpaved roads that have been maintained continuously for at least 3 years by a government authority In August 2010, 100% of property owners on Beisel Rd granted right-of-way required for Newberry County to accept the road and make it eligible for paving October 20, 2010 Newberry County Council unanimously accepted Beisel Rd into its road system

6 Paving of Beisel Rd Widen and Pave with Triple Treatment 20 ft driving surface 6 ft shoulders 6 in stone base Pavement markings: lines and reflectors Proposed Project Costs Engineering $39,000 Construction $232,900 TOTAL $271,900

7 Paving of Beisel Rd Proposed Source of Funds USFS Title II Grant$135,950.00 CTC C-Funds$135,950.00 TOTAL$271,900.00

8 Beisel Road – Program Oversight & Schedule Newberry County will manage procurement & oversee construction in conjunction with a CTC Consultant All payments, reimbursements, & recordkeeping will be processed by the Newberry County Finance Director Proposed Schedule: Schedule ItemStartFinishDuration Engineering Phase3/1/20115/1/20112 months Advertise Construction Solicitation5/1/20116/1/20111 month Construction Bid Opening6/1/2011 0 days Bid Award By County Council6/1/2011 0 days Construction7/1/20119/1/20112 months Project Completion9/1/2011 0 days

9 Conclusion Newberry County requests USFS Title II grant funding of $135,950 toward this project Balance will be paid with C-Funds This proposed project will provide a durable, low- maintenance access road to USFS property Questions?

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