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CAREER 101 Principles of Business, Marketing & Finance Spring 2013 Mr. Basham.

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1 CAREER 101 Principles of Business, Marketing & Finance Spring 2013 Mr. Basham

















18 W HAT Y OU W ILL N EED … Proof of the following: Valid work ID or Drivers License Social Security Card Diploma and / or degree Certification (if necessary) Be able to pass a Drug Test

19 W HEN D ECIDING … When deciding on the right career for you…you should consider the following: Are you interested in a certain career? Are your interests and skills aligned? Do you want to work for yourself? (entrepreneur) Do you want to work for someone else (company)? What will you be expected to do? (job responsibilities) What are your salary expectations? What type of lifestyle do you want for yourself (or family)?

20 A PPLICATION P ROCESS … Complete the application (online or hardcopy) Resume (if necessary) Cover Letter (if necessary) Letters of Recommendation (if necessary) Pre-screening test

21 J OB I NTERVIEW … Prepare by practicing interview questions… Show up EARLY (15 mins)… Smile, offer a firm handshake, make eye contact and wait to be seated Appear interested and attentive Answer questions to the best of your ability If you don’t know an answer, don’t make up anything; simply say “I don’t know but I will find out as soon as possible” End the interview by asking questions that you have about the position Don’t forget to restate you interest in the position and say THANKS!!!

22 A FTER J OB I NTERVIEW … Send a thank you note or card saying “THANKS FOR GIVING ME THE CHANCE TO INTERVIEW” This makes you stand out more than the other applicants Follow instructions regarding the follow-up: Call Email Go to the location Make sure you keep a record of the day, time, and person you interviewed with

23 O RIENTATION … Your company will train you on how they want you to do your job You will learn about important things such as: Expectations & Responsibilities Job conditions Company culture Code of Conduct Handbook (dress code, etc.)

24 W HILE W ORKING … You should strive to be: Effective: get the job done to the best of your ability Efficient: get the job done as quickly as possible Do you best to maintain good relationships with your: Boss / Supervisor / Manager Co-worker / Colleague Customer / Client

25 E VALUATION … Your job will evaluate / assess your work performance on a yearly basis (sometimes more than that depending on the company) Normally, your immediate supervisor will conduct your evaluation based on company standards A good evaluation can either: Help you sustain your position and salary, or Pave the way for career advancement

26 B ENEFITS OF HAVING A GOOD JOB … Great pay Health insurance Dental insurance Vision insurance Life Insurance Retirement pension (offered by employer) 401 (K) or 403 (B) savings account Paid Vacations / Paid Sick Time / Paid Leave Bonuses Tuition / Tuition reimbursement

27 L EAVING A J OB (R ESIGN ) Make sure you have another job before you resign Write and submit a “Letter of Resignation” to your employer (Human Resources Department) 2 weeks before your last day Leave with integrity, dignity, and respect

28 M ILITARY … For Your Information (FYI): Air Coast Marine

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