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Naval Mobile Construction Battalion ELEVEN 21 May 2013

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1 Naval Mobile Construction Battalion ELEVEN 21 May 2013
Seabee Overview Brief Naval Mobile Construction Battalion ELEVEN 21 May 2013

2 Functions and Capabilities
Seabees provide: Expeditionary construction and engineering (combat service support) to Navy, Marine Corps, Joint, and other operational forces Horizontal & Vertical Construction Construction & Operation of Expeditionary Bases and Facilities Defensive combat capability Tactical and sustainment bridging Water Well Operations Airfield Damage Repair Task Tailored Detachment Capability Full P-25 TOA “With compassion for others, we build – we fight for peace with freedom.” Naval Construction Force (NCF) Mission. . . to support Marine Air-Ground Task Forces (MAGTFs) and Navy ashore forces as required by the OPLAN and to provide additional support to the Fleet or Joint Task Force Commander as required, including construction of advanced bases and battle damage repair. Skilled Builders Broad range of journeyman construction expertise Task Tailor to meet wide spectrum of mission sizes and types Rapidly Deployable / Fully Mobile High demand, early enabler in Major War Plans (48 hour response) MPF Ship loaded – ability to close on objective quickly Self-Sustainable / Independent Operations Capable Self Defense Virtually anywhere without support (except for resupply) A Peacetime Dividend $150 M construction value annually - both fleets around the world Disaster Recovery

3 NCF Support of Maritime Strategy
Core of U.S. Maritime Power Forward Presence Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief Deterrence Sea Control Power Projection Maritime Security Direct Support Enabling Support Global Fleet Station GWOT Theater Security Cooperation Homeland Defense Humanitarian Assistance Disaster Relief OPLAN Support 3 3

4 NCF Organization (current as of 21 May 2014)
NECC PAC NECC Naval Construction Group ONE Naval Construction Group TWO 1NCR 9NCR 30 NCR CBMU 303 7NCR 22 NCR CBMU 202 NMCB 17 NMCB 22 UCT 2 NMCB 14 UCT 1 NMCB 18 NMCB 25 NMCB 3 NMCB 26 NMCB 1 NMCB 11 NMCB 28 NMCB 4 NMCB 27 NMCB 74 NMCB 5 NMCB 133 Combat Camera Decom 1 Oct 14

5 Tactical Leaders Course
NMCB 11 FRTP Cycle Advanced (1.5 months) Basic (4.5 months) Sustainment (9 months) Maintenance (3 months) APR 14 MAY 14 JUN 14 AUG 14 SEP 14 OCT 14 NOV 14 DEC 14 JUL 14 FEB 15 JAN 15 DEPLOYMENT 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 MAR 14 FEB 14 17 18 Phase Events Assessments Certifications Major Training Sub Events Unit Training Leadership Events DEPLOYMENT CRTP Projects RDE COMMEX CPX 1 EMB EX MOX’s Bridge CPX 2 CPX 3 CBR FEP FEX BA 14 ADR SUL Week PM Course IPC for CPXs Plt Cdr Ldrship Course Tactical Leaders Course OIC Academy PM Course Unit Level Training Certification Event Administrative Assessment

6 NMCB 11 Operations – NORTHCOM (current as of 21 May 2013)
JUN JUL AUG DET Texas Gulfport Projects DET Andros DET Colorado DET Alaska 11 DET Texas (complete) Construct 5000 ft. road in support of US Border Patrol Gulfport Projects Two Construction Projects Pave Parking Area for NEX Pave Mini Grinder DET Andros Construct 45 Golf Cart Charging Stations Pave Seventh Street DET Colorado Construct two Pavilions in support of YMCA DET Alaska Retrograde from training site 11 11 11 11

7 Questions?

8 Backup Slides

9 NCF Command Relationships

10 Conceptual Employment
Unified Commander Naval Component Commander Naval Construction Regiment NMCB UCT CBMU Advance Base Commander CBMU Det Fleet Hospital Amphibious Group Commander NBG ACB Marine Component Commander MEF Command Element GCE ACE LCE NCR UCT Det Naval Support Ashore USMC Support Other: Navy Expeditionary Force NCF reporting to LCE

11 Mission Capability Areas
Full List of ROCs and POEs can be seen in OPNAVINST E

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