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Lesson #6 Ayahs 21-25 November 16, 2013. Recap Covered the characteristics of hypocrites The importance of examples in the Qu’ran Thunderstorm example.

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1 Lesson #6 Ayahs 21-25 November 16, 2013

2 Recap Covered the characteristics of hypocrites The importance of examples in the Qu’ran Thunderstorm example to explain the state of the hypocrites Housekeeping: Books; emails; root words; class time change

3 Surah Fatihah Activity and Reading without Translation

4 Ayah 21

5 Yaaa’yuha: Applies to all of humanity; this is harf nida, which gives the meaning of exclamation Naas: All of the human beings; even if you don’t believe in it, the Qu’ran is still being addressed to them

6 Ayah 21 Ibaada: to worship; to show humility 1. Specific worship: the rituals of worship; ex. Zakaat, salah; performing them according to the way Allah SWT has prescribed (not according to our own self-invented ways) 2. General worship; any action that leads us closer to Allah SWT; any permissible action to please Allah SWT (everything that Allah likes and approves of ) Statements (words) Actions

7 Ayah 21 3 Things to Remember: Matloob: Allah should be your source of needs (we need Allah) Maqsood: To do everything to please Allah SWT Mahbub: Allah SWT should be the one you love the most I didn’t create the jinns and humans except to worship Me

8 Ayah 21 Khalq: Bringing something into existence; making something from some matter that already exists We were nothing before, and Allah SWT brought us into existence and we weren’t known The fact that He created us is a favour upon us. We have no hand in creation

9 Ayah 21 La’allakum: Gives 3 meanings: 1. gives the meaning of hope 2. conveys the meaning/reason behind something 3. the expected results of an action

10 Verse 21 WHAT DO WE LEARN? Importance of gaining knowledge It says to worship Allah; but how would we know how to worship, what to worship? By gaining knowledge

11 Verse 21 Tatta’qun: understood in 2 ways: 1. So that you develop taqwa, while you are in the dunya 2. So that you can save yourselves from punishment in the Hereafter Several benefits of Taqwa: 1. Allah sends His special help to those who fear Him 2. Forgiveness in Paradise 3. Whoever has taqwa, Allah will make a way out for Him Taqwa and ibaadah are connected

12 Verse 22

13 Ja’ala: He created the Earth for our benefit; Allah also created the heavens and earth, therefore, He doesn’t just own us, He owns everything. The creation of the heavens and the earth is greater than creation of humanity

14 Ayah 22 Feeraashan: To pave, spread, lay out something; that which has been made smooth Allah SWT has made the earth open and spacious for us; He has made the earth a bed for you, therefore, its comfortable and a source of sukoon. Additionally, He has made the earth suitable and habitable, in that all of our needs are kept in the earth.

15 Ayah 22 Binaa’an: the ceiling above our head; we have constructed above you the 7 heavens; the ceiling is raised up without pillars. Allah sends the water from the sky as a provision Ath’thamaarat: The product of a process; applies to everything we eat; Its not just fruits. Plural form to show variety Rizq: anything that provides sustenance ;

16 Ayah 22 An Daadan: someone who shares; peers; but this word has a negative connotation Almost gives the meaning of a rival Don’t set up any rivals with Him in 1. worship and 2. attributes

17 What do we learn? The mercy and love of Allah SWT Alhamdulillah our earth is soft and fertile; its not made from plastic The sky protects us because it acts as a canopy from meteors and other debris coming down Allah is the only One that causes rain to come down Water is a source of life for us Instead of water coming down, it would just float on the land, or became still water, life would become very difficult

18 Ayah 23

19 Raib – such a doubt that makes you restless; such a doubt that is clarified Nazzalna: to send something down one part after the other; doubt about the origins and authenticity of the Qu’ran; if you have doubt, then create a surah similar to the Qu’ran (the shaddah indicates gradual)

20 Ayah 23 Abd: the Prophet SAW is called a servant to prove that he was human; Also, being the servant of Allah is an honor; Allah SWT mentions His worshipper Should I not be a grateful servant? This is why his way should be followed in ibaadah

21 Ayah 23 Hamza taa yaa: it should be similar to the Qu’ran in its eloquence, grammar and its knowledge; if the Prophet SAW produced the Qu’ran then that means anyone could produce it; but no one can do this, and has never done this successfully

22 Ayah 23 Bring your witnesses (other than Allah) to help you with this project of creating another Qu’ran Whoever you call is going to be inferior to Allah SWT anyway, so how will you compare with Allah’s word The witness of truth was the poet, or a linguist of that time (experts in their leaders); witness in ancient Arabic is an expert If you can’t fear Allah SWT, then at least fear the fire

23 Ayah 24

24 Faa aain laam – action But if you are not able to produce a surah, and by the way, you will never be able to then… People attempted to invent the Qu’ran in the past but they failed miserably Then fear the fire Waw qaaf daal – used for fuel; something that you use to keep the fire burning; The fuel of hell fire is humans and stones; the people will actually produce more fire Aain daal daal – to prepare something in a way that it can be counted; fully prepared;

25 Ayah 24 Fuel: our bodies are made up of calcium, phosphorous and fats; these are all fuels Hijaarah: Black sulphur; it’s a stone which burns easily and produces a lot of smoke too

26 Ayah 24 – Lessons Description of hell-fire as a warning If you have any doubts in your heart then strive to remove them Hell-fire is present right now; its already burning The stones; this refers to the idols that people used to worship Believing in the Prophet SAW is essential because it differentiates between iman and kufr.

27 Ayah 25

28 Bashara: give good news; also the same word used for human skin; such good news whose effect is seen on the face There are different ways that people get excited and shows up on your skin;

29 Ayah 25 2 conditions of amal swalih (an action that is good; a good deed is that action which is right and proper): 1. done for the sake of Allah  expect appreciation only from Allah 2. should be according to the Qu’ran and sunnah. So you have to learn how to do good deeds; a person should gain knowledge before action and speaking

30 Ayah 25 Jannah: lit. garden and to hide something; such an orchard in which the ground cant be seen; every bit is covered with vegetation and foliage; permanent beauty; multiple gardens

31 Ayah 25 Nahr – literally to carve; a river carves through; underneath it rivers flow 1. underneath the trees, it will flow 2. flow under the command of the people of Jannah

32 Ayah 25 They will find the food very familiar; it will be similar in appearance but not in taste; this similarity is only outward Shabhi- the food will resemble each other only in appearance Tahr – clean from both physical impurities and spiritual impurities; even when you’re at a nice resort but the person you’re with is rude, you don’t enjoy that place People wont smell bad or have bad breath in this world

33 Ayah 25 Khalid – when something remains in its state unchanged; live happily ever after; the Jannah will never be worn out; there will be no signs of aging Death will die; there will be only life

34 Lessons A person should remain between fear and hope (both Jannah and Naar are mentioned) If we want to have fun here, then there will be eternal regret and suffer The pain of discipline vs. the pain of regret: YOU decide!

35 Reflections

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