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Open Data Landscape Jeni Tennison Technical Director, ODI.

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1 Open Data Landscape Jeni Tennison Technical Director, ODI

2 Open Data Institute Independent institute £10m over 5 years from TSB Matching with money from: –paying members –training & professional services –philanthropic investors –research grants

3 Adoption Curve PnautilusPnautilus at en.wikipediaen.wikipedia

4 Stakeholders GovernmentBusiness Civil SocietyResearchers

5 Open Data for Growth Trend #1

6 Change in Consumers Activists to entrepreneurs Freedom of Information –right to know –transparency / accountability Right to Data –making that information easier to analyse Sustainable publication –enabling businesses to be built

7 Change in Publishers Not just government any more Third-sector benefits –International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) Research benefits –more impact on the world Business benefits –reputational –outsourced R&D

8 Professionalising Open Data Enterprise-level tools –CKAN  Socrata Training –Open Data in Practice training Professional services –consultancy & development Kitemarks –Open Data Certificate


10 Levels of Open Data Expert – information infrastructure Standard – routine publication Pilot – trials supporting feedback Raw – great start at the basics




14 Impact help identifying improvements –OpenStreetMap –transportAPI – – –Ordnance Survey help setting bold targets –"Can NHS England be Expert?" –GDS adding targets to spend controls

15 Need for Business Models Trend #2

16 Selling Data datacustomer licensing enforcing selling salespeople lawyers

17 quantity price new revenue Shifts in Demand film music newspapers software data

18 Open Data is a Tool data

19 enhancedinformed diversedata

20 Collaboration with Open Data Trend #3

21 Collaborate distributed effort –reduced cost –enhanced value host benefits –improved data –moderation examples –MusicBrainz –OpenStreetMap – lower informed data

22 Tools Collaboration requires internal use –visualisation –analysis Distributed control –scrapers –aggregators Version control –"git for data"

23 Conclusions

24 Hype Curve JeremykempJeremykemp at en.wikipediaen.wikipedia

25 Navigating the Trough Build evidence –deep stories of open data success –capture interest & imagination –underlying hard figures Pave cowpaths –build on good practices Experiment –no one knows where we'll end up

26 Questions?

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