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Commonwealth of Massachusetts Commonwealth of Massachusetts February 28, 2013 Tony Parham, Government Innovation Officer

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1 Commonwealth of Massachusetts Innovation @ Commonwealth of Massachusetts February 28, 2013 Tony Parham, Government Innovation Officer @MassInnov8 @TonyParham #innovateGov #Gov20 #OpenGov #DigitalGov Document updated 3/7/13

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3 3 Leverages the Facebook PLATFORM

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5 5 By leveraging innovations and tools (most of which we take for granted now), individuals and organizations have increased their capabilities and their productivity Public sector organizations should be no different in regards to leveraging innovations. Our collective challenge is to ensure that the Commonwealth is at the forefront of leading the changes.

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7 7 1. Government must be absolutely transparent. 2. We must encourage people to use that data to create useful apps, devices, tools. 3. We must engage people on their own terms. 4. We help people to solve their own problems. 5. We must inject an innovative, entrepreneurial mind-set into government.

8 Commonwealth of Massachusetts So, what is a GIO, and what does he do?

9 9 My Terminology: “Internal” vs. “External” Innovation EXTERNAL innovation Creating an environment throughout the state which fosters the creation of innovative companies This is the role of my colleague, Eric Nakajima, Assistant Secretary for Innovation Policy, in the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development. INTERNAL innovation Innovating within the Commonwealth “enterprise” to improve the effectiveness of the Commonwealth as an organization This is my role.

10 10 GIO Mission Identify best opportunities for using technology to streamline delivery of state government services Transforming government operations cost to achieve cost savings and service improvement. Improving internal government efficiencies Use cross-boundary coordination to improve the experience of stakeholders Solicit entrepreneurial proposals for reshaping government Pilot and implement the best ideas

11 11 The Government Innovation Officer is the Business Leader who drives innovation and transformation. The Chief Information Officer is the Technology Leader who drives innovation and transformation. Have broad technological understanding. Curate new technology and skills to match government’s emerging needs. Communicate technology benefits to the business. Calculate technology return on investment. Capture key business processes and translate them into IT solutions. Be the keeper of data security. Evaluate new standards & processes. Work with business leaders to create new ways to serve customers. Create new ways for employees to work more effectively. Be organized and disciplined. Drive impactful innovation and transformation. Have a broad business understanding. Be able to work with teams across the company. Be visionary. Think like an entrepreneur. Become fluent in the vernaculars of various business groups. Communicate effectively. Negotiate shared ideas across groups. Creatively problem- solve. Take calculated risks. Id and sell new ideas and translate them into new products and services. Anticipate new customer needs. Encourage a culture of innovation. Challenge the status quo. Identify and communicate business value proposition for customers. Drive impactful innovation and transformation. CIOGIO Government Innovation & Transformation GIO and CIO work together

12 12 Customer “top level” groupings 1.Residents 2.Businesses 3.Local towns and governments 4.Visitors 5.Employees

13 13 Innovation strategy?

14 14 GIO Listening Tour (1 st pass) New Projects Customer pain points Areas of customer dissatisfaction Long cycle times Exclude those already addressed by a current initiative Prioritize projects which are usable/scalable across agencies Prioritize projects with high business impact ANF*HEDDOTHHSEdPSSLWDEEAQuasiOther 200+ comments / suggestions *Executive Agencies: ANF: Administration and Finance DOT: Department of Transportation Ed: Education EEA: Energy and Environmental Affairs HED: Housing and Economic Development HHS: Health and Human Services LWD: Labor and Workforce Development PSS: Public Safety and Security Quasi: Quasi-Public Agencies

15 15 The “10A’s” GIO’s Innovation Themes to include in all audience-facing activities & projects 1.Any time 2.Any where 3.Any device 4.Audience specific (…and FAST!) 5.Audience engaged 6.All with “one voice” 7.Apparent 8.Agile 9.Alerts 10.Accessible and Open DRAFT Updated 9/18/12 Creating a “10A” Organization

16 16 A few of the Projects GIC = Group Insurance Commission; HIPAA = Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 List of innovation projects:

17 17 Innovation Crowdsourcing (aka Open Innovation Software) “Joy's Law” "No matter who you are, most of the smartest people work for someone else.” - Bill Joy Sun Microsystems Co-Founder

18 18 Innovation Crowdsourcing Tool Example: Dell IdeaStorm

19 19 This is a good START… This is just the very beginning. We need to continue to “peel the layers of the onion” re: Understanding organizational / enterprise needs Identifying potential efficiencies & synergies (“opportunities for innovation”) Spreading (and systematizing) the “Innovator’s DNA”

20 20 Government as a PLATFORM. The best way for government to operate is be an enabler. Example enablers (gov or private): - Post Office - Highway system - Apple’s AppStore - Gov data + 3 rd party developers Participatory Budgeting (NYC, Chicago, Lisbon Portugal) Competitions like: Ansari X Prize InnoBucks (Social Capital, Leaderboard)

21 21 Lisbon, Portugal. Mural of suggestions on Post-it notes.

22 22 Eric Schmidt: “American young people have two states: asleep or online.” Meet the people where they are. (be this generation’s School House Rock.)

23 Commonwealth of Massachusetts OK… But what does that have to do with me?

24 24 Each of you is a leader! Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.

25 25 Challenging the Status Quo

26 26 Propagate an Innovator’s DNA Innovator’s DNA* = The ability to make connections between seemingly unconnected things. Example: A calligraphy class inspired Steve Jobs’ emphasis on typography in early Macintosh computers. Here are some techniques to stimulate these connections. (You can remember them with the acronym NOOQE**):  Networking: Interact with people from different backgrounds and different ways of thinking.  One way to think outside the box is to talk to someone who plays in a different box.  Observing: Watching the world around you for surprising stimuli.  Questioning: Ask probing questions which impose or remove constraints.  Experimenting: Consciously try new things or go to new places. * Clayton Christensen ** Pronounce like “nuke”

27 27 How to invent: Idea Hexagon After X, What’s neXt? From MIT Media Lab: (Also on our twitter stream: @MassInnov8 )

28 28

29 29 Innovation Maturity Model Level 1: Reactive Level 2: Active Level 3: Defined Level 4: Performing

30 30 Goal: Create a Vibrant “Innovation Management” Process “The Think Tank” Building Growth Defines the Why, Where & When of our innovation efforts “The Engine” Driving Results Defines how we make our Innovations real (which process, people and resources) 3. Explore4. Develop5. Pilot6. Deploy2. Ideate 1. Innovation Strategic Targeting Go to DevelopGo to PilotGo to Deploy G2G3G4G5 Go to Explore Source: Shubber Ali

31 31 After innovation, EXECUTION is key! Anybody can have a great idea. Though ultimately it comes down to how you execute that idea that really matters. - Morgan Spurlock


33 33 Best Practices Setting the Foundation 1.Get the right team together – Be more inclusive at the beginning, then refine as needed. 2.Clarify roles promptly – Everyone on the team must be on the team for a reason and know what their deliverables they are responsible for in the process. 3.Build in opportunity for input and creativity, but only within the set and appropriate roles. 4.As the project manager be clear on project’s final mission, once that is clear drive all meetings towards that final product. 5.Set a timeline and expectations

34 34 Best Practices Key tactics Be customer focused, cross-agency/-sec’y User focus-groups Putting content in language of users Having users determine the taxonomy of the website Leveraging user experience experts Addressing Intellectual property issues Engage legal early Prototypes, not Powerpoints!

35 35 Don’t just pave the cow paths!

36 36 Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office for Administration and Finance So-o-o-o, What about your agency or secretariat?

37 37 Take a few moments to rank YOUR organization (0 to 1) on each “A” 1.Any time 2.Any where 3.Any device 4.Audience specific (…and FAST!) 5.Audience engaged 6.All with “one voice” 7.Apparent 8.Agile 9.Alerts 10.Accessible and Open DRAFT Updated 9/18/12 Creating a “10A” Organization Which “A’s” could / should you improve for your organization? …and how?

38 Commonwealth of Massachusetts Continuous innovation for a more productive Commonwealth Tony Parham, Government Innovation Officer email: twitter: @tonyparham @MassInnov8 #innovateGov #Gov20 #OpenGov #DigitalGov Join our Innovation Crowdsourcing Platform / Open Innovation Software testing

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