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H.De Man/KULeuven/IMEC 1 Joos, The ‘Renaissance Engineer’

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1 H.De Man/KULeuven/IMEC 1 Joos, The ‘Renaissance Engineer’

2 H.De Man/KULeuven/IMEC 2 Outline 1.Towards a new renaissance? –Three Immense socio-economic, scientific and technological changes –Grand multidisciplinary challenges for engineers and policymakers 2. ‘Renaissance’ engineers and policy makers 3. Joos as a renaissance engineer

3 H.De Man/KULeuven/IMEC 3 1.Socio-economic Mega-Changes See: Econoshock, Geert Noels, Hautekiet ‘How 6 economic shocks will fundamentally change your life’ Towards >9B people in 2050, aging of society Scarcity of fossil fuels and raw materials Center of gravity moves east: innovation badly needed ICT leads to globalisation, challenges security & privacy Face climate change Manage financial chaos: towards post-capitalism? Simultaneous Mega shocks…

4 H.De Man/KULeuven/IMEC 4 Lead to Grand Challenges Double energy, food, water production in 2050 Reduce the cost of aging and healthcare Create safe, secure information society respecting privacy Manage complexity of global systems and networks Keeping western prosperity in a globalised world… Demanding global system solutions based on advanced technical and societal engineering

5 H.De Man/KULeuven/IMEC 5 2. Nature of Science and Technology is Changing too 1800 1900 2000 Phys.Sc. Th At Qu Life Sciences Scale Macro Micro Technology Energy Mfg. Goods Information Era Science M El Neuro Science Intelligent systems? +Bio+Nano+Energy Convergence Intelligence Complexity Techno-Science Nano

6 H.De Man/KULeuven/IMEC 6 Smart Networked Personalised Services, products Nano medicine New materials Computer Chips, DNA, tech at nano-scale 21 Information + Communication (ICT) Bio- Nano- en Neurotech III Brains Knowledge IV 3. And Changes Nature of Industry Labour Capital Fossil Fuel Energy Machines Electrical Energy Manufacturing Mat. Goods Cars, Planes 20 Century Technology Production factor Product I II +

7 H.De Man/KULeuven/IMEC 7 Innovation = Converging Technologies Innovation will emerge from merger of techno-science disciplines & social science rather than from individual disciplines e.g. Internet of Things Smart Energy Grids Smart Mobility Mechatronics / Nano mechanics Telemedicine Synthetic biology Nano-medicine Genome based personalized medicine ‘Creativity is connecting things’ Steve Jobs A true renaissance…

8 H.De Man/KULeuven/IMEC 8 Chip Design… Bacterium Design genome IN OUT IN OUT Connecting Things… Synthetic Biology: Engineering Life DNA Design! gaattcgcgg… 10011000..

9 H.De Man/KULeuven/IMEC 9 Bio-Nano-Info based Personalised Medicine Source: R.Pauwels Biocartis Personalised Medicine Bio-informatics

10 H.De Man/KULeuven/IMEC 10 Converging Technologies and the Grand Challenges Tomorrows Engineer ICT Nano Bio Neurosc. Grand Challenges for a Sustainable society Policy Making Media Education SOCIAL Scientists TECHNO-Literacy Public dialog Short term growth Shareholders Drive Objectives Regulations Stable legislation Long Term Vision Dogmatic Thinking

11 H.De Man/KULeuven/IMEC 11 Universities Ready for Renaissance? YesterdayTomorrow Sciences Engineering Social Sciences Hyperspecialized publication fever Mono-disciplinary research funding Publication oriented Eng. Ph.D. ⇒ Academic career Techno-science for Social Innovation Cross-disciplinary research and education Cross-disciplinary funding Innovation oriented Eng. Ph.D. ⇒ Technical leadership Entrepreneurial thinking

12 H.De Man/KULeuven/IMEC 12 ‘Renaissance Engineer’ ? Renaissance = system oriented merging of disciplines in the fast changing biotope of the 21st century… Engineer oriented towards social innovation = Innovation driven by the grand societal needs of the 21 st century and in an economic- ecologic win-win scenario Operating in agile, dynamic and globalised company structures

13 H.De Man/KULeuven/IMEC 13 Renaissance Engineer? This one? or that one? Not Really! Individualists Omni scientists Nerds

14 H.De Man/KULeuven/IMEC 14 But Renaissance Engineer is: M/W oriented towards social innovation: –Team player, team builder  techno nerd –With cross-disciplinary communication skills –Trained in system thinking (sees the whole) –Independent and interpersonal lifelong learning skills –Able to cope with diversity and change –World citizen (language, culture…) Co-architect of future society –From societal vision to customer solutions –With sustainable economic value: entrepreneur! –An eye for moral and ethical values –Willing to participate to the public debate!

15 H.De Man/KULeuven/IMEC 15 Educating Renaissance Engineers Need for: “Sociology for future engineers” “Team based system design” EE + bioengineers+ biochemistsAll EE disciplines +Bart De Moor +Ingrid Verbauwhede Joos

16 H.De Man/KULeuven/IMEC 16 Joos and Arenberg Doctoral School Educating Innovation oriented Engineering. Ph.D. s Technical leadership Entrepreneurial thinking ‘Preparing for a Career in the Innovative Industry of the Future’ Joos Vandewalle, Hubert Van Belle and 11 innovation pioneers in industry and R&D

17 H.De Man/KULeuven/IMEC 17 But more is needed Wanted: Renaissance social scientists & decision makers With technological literacy, capable of: Making objective long term choices for a sustainable society “Democratizing the future”  emocracy! “Technology for future philosophers” Hence need for: But once again Joos made it happen!

18 H.De Man/KULeuven/IMEC 18 Joos and the Renaissance Humanists In addition: Two years ago…

19 H.De Man/KULeuven/IMEC 19 Joos and Public Dialog

20 H.De Man/KULeuven/IMEC 20 Joos: a Team- and Bridge Builder SISTA Circuits SystemsIMEC Secure Safe Internet Connected society Biomedicine Industrial Processes Mechatronics DARIUS COSIC

21 H.De Man/KULeuven/IMEC 21 His Students Pave the Way Worldwide

22 H.De Man/KULeuven/IMEC 22 The Need to Stimulate Engineering Education Demand Supply

23 H.De Man/KULeuven/IMEC 23 Joos: Motivating the Young

24 H.De Man/KULeuven/IMEC 24 Joos the Artist… Kyoto 1985 ?

25 H.De Man/KULeuven/IMEC 25 Source: Janusz Kozinski York Univ

26 H.De Man/KULeuven/IMEC 26 My Special Thanks to Joos, A true Renaissance Engineer For 37 years of friendship and scientific cooperation and joint fun in motivating the young for the art of engineering For showing us how important the role of math is in designing for a better world For your constructive and patient way of building bridges between people and organisations Welcome to the club of emeriti. Time now to enjoy the privileges of age!

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