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A presentation which compiles some suggested events that the student branches can take up under the domain of IEEE Activities. Events and Ideas – A Compilation.

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Presentation on theme: "A presentation which compiles some suggested events that the student branches can take up under the domain of IEEE Activities. Events and Ideas – A Compilation."— Presentation transcript:

1 A presentation which compiles some suggested events that the student branches can take up under the domain of IEEE Activities. Events and Ideas – A Compilation

2 The main motive behind organizing this event was to help the second year B.Tech students while making their Term Paper. It helps students to select their topic of interest, how to carry out their research work, made them familiar with the Format of the Term paper. discussion about the Benefits of making the Term Paper and how it can help them during their Engineering. Write My Paper Contest

3 Workshop on TOEFL and GMAT The workshop organized to give a brief introduction to students focusing GMAT and TOEFL.

4 AISC 2010 All India Student Congress 2010 was organized and It was attended by over 100 student IEEE members from all over India.

5 Robotrek Robotrek was an event for the robotics enthusiast. All the students who had earlier completed a level one robotics were encouraged to bring the cars which they had made for this event. They had to overcome a obstacle course in the least possible time with their car in one piece

6 In Mumbai IEEE- CRCE was honored with the privilege of organizing the inaugural lecture. The inaugural lecture was delivered Mr.Abhay Phansikar on Embedded system. Embedded Systems Seminar

7  The workshop consisted of a brief presentation followed by demonstration of two way communication using ham radio.  The workshop was conducted by Dr.M.G. Bhatia, Mr. Ketan Mehta and Mr. Jayesh Banatwala, who are all licensed Hams. Ham Radio Workshop

8 Teaching the children of Balbhavan basic computing which included MS Word, MS PowerPoint and paint. Humanitarian

9 IEEE BOMBAY SECTION’S STUDENT BRANCH COUNSELOR MEET 2012 MUMBAI SECTION CONGRESS SECTION EVENTS Attended by Student Execomm Members from Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Goa.

10 CIRCIUTRIX TECHNICAL Initiative to help the students with the basic project building skills and implementation of the same.

11 National Students Symposium 5 September 2012 The National Level Technical Paper Presentation organized as a part of the college technical festival, BVEST ENSEMBLE. The theme was “Freedom Through Technology

12 Student Mentor Volunteer Program Meant to bridge the gap between the incoming first year students and the seniors. Each first year student was allotted a senior to guide him in academic and non-academic areas. Spanning over a period of one month it covered 70 volunteers from 2 nd, 3 rd and 4 th year students. Around 260 first year students benefitted from this program. October 2012

13 IEEE Region 10 S-PAC: Student Professional Awareness Conference Student branches wishing to organize a conference on career development, management issues etc. RAB provides US$200 plus matches extra funding received externally (e.g. from Industry) to the amount of US$175. Submit proposal and budget. S-PAVe: Student Professional Awareness Ventures Student branches wishing to organize projects to develop awareness of engineering professionalism can apply for a small supporting grant. Funding the same as the SPAC. Submit proposal and budget. Leadership Workshops Organized by a Student Branch or a group Student Branches in a particular country in Region 10. Student Branches interested to organize a workshop known as Leadership Workshop to carry out membership recruitment and how to successfully run a Student Branch should contact R10 SAC for supporting grants.

14 IEEE Delhi Section National Conference on Recent Developments in Electronics (NCRDE 2013) is being organized by IEEE EDS Delhi Chapter0 The conference will be held at Department of Electronic Science, University of Delhi South Campus, New Delhi during Jan 18-20, 2013 in conjunction with Third National Workshop On Recent Trends in Semiconductor Devices and Technology.

15 Project X focuses on creativity and craftsmanship. Participants will be given a fresh problem statement to build a model of a real world entity for a stipulated time of two hours using ice cream sticks, glue and other house hold items. The best working models during testing will walk away with cool prizes. The testing criteria primarily focus on efficiency, elegance and innovation of the working models.Gear up and let your imagination run wild us.. PROJECT X

16 If you think you are the best in the field of programming, then its for all those 'techies' with the gift of creative thinking and love for problem solving. With questions varying from a range of topics to participants from all over the country, its that event to prove why you are the best in this field. The problem statement will require you to simulate a particular real life phenomenon/thought experiment. So keep your fingers moving to win the event. CODE MUTANTS

17 CODENIGMA – a coding competition was organized on 1 st September, 2012 in which the language was classified till the competition actually started. Students were asked to form teams of two or participate individually. There were around 90 teams that participated in this competition which was held in IPC (Information Processing Centre) in our campus. The competition was organized online on a platform called “Mooshak”. Mooshak is a system for managing programming contests on Web. The submitted programs were automatically judged on this platform. Winners were announced two days after the competition. CODENIGMA – A coding contest in esoteric language-“Whenever”

18 Auto Quiz by Mahindra: An event called up by Mr. Anupam Purwar which will be conducted by Mahindra This was one of the City Finals to be held in Rajasthan The logistics and event management was provided by IEEE BITS Pilani Chapter The Event was a huge success and around 50 teams participated from different colleges in Pilani and Jaipur The winner was a team of BITS Pilani which qualified for Final rounds of North Zone Auto Quiz by Mahindra Auto

19 An lecture was delivered by Mr. Anupam Purwar. The lecture was on ARM Microcontroller and their application This lecture was a pre workshop Lecture open to every BITSIAN The Lecture was attended by around 80 students ARM Microcontroller Lecture

20 Two days workshop on ‘Programming of ARM Microcontroller and Development of Autonomous Navigation system’ was organised on 27-28 October 2012 at the Information Processing Center of the Institute. The workshop focussed on teaching the Development of Autonomous Navigation System for preparing the students for the upcoming Competitions MICAV2013 NATIONAL COMPETITION FOR MICRO AIR VEHICLES and Students Autonomous Under Water Vehicle SAVe-2014 ARM Microcontroller Workshop

21 Student branch presentations were given. Presentations were also given by Dr. Prerna Gaur, SAC- Delhi Region and Dr. Rachna Garg, Chairperson WIE,Delhi Region. Open Floor discussion was held to discuss future plans. Fun activities were also organised for the participants.

22 A leadership talk was organized with an ambition to apprise the students with the qualities of leadership and guiding them on how to aim for better placements. The Speaker Mr. Sandeep Mann cleared up the misperceptions of Tech and Non-Tech profiles, and guided the students on how to pursue each of the profiles.

23 A workshop on Ethical Hacking was organized. Certificates and Tool Kits(Hacking Softwares) were given to all attendees at the end of the workshop.

24 A GOLD(Graduate Of Last Decade) Event was organized in association with IEEE Delhi GOLD. The speakers for the day were Siddi Jai Prakash and Pawan Saraswat (Both NSIT Alumnus) The talk focused on the career aspects for electronics engineers. Both of them also spoke on the benefits of being an IEEE member and attending the various IEEE meets which are held across India.

25 Delhi Student Congress The objective for the event is to bring together a diverse group of students under one roof and provide them with an equivocal platform to exchange views and opinions.

26 The aim of the trip is to give the participants an ‘Industrial Exposure’ and provide in some practical knowledge.

27 International Symposium on Standards in Engineering and Technology The Symposium provided a platform for student researchers and professional experts to share and exchange their ideas and research findings which lead to dissemination of knowledge within the scientific community. The Symposium aimed to cogitate on the standards in the fields of smart grid, nuclear power and computer technology. This 3 day program included several keynote addresses and lectures from eminent academic and technical experts involved in standards development. Panel discussions were held on “the role of students in the field of standards development” to give students a tete-a- tete like experience with the industry professionals. To provide an impetus to budding student researchers the Symposium also included a ‘poster presentation’ on the fields of electrical, electronics and computer engineering.


29 IEEE-PES DTU PES-DTU launched its first student chapter last year. This enjoyed huge participation and involvement from student members from Electrical (EE) and Electrical and Electronics (EEE) branches. The first event organized was ‘Wattack’- a Power and Energy Quiz. This was followed by a trip to Powergrid Corporation where the students learnt about Distribution and Economics of Power and SCADA System. Edison’s Ecstasy was organized on 18 October 2012. This event was based on checking the knowledge of students about electrical circuits and basic switching and logic applications. It culminated with ‘Electrocution’ which was organized in the Technical fest: TROIKA and saw participation from over 101 teams. This event was of 3 rounds : based on knowledge of circuit components, electrical energy conversion and networks.


31 STAR Workshop Agenda: To encourage middle school children to learn and know about the engineering involved in objects that they see around them by means of activities, presentations, videos etc. Also, to motivate them to take up engineering as a career. Session Content: Current and electricity, sources of its generation, need for conservation etc.

32 WIE WEEK WIE Week, the flagship event of the Women In Engineering affinity group of IEEE Jamia Millia Islamia has been organized regularly for the past many years. 8 events spread over 4 days were organized, which included Dumb Charades, an Entertainment Quiz and a Tree Plantation Drive.

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