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Labour Migration Management in Finland & some figures Olli Sorainen 3.6.2014.

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1 Labour Migration Management in Finland & some figures Olli Sorainen 3.6.2014

2 Background and responsabilities  In 2008 (when establishing the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, MEE) the immigration affairs from the former Ministry of Labour were moved to the Ministry of the Interior  In 2012 the integration affairs were moved to the MEE  Ministry of the Interior is now in charge of the overall immigration policy and development of migration legislation  MEE is responsible for the integration and international recruitment issues and is guiding the work of the regional ELY centres and local TE offices

3 Labour migration policy in Finland in the 21th century  Until the beginning of the year 2000 no clear immigration guidelines  The ageing of the population, the internationalisation of the Finnish economic life gave background for a more open and active immigration policy  The main aim of the first government immigration policy programme (10/2006) was to promote the labour migration to Finland  The central definition of policy included the promotion of systematic, long term immigration, making the Finnish pull factors known abroad – as well as the possibilities to work, carry on business and study in Finland  Two nationwide ESF programmes were carried out: ALPO & MATTO  The recession postponed active recruitment and several proposals of the programme

4 Future of Migration 2020 Strategy  The aim of the Future Strategy of Migration 2020, released this year is to pave the way for a more active and forward-looking migration policy in Finland  MEE has significant role especially regarding development of international recruitment and provision of information

5 Foreigners in Finland in 2012 and 2013

6 Largest groups by native language 1993, 2003 and 2013

7 Change in the population by native language 1990-2013 Source: Statistics Finland

8 Foreign job-seekers and jobless job-seekers in 2009-2013, annual average Source: MEE, Employment statistics

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