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AUL Purpose The AUL is organized for support and cooperative purposes by its members. These purposes are: – To strengthen lab network in the USAPI countries.

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2 AUL Purpose The AUL is organized for support and cooperative purposes by its members. These purposes are: – To strengthen lab network in the USAPI countries through information sharing and open communication, – To promote excellence in laboratory services through collaboration and implementation of lab quality management system criteria, – To serve as a resource and focal group for the USAPI laboratories, and – To impact future health planning and organization in the region through lab-based surveillance and activities.

3 Laboratorians: Often called the “un-sung Heroes” Or Back Burners We're not often acknowledged enough compared to other significant health professionals

4 NCD: A Laboratory Perspective Laboratories help to a far extent in raising the awareness towards communicable and non- communicable diseases in view of the increasing prevalence of non-communicable diseases in terms of morbidity, mortality and socioeconomic losses. Disease surveillance is a critical component of health systems, providing essential information for optimal health care delivery, cost effective strategies.

5 Surveillance and Response: Laboratory Support According to a WHO Surveillance and Response Strategy, (3) three important goals lead to successful diseases surveillance and response: 1) health systems & capacities need strengthening to carry out public health surveillance and responses 2) integrate surveillance and laboratory support and, – 3) translate surveillance and laboratory data into specific and timely public health actions. –

6 Diagnostic Support: A critical need Diagnostic support is very critical at the surveillance level. Diagnostic facilities – critical roles in surveillance and response Laboratories – essential to disease surveillance Hospital laboratories should be well equipped and provided with diagnostic support. Government medical laboratories in the district levels needs to be improved to support surveillance. LIMS (Laboratory Informations Management Systems) – need to integrate and centralize data systems to enhance laboratory-based surveillance.

7 Does AUL membership see NCD as a high priority? Yes NCD continue to give way to the compulsory escalating of laboratory analysis. Identify ways to improve or maintain our roles and function as laboratorians. Our function is a vital part to quality healthcare delivery system. NCD has been declared an emergency not only in the region but across the globe so it is a concern and priority throughout the health care arena, laboratories included.

8 Questions AUL should consider and seek answers to: Will resources continue to be made available for laboratories across the Pacific? Will our facilities and services receive the support in upgrading as the predictable advancement of NCDs become inevitable?

9 Is there need for more discussion, deliberation, and orientation? Yes, Combined and ongoing sharing of ideas, concerns, needs, experiences, resources and strategies from planning to implementation will strengthen our roles and pave ways to move forward. Labs (AUL) is the backbone in the detection of diseases (screening and confirmatory of NCDs) Improved management of NCDs

10 How do NCDs factor into AUL strategic direction or plan? Outcome of the AUL/PIHOA 3 rd LabNet Meeting 2011 AUL adopted the WHO regional lab standards LQMS – to strengthen our compliance to the standards Acquire baseline qualifications for all laboratorians in the USAPI Establish NCD lab-based surveillance to lay the ground works, planning, implementation, and monitoring effectiveness of our efforts.

11 What needs to happen to ensure AUL and its members are prepared to play the role they’ve identified for themselves? AUL calendar activities for 2012 Regular conferencing, ongoing engagement and discussions Maintain and update SOP to ensure validity of quality services Expand most of laboratory budget Guarantee the availability of resources to efficiently deliver the services Corroborate staff training and competency certificates

12 Communicate and work closely with respective jurisdictions (government agencies, community organizations & groups) to formulate strategies or plans and preparations in joint efforts to take action against the rise in NCDs across the region.

13 What do laboratorians need from other affiliate groups to do their job effectively? Constant interaction, involvement and cooperation. As laboratorians, active participation in community outreach programs including awareness, educational activities and functions. Collaboration with clinicians and other health care providers.

14 Maintaining collaboration and teamwork amongst affiliate members is vital. Ministers, Secretaries and Directors of Health– give full support in initiating & implementing LQMS and policy decision making, salary increment & infrastructure Doctors – assist in identifying NCD core essential lab tests Nurses – understanding the importance of pre- analytical test preparations Pharmacists – recommendation & update of antibiotics available to support lab susceptibility testing Mental health – drug treatment recommendations to aid lab in providing appropriate lab testing

15 In conclusion… As members of this laboratory networking group, we intend to work towards these future goals, with regards to the NCD response: Work closely with public health or hospital surveillance programs, at both local and state levels, to better strengthen laboratory support for surveillance With PIHOA affiliation, seek and support continued training for laboratory personnel and assist with the procuring of, or providing diagnostic needs Set up lab networking guidelines to enhance services and improve on NCD testing capacities Continue to acknowledge and share our collective needs, problems, implement solutions and improvements for the benefit of not only AUL as a group, but also our individual respective jurisdictions.

16 Thank You ! Fa'afetai....Sulan.... Si yuus maasi...Kili so.... Kalangan... Kommol.... Kulo...Kam magar...Mahalo...

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