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Polish Commercial Law Course Outline

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1 Polish Commercial Law Course Outline
Dr hab. Krzysztof Oplustil Dr Marek Porzycki Dr Marcin Spyra

2 Course parts Company law (dr hab. K. Oplustil)
Secured transactions, enforcing claims and insolvency law (dr Marek Porzycki) Capital market law (dr Marcin Spyra) Aim: to provide an introductory overview of Polish commercial law

3 Exam Written form 3 essay questions, one for each part of the course
Exact dates in June to be announced

4 Organizational Course website: on=com_content&task=view&id=94&Itemid= 168 or: (Katedra Polityki Gospodarczej, Chair for Economic Policy, also accessible via „Jednostki” from the main page of the JU Law Faculty)  „Dydaktyka”  „Polish Commercial Law”

5 Company law – types of companies and partnerships
Civil partnership (Civil Code, no legal capacity, no legal personality) Commercial partnerships (Code of Commercial Companies, legal capacity, no legal personality) registered partnership limited partnership limited joint-stock partnership professional partnership Companies (corporations) (CCC, legal capacity and full legal personality) limited liability company joint-stock company

6 Secured transactions guarantees and other ways of securing claims by liability of third parties collateral arrangements (rights in rem) mortgage pledge registered pledge title transfer (not proper right in rem but a similar economic function)

7 Enforcement of claims and insolvency law
enforcement of claims from a solvent debtor (in principle) – enforcement proceedings under the Code of Civil Procedure proceedings applicable against an insolvent debtor – bankruptcy proceedings under the Law on Bankruptcy and Rehabilitation

8 Financial market law Financial instruments and securities
Structure of the capital market Trading in financial instruments debt financing - bonds market

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