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Métis Physician Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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1 Métis Physician Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

2  Alika grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan  He is of Métis descent  He comes from a family of five children, of which he is in the middle  He works for the Saskatchewan Health Region  Growing up, him and his family had a performing group called the “5 th Generation”

3  Teachers: Take the time to review the Alika Lafontaine videos and PowerPoint slideshow. This is a chance to familiarize yourself with the material and add any material you’d like.  Show students the Alika video clips at  Take your students through this PowerPoint presentation.  Leave time for student’s thoughts and discussion.

4  The Faculty of Science has six departments: Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Computer Science, Geology, Mathematics and Statistics, and Physics.  The Faculty of Science offers programs leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Science Honors in all departmental disciplines, Geography and Economics, as well as the Certificate in Computer Science.  Go to for more

5  Alika’s parents made the decision to home- school him in grade 4 after he was labeled with a learning disability and had months of speech therapy.  The administrators at his school told his parents he was unlikely to graduate high school.  Turn to a partner and discuss barriers you have faced in school and how you overcame them.

6  Though Alika was home-schooled his parents still wanted him to socialize and interact with other kids and this is a part of the reason they started up a family performing group called the “5 th Generation”  Click here to watch them perform at the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation Awards Click here to watch them perform at the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation Awards

7  One of Alika’s favorite subjects was Science because he liked experimenting.  What he enjoyed about mathematics is “how things made sense.”  Take a few minutes to jot down your favorite subject areas.  Think of how you can connect your favorite subject areas to a career choice.

8  When Alika was doing his undergraduate degree he thought about his many options  He thought about journalism and the idea of understanding the stories of others.  He also thought about administration and sciences as a career.  On a piece of paper, number it 1-5.  Record your top five career choices and take some time to explore them online!

9  Alika mentions in the video clips that his Métis heritage influences his practice in that he takes the time to understand his patients, not just see them as numbers.  It is important to remember where you came from and continue to practice your traditions in your post-secondary career.  The next slide will tell you about a place at the University of Regina where you can do just that.

10  Located in College West 117 in the College West Bldg. at the University of Regina.  They provide cultural and traditional awareness through use of elders and crafts.  They run an Aboriginal Mentorship Program.  They are there to help you transition into university as well as to transition you out into the work force when you are finished.  For more information visit: 

11  How can you still stay connected to your community and your culture while attending a post-secondary institute?

12  As you seen in the video clip, Alika shares with us his experience of being on the show ‘Canada’s Next Great Prime Minister’ on CBC television.  Take some time to watch the episode and have a small debate in class – were you for his ideas or not quite?  Click here for the link Click here for the link

13  Alika is an accomplished physician, but outside of work something that interests him is federal politics.  This is how he views federal politics: ◦ A way for us to help our people ◦ A way to have legal power ◦ A way to create positive change ◦ Contact your local M.P. and find out how you can get involved in your community!

14  We asked Alika what a day in the life of his is like – and as you have seen it is pretty busy!  Take 10-15 minutes to write down a day in the life of you.  Take into account what time you wake up at, school, social life, extra-curricular activities, eat times and bed time.  After you have done this, take a few minutes to imagine yourself as a university student. Slot in times where you would fit homework.

15  Commit yourself – sometimes as Aboriginal students we are the first or second to graduate in our families and it is a tough path to pave.  Find someone who has already accomplished what you want to accomplish and have that person as your support person.

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