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How To Be An Effective Sponsor ! Presented by: LCDR Sandoval.

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1 How To Be An Effective Sponsor ! Presented by: LCDR Sandoval

2 Purpose Give you the resources to become an effective sponsor. Explain SECTOR’s policy and expectations for Sponsors.

3 Why Do We Need Sponsors ?? Helps new members become more effective team members. Focus on job rather than family/housing issues. Required by Commandant – M1000.6 (series). Required by the Sector San Juan Instruction 1301.1A

4 Three Main Areas We Will Cover Objectives of Sponsor Training. Strategies of Sponsor Training. Tactics of Sponsor Training.

5 Objectives Ensure newcomers arrive already feeling like a member of the team. Ensure newcomers and their families have a positive first impression of their new duty station.

6 Strategies Provide proactive assistance to newcomers and their families. Pave the way for a smooth transition from the departing unit to the arriving unit.

7 Tactics Accurately access the needs of the newcomer and his family. Tailor the services & be responsive to the customer. Know where to go for answers. Do it right the first time!

8 Tips To Meeting the Needs of Newcomers Quality customer service is the hallmark of a successful organization. Good sponsorship is quality customer service. Commandant is committed to customer service through the core values of Readiness, People and Stewardship.

9 Listen – many times a newcomer can reduce stress associated with a move by merely talking to someone “already there” who cares. Determine needs and exceed them – sometimes newcomers don’t know what they need, so when they answer “nothing”, be suspect, but don’t go way overboard either.

10 Be a sponsor to the entire inbound family - ask questions about the newcomer’s family and background, get spouse or children involved. If you miss a call. Always call back the same day – even if it’s at home. This is considered an official phone call, which can be placed through your units phone. Tell the newcomer who to call if you you will be TAD or otherwise unavailable for a period of time.

11 Be open and honest, but stay positive – let the newcomers form their own impressions about the unit and the local area. If you can’t respond to your newcomers needs, get some help – your supervisor, yeoman, Work-Life or Command Senior Chief. They are ready to help you. Encourage newcomers to view SITES.

12 Remember - No one expects you to be a Relocation Expert. Use the resources available to you here at SECTOR THE SPONSOR’S IS NOT DONE UNTIL THE NEWCOMER AND FAMILYARE SETTLED!

13 What You Need To Do Be an Active Sponsor. Ensure they receive Relocation Package. Meet member at airport. Accompany member with the check-in. Introduce & let co-workers know new member is arriving.

14 The Newcomers Arrival Personally meet the newcomer upon arrival. If TAD make arrangements with supervisor. Accompany member to PERSRU. Ensure member checks with UPH/Housing and Transportation Office within 24 hours.

15 Provide tour of the installation and local area. Introduce newcomer to CO, Master Chief, supervisor, and fellow workers. Ensure newcomer and family are provided transportation as needed. Assist with rental car, if needed. Encourage the newcomer and family to take advantage of the MWR and Army programs. They will experience a warm welcome, become familiar with the local community and make friends with others new to Puerto Rico

16 Follow-up with phone call to see if the new member needs any additional assistance.

17 Questions?

18 PCS Transfer Players LCDR Luis Sandoval (787) 729-2302/LTJG Luis Gonzalez (787) 729-2314 – Project Officers MKCS Patrick Nichols (787) 729-4305 – Command Senior Chief YNC Mac McMullin (787) 729-2345 – PERSRU HSC Ben Blackwood (787) 729-2305 – Medical/Clinic Mr. Thomas Velez (787) 729-2316/(787) 414-8448 – HHGs/POV Ms. Jennifer Avila (787) 729-2339 – Work-Life LT John Geinzer (787) 729-2340 – Chaplain Mr. Fernando Torres (Chago) (787) 289-8620 – UPH Mr. Troy Nero (787) 774-1182 – Family Housing Ms. Paige Kelly (787) 774-0298 – MWR Guest Housing Mr. Eddie Santos (787) 729-4330 – Base Security Mr. Brian Conger (787) 729-2310 – ESO/CGMA

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