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What is our goal for today? Leave with a new understanding of your business Learn the processes of the project Uncover the exposure process Understand.

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2 What is our goal for today? Leave with a new understanding of your business Learn the processes of the project Uncover the exposure process Understand the new distributor process Discover the effective payment process Master the sampling process Today is about making you a more knowledgeable and effective distributor!


4 A quick example of the importance of processes Starting your car… Get your keys Go to your car Open your car door Get into your car Put the key in the ignition Turn the key and start your car

5 You have to KNOW the processes to teach them Many grade schools give an assignment to help develop these skills: explain the process of… …how to tie a shoe…EXTREMELY DIFFICULT!!!

6 Sometimes SHOWING them is most effective The BEST way to SHOW them how to do something is to TAKE them through the PROCESS you want them to learn!


8 Why learn the sampling process? It’s been the most effective sales method You don’t have to be a “Super Salesman” The water can & will do most of the work It can be taught…the masses can DUPLICATE it!!!

9 Sampling: Process or Technique? There is a difference… Processes are the 1-2-3 steps you should take Techniques are the strategies you employ “Anchoring” is a technique that has processes

10 Sampling Process Overview 1. Get them to say “Yes” (one “shot” at a time) 2. Make drinking the water EASY 3. Be ready for the relationship “change” 4. Watch for the anchoring signs 5. Pull them from their comfort zone 6. Make them revert…take away the benefits of the water 7. Start prepping the sale

11 Get them to say “Yes” This is your first goal Info you share should lead to “I’ll try the water” “Shot Glasses” of info NOT 55 Gallon Drums!!!! They are doing you a favor…for now Once they say yes…SHUT UP!!! NOTE: Don’t sample too many “Fingers”

12 Make drinking the water easy Start by delivering the water…take it to them Consistency is KING…every 3 – 4 days Involve the entire family / household Review the sampling tips sheet with them Set a time limit…30 days…??? Give them personal bottles Be helpful, compassionate and answer questions NOTE: This is about “trying”…not “buying”

13 Sampling: Learn From The Mistakes Of Others or

14 Be ready for the relationship “change” You contact them to arrange refills The Change…they contact you From them doing you a favor To you doing them a favor Dynamics of the sampling relationship have changed Time to activate “next steps” Live presentation Anchoring

15 Watch for the anchoring signs Listen to them…about others in their life They start asking more questions They tell you they have had results Don’t ask if they want water for others Start with 1 - 2 extras…work up to 4 or more Try to build indirectly connected “Strings” NOTE: Anchoring is the key to creating new distributors

16 Pull them from the comfort zone Relationship changes…so does the approach Draw them out slowly…NOT abruptly Can’t deliver…gonna have to meet (closer to them) Gonna have to meet (a mid way point) Gonna have to meet (closer to you) Can’t leave…gonna have to come to you Make getting the water a semi-tolerable inconvenience Make sure they are sampling others

17 Make them “revert” If more than 30 days has gone by Become “unavailable”…not “less” available The more people affected…the greater the impact 30 days of serious sampling…gone after about 3 - 4 Be gone without being gone NOTE: NO…you do not have someone else that can give them water!!!

18 Start prepping the sale Show / give them the applications / order forms Listen for buying signals / questions “How much is this?”…NO “Can this be bought with a credit card?”…YES “How much are the monthly payments?”…YES “Will the machine fit on my counter?”…YES Ask about the others being sampled Live demo / presentation / luncheon…

19 A Quick Review “Anchoring”

20 What is the Definition of “Anchoring”? Connecting a new person to the project Proper direct sampling Proper indirect sampling Proper exposures Securing interest with those “behind” your prospect Effective anchoring improves sales by 10X! Practicing anchoring means you are teaching it!

21 Fingers & Strings

22 Fingers Fingers: People that you are directly giving water 5 – 10 – 15 – 20 – 25 ??? How many fingers do YOU have?

23 Finger Facts Each finger means a major commitment by you Find fingers (direct prospects) Fill bottles Deliver water Keep track Provide info Answer questions Try to keep your fingers to 5 or 10…MAX!

24 Strings Strings: Each person that you are indirectly providing water samples through your direct prospect A sampling string is a powerful selling tool!

25 String Strengths Creating a string is training a potential distributor Teach them to talk about the water Teach them to deliver / give out the water Teach them the principles of anchoring Maximize YOUR efforts by using THEIR contacts Try to make “Associate” strings, not “Family” strings Friend -> Co-Worker -> Mom -> Friend -> Brother… A sampling sting increases your sales potential!

26 Sampling Process Summary Take every prospect through the sampling process You are teaching how to sample when you sample Don’t skip steps unless… Start anchoring when the time is right Don’t have too many fingers Develop sampling strings Effective sampling can create incredible results!

27 Personal Perspective An Important Part of Sampling

28 How Do YOU See Your Prospects?

29 A one time check

30 10 checks…20…50…100…200…???

31 Realize what each really is… JOB BUSINESS


33 What are “Exposures”? Exposures are what give the project dimension Takes them beyond the glass Each exposure “connects” them to the project Makes the project part of their life EVERYTHING project related is an exposure Presentations, Executive Luncheons, Corporate Office, Brochures, DVD’s, Trainings, Successful Distributors, etc…

34 The exposure process: 5 in the first 7 - 10 days The water A brochure or two A DVD A 3-Way-Call An event

35 The water… Start with the water Get them committed to drinking the water Make it IMPORTANT Remember…make it EASY for them!

36 A brochure or two… Don’t drown them with information or materials Answer questions…don’t give a class Give them basic info…they will ask for more… It is vital that you not overwhelm them!!!

37 A DVD… The Pat Boone / Bob Gridelli demo DVD is best Daniel’s DVD for SERIOUS business prospects International Health & Wellness DVD Audio’s for specific prospects…pets / athletes / etc Review different DVD’s for different prospects Be careful with INTERNET based videos…

38 A (Planned) 3-Way-Call… Takes them beyond you Creates 3 rd party verification Allows an “expert” to answer questions Opportunity to edify…them & you Open doors to upcoming events

39 An Event: What is the definition of an Event? Project Presentation / Product Demonstration Executive Luncheon Direct Distributor Training Global Online Organization Meeting Distributor Development Workshop Power Training ANY Enagic® or Kangen Water® related gathering

40 All Exposure MUST Lead To A Live Meeting Live Business Briefings (Meetings) DVD or Website Corporate Tour 3-Way Calls Ad Campaigns Give the Water Printed Materials Promotional Materials Conference Calls

41 Anchoring Through Exposures Exposures are a key component to anchoring Exposures expand understanding Understanding stimulates interest Interest leads to commitment Commitment leads to sales The more exposures, the stronger the connection


43 The right product… No one wants to feel like “a sale” Not a cookie cutter product Establish the clients need Use the “User Analysis” Distributor…SD501…PERIOD!

44 User Analysis A questionnaire created to determine the client needs…while at the same time reminding them of their current expenses and the benefits of the machine.


46 What is the “Payment Process” Starts when a prospect says “I want to buy…” This is a step-by-step process Do every step…DON’T prejudge!!!!!!! Take yourself out of the equation When they agree to a payment method…STOP!!

47 The “Payment Process” Cash (Least expensive way to pay!) Credit Card (Flexibility, no out of pocket down) Outside Financing (Flexibility, no out of pocket down) Enagic Credit System (ECS) No credit turn downs… Down payment, set monthly payments, automatic deduction, installment charges…partial commission right now Tokurei (1 in 100 succeed)

48 Process creates percentages… Try to maintain a 70%+ cash, CC, outside financing Try to maintain a 30%- ECS ratio Means more $$$ in your pocket NOW Creates receivables down the road Let me share a story with you…


50 Getting a new distributor “Going” Know your goal…get them independent ASAP! Office WSS Home Demos Weekly Local Meetings Executive Luncheons Training Events

51 Take them to the office Have them process their own order Tour the office Watch the machines for a few minutes Introduce staff…pave the road Introduce other distributors…pave the road Get supplies

52 WSS Show them where it is Introduce them to staff…pave the road Show them which bottles to use…#2 Gallon Milk Jugs Buy their first pack of bottles for them Get personal bottles for them Get them WSS business cards and contact info

53 Home Demos (Their home…not yours) Immediately set up a home demo…not “yes”, “when” Support them as they get started You provide the experience, they bring the guests You do the demo…have them help…learn by watching Make sure there are bottles for guests Have basic materials available

54 Weekly Local Meetings Get them to commit to a weekly local meeting Set goals for guests Introduce them to established local leaders Introduce them to other local distributors Make sure there are bottles for guests Have basic materials available

55 Executive Luncheons Use the weekly meetings to build for the luncheon Pay for tickets for them and guests (set limits…) Introduce them to presenter Introduce them to other distributors Be available to answer questions Make sure there are bottles for guests Have basic materials available

56 Training Events Encourage attendance to all trainings Pay for tickets for them (set limits…) Introduce them to presenter Introduce them to other distributors Meet with them before and / or after training Use the training to build to next event… Set example by also attending trainings

57 Work with your new distributors Connect them to the culture Make them part of the “click” Encourage consistency Set the example and help them AOMA first 90 days Help them succeed & you will!!


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