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Office of Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine

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1 Office of Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine
CBP Air and Marine FAA UAS Tech Conference Presented by: Michael J. Pitts Director, UAS Program Office U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office of CBP Air and Marine January 2007 Last Update: 11/22/02

2 National Strategy for Homeland Security
Homeland Security is a concerted national effort to prevent terrorist attacks within the United States, reduce America’s vulnerability to terrorism, and minimize the damage and recover from attacks that do occur. National Capital Region Michael Chertoff Secretary of Homeland Security February 2005 to Present

3 Department of Homeland Security

4 U.S. Customs and Border Protection Securing the Borders and Preventing Acts of Terrorism
Field Operations Air and Marine Border Patrol

5 CBP Air and Marine World’s largest law enforcement air and marine force Providing critical components of America’s homeland security Interdicting the illegal entry of terrorists, weapons of mass destruction, undocumented aliens, and contraband Operating 261 aircraft of 20 different types including commercial, military and UAV systems Operating 215 marine vessels of various types in riverine, Great Lakes and coastal environments

6 Diverse Infrastructure Securing the Border Aviation Operations
CBP Air & Marine National Training Center CBP Air Locations Radar Command and Control Bellingham Sacramento San Diego NZY El Centro Yuma Phoenix Albuquerque Tucson DMA El Paso Marfa Uvalde McAllen San Antonio Houston Hammond Tampa Miami Buffalo Detroit Plattsburgh New York City Houlton Cincinnati Kansas City Jacksonville SSB-E: Jacksonville Pensacola Aguadilla CAMOC SSB-W: Corpus Christi San Angelo Laredo Del Rio Deming Sierra Vista Riverside AMOC Spokane Havre Grand Forks El Paso Training Center Tucson TUC San Diego SDM UAS FOL OKC Training Center Great Falls SOUTHEAST REGION SOUTHWEST REGION NORTHERN REGION 43 Operational locations 2 Training locations 2 Radar/Communication locations

7 Diverse Infrastructure Securing the Border Marine Operations
Tampa Ft. Myers Key West Miami Key Largo Ft. Lauderdale West Palm Beach Ft. Pierce Ponce San Juan St. Thomas Fajardo Boquerón Ramey New Orleans Mobile Gulfport Pensacola Jacksonville Houston Rio Grande Valley Spokane Grand Forks Swanton Houlton Laredo Del Rio Marfa Yuma Brownsville Zapata Detroit Buffalo San Diego North Island Imperial Beach Niagra Falls Rochester Blaine/ Bellingham St. Augustine SOUTHEAST REGION SOUTHWEST REGION NORTHERN REGION 37 Operation locations 1 Training location Coastal Sites Riverine Sites Great Lakes and Other Sites Training Center

8 CBP Air and Marine Operations Center Riverside, CA
AMOC Center of Excellence A 24-hour multi-agency coordination center for air and marine detection, monitoring, and interdiction operations

9 UAVs Introduced to Border Protection Mission in 2004
Ground Based Border Patrol Agents secure our borders and coastlines Unmanned Aerial Vehicles introduced to augment surveillance capability overhead Hermes flew four months with 590 flight hours and 1,678 detections Hunter flew three months with 329 flight hours and 556 detections UAVs complement crewed air assets and afford greater capability for ground interdiction effort

10 Predator B Unmanned Aircraft System Entered Service in 2005
Altitude: 50,000 ft. MSL max Endurance: 30 hours on-station time Speed: 250 KTAS Payload capacity: 800 lbs. nose/3000 lbs. external Lynx SAR and MX-15 EO/IR Detection and monitoring capability

11 Initial Predator B Operations Highly Successful
Operational Oct 2, 2005 through April 24, 2006 959 hours flown 2,309 arrests made 8,267 pounds of marijuana seized 4 vehicles seized

12 CBP 101 MQ-9 Lost in Human Factors Accident
CBP 101 crashed April 24, 2006 Preliminary NTSB report attributes crash to pilot error Lessons learned documented and incorporated into flight training Return to flight mission planning under way

13 UAS Returned to Flight October 2006
Second CBP Predator B delivered September 2006 Verification and validation and limited operational test and evaluation completed October Enhanced configuration includes Ku-band satellite, MTS-A EO/IR, and ARC 210 and Wulfsberg radios Returned to operational missions along Southwest border in November

14 CBP Air and Marine UAS Investments Continue to Grow
$10M recurring for unmanned aircraft systems FY 2006 President’s Emergency Supplemental added $45M for 2 Predator Bs with Ku-band infrastructure 2007 take delivery of CBP 101’s replacement and third and fourth UAS FY 2007 Homeland Security Appropriations bill provides $20M for 2 additional UAS’s

15 Strategic UAS Vision NORTHERN REGION Launch and recover from tactical field locations Command and control from integrated Air and Marine Operations Center (AMOC) Provide augmented ISR capability for securing the nation’s border Opportunity for interagency cooperation between DHS/DOD in homeland security missions AMOC SOUTHWEST REGION SOUTHEAST REGION Unmanned Aircraft Systems Provide Key Border Protection Multiplier!

16 Southwestern Border Region: Sierra Vista, AZ
Continue operations on Southwest Border Augment crewed aircraft and ground interdiction agents Launch and recover from Libby Army Airfield, Sierra Vista, AZ Command and control from Air and Marine Operations Center (AMOC) in Riverside, CA AMOC SOUTHWEST REGION

17 Northern Border Region: Grand Forks, ND
NORTHERN REGION Establish Northern Border Region UAS Operations Center (demonstration in Fall 2007) Partnership with DoD and North Dakota Air National Guard Focus on border security, interagency training and standardization, and homeland security-defense Launch and recover with command and control from AMOC or line-of-site AMOC

18 Southeastern Coastal Region: Florida
Establish Southeast Coastal Region UAS Operations Center (surge operation in Spring 2007) Partnership with DHS and U.S. Coast Guard Focus on maritime security and legacy missions in the transit and arrival zones Launch and recover with command and control from AMOC or P-3 Orion AMOC SOUTHEAST REGION

19 CBP on the Leading Edge of UAS Exploitation
Flying proven operational system with integrated sensors and redundant command and control features Flying at night along the nation’s borders in restricted corridors Flown under oversight and command and control of the AMOC with support of FAA radar systems Flying critical national security missions helping to pave the way for future UAS applications Unmanned Aircraft Systems Provide Key Contribution to Secure Border Initiative!

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