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Krishi Karman Award 2013-14 Agriculture Department Odisha.

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1 Krishi Karman Award 2013-14 Agriculture Department Odisha



4 FOOD GRAIN PRODUCTION TREND A- in 000’ ha, Y- yield in kg/ha, P-production in 000’MT CROP AVERAGE DURING LAST 5 YEARS (2008-09 TO 2012-13) 2013-14 AYPAYP RICE421517217252418018217613 WHEAT1716472813174622 JOWAR9556576255 BAJRA3667236112 MAIZE24923655892802785779 RAGI178882157166867144 SMALL MILLETS1752991950210 TOTAL CEREALS468817158042466818378574 ARHAR138870120139896124 MUNG811438355857476408 BIRI609435265598455272 KULTHI2403889323138589 GRAM41756314776836 COWPEA35714253673826 FIELD PEA1758810125226 LENTIL51686355374640 OTHER PULSES1024804911548956 TOTAL PULSES204448198320885071058 TOTAL FOOD GRAINS673213419025675714269632

5 PRODUCTION TREND IN OILSEED CROPS A- in 000’ ha, Y- yield in kg/ha, P-production in 000’MT CROP AVERAGE DURING LAST 5 YEARS (2008-09 TO 2012-13) 2013-14 AYPAYP GROUND NUT 25517054402681787478 SESAMUM 2433999721340387 CASTOR 136309136398 NIGER 85384336535923 SUNFLOWER 2411452725119330 SAFFLOWER 1589116021 LINSEED 23466112347811 MUSTARD 1194054814542462 TOTAL OILSEEDS 763872666753929700

6 PROCUREMENT OF PADDY Year Quantity Procured in MT 2007-0874, 435 2008-0944, 32, 092 2009-1039, 77, 261 2010-1136, 95, 087 2011-1231, 20, 557 2012-1354,17, 029 2013-1440,01,490

7 The PHAILIN IMPACT Around 12.86 lakh hectares of cropped area was affected. 7.69 lakh hectares suffered more than 50% crop loss. The problem got aggravated due to incessant rains following PHAILIN which caused large scale submergence across the State. A special package was announced and massive Rabi Campaign was launched to pave the way for economic recovery of the farmers.

8 Strategies adopted for higher Food Grain Production Enhancing SRR of Paddy from 22.2% in 2012-13 to 25.2% in 2013-14. Incentivising line sowing / line transplanting in over 2.3 lakh ha. Additional irrigation potential of 1,66,600 hectares was created through various sources during 2013-14. 4.35 lakh hectares area covered under technology demonstrations including improved agronomic package of practices in food grain crops.

9 Enhancing Soil Testing Capacity (Mobile Soil Testing Laboratory and Mini Soil Testing Laboratory). Ensuring timely supply of inputs and management thereof. Adoption of INM and IPM. Seed Treatment Campaign over 4.57 lakh ha. e-pest surveillance-100% area covered in the State. Enhancing farm power input from 1.12kw/ ha in 2010-11 to 1.41kw / ha by 2013-14. Capacity building of Farmers and Extension Workers :– 74,340 nos. of farmers and 3,173 nos. of Extension personnel trained during 2013-14. (No. of sample tested ) Farm Mechanisation


11 New Innovations / Initiatives Adopted A Comprehensive Agriculture Policy announced in 2013. Exclusive Agriculture budget presented before the Assembly from 2012-13. Plan Outlay of Agriculture & allied sectors increased from Rs.7162 crore during 2013-14 to Rs. 9542 crore during 2014-15 : an increase of over 33% in a single year. 977 farmers’ Crop Varieties registered & a Gene Bank was established. Massive Seed Treatment Campaign. Promotion of SRI, line sowing & line transplanting. Popularisation of Hybrid varieties of Maize, Sunflower and Mustard. Mapping secondary & micro-nutrients upto G.P level.

12 New Innovations/ Initiatives Adopted ….. Cont. Construction of large number of community threshing floors. Farm Information Advisory Centre (FIAC ) set up in every block. Health Insurance coverage upto Rs. 1 lakh provided to 51.68 lakh farmers families. On- line fund management of schemes.

13 FINANCIAL PROGRESS OF NFSM, BGREI & INSIMP 2013-14 Rs. in lakh Scheme Approved allocation by GOI Funds Received Final Expenditure Unspent % of Expenditure NFSM8660.027304.436035.601268.8383 TMOP1979.191902.961878.8424.1299 RKVY –SUB-SCHEMES BGREI19930.02 0100 INSIMP245.00 193.9851.2087

14 ONLINE FUND MANAGEMENT 1.From 2012-13 Fund Management of NFSM scheme is monitored online through NIC software. 2.Actual physical and financial position of each and every item of NFSM scheme are monitored at state level.

15 Efforts for ensuring effective co-ordination with related Departments State Level Committees formed for all Central Sector Schemes and meetings being held regularly. State Level Secretaries Meeting held under the Chairmanship of the Chief Secretary every month. Crop-Weather Watch Group Meeting held weekly during Kharif season. Seed Monitoring Unit set up at the State level. Fertilizer Monitoring meeting being held fortnightly during the Kharif season. Monthly Video Conferencing with the districts. State Level Bankers Committee (SLBC) meeting at regular intervals (credit and finance). Collectors Conference at Divisional level held regularly. District level Strategy Committee Meeting.

16 Lessons Learnt Line sowing, line transplanting and SRI leads to enhanced crop production, farm profit and water use efficiency. Effective and timely pest management through e-pest surveillance. Installation of community bore wells; increased cropping intensity. Wide adaptability of farm mechanisation has aided timely operation and enhanced production. Drum seeder stood as an effective labour saving device for line sowing. Intervention through Extension Reforms (ATMA) for formation of CIGs /FIGs has made farmers proactive in farming. Online registration of Input Dealers and Executants has revitalised the input delivery system. Increased use of ICT has reduced the communication gap and made incentive delivery mechanism more effective. Rewarding farmers inculcates competitiveness in agriculture. FIACs in every block has made extension delivery mechanism effective.

17 Road Map for achieving Higher Production Enhancing irrigation potential by 2 lakh hectares every year over next 5 years with a view to provide at least 35% irrigation facility in all Blocks. Enhancing SRR and increasing coverage under HYV and Hybrids. Promotion of less than 10 years old varieties. Ambitious Seed Production Program through Seed Villages. Increasing fertiliser consumption ( presently 60 kg/ha). Provision of Corpus Fund for prepositioning of Fertilizer and Seeds. Adoption of INM & IPM techniques. Ensuring timely supply of critical inputs and ensuring quality control. Promotion of SRI and improved agronomic package of practices on crop production. Large scale farm mechanisation. Adequate crop loan & crop insurance.

18 Large Scale promotion of Commercial Agri Enterprises. Emphasis on rainfed agriculture. Development and strengthening of agriculture related infrastructure like godowns, seed processing plants, cold storages, laboratories etc. Capacity building of farmers and extension functionaries. Promoting use of ICT in agriculture. Establishment of second Agriculture University in KBK region. Establishment of Agro Industrial Estates and Agri Poly Technic Institutes. Organization of Regional and State Level Agriculture Fairs for transfer of technology and rewarding the farmers. Road Map for achieving Higher Production …. Contd.



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