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Tooth Zappicator Tatjana Tarassenko IAEMM105051 11.05.2011.

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1 Tooth Zappicator Tatjana Tarassenko IAEMM105051 11.05.2011

2 What is Zappicator?  The Tooth Zappicator is a groundbreaking new technology in dental care.  It is an experimental device that is a small ear bud type north pole speaker fastened to the end of a toothbrush handle. The positive wire from the small north pole speaker is connected to the positive output of a 1 kHz Clark Zapper. The ground is not used at all.  A device thought to pulse low voltage DC current through the body at specific frequencies. Clark said this device kills viruses, bacteria and parasites.

3 What is Zapping?  Zapping or Zapping activity, allows to clear out, rather effectively, the human body from pathogenic microflora and parasites, located in tissues and liquids of the organism.  The technology, manifested in antiphrastic Devices of a series "Zepper" was developed by the American researcher dr. Hulda R. Clark, Ph.D., ND.

4 Who is Hulda Clark?  In 1989 dr. Hulda Clark discovered that all organisms have their own unique range of frequencies. The range of frequencies of the human organism makes from 1520 up to 9460 kilohertz. Pathogenic organisms (fungi, viruses, helminthes, itch mites) have range from 77 up to 900 kilohertz. Dr. Hulda Clark suggested a new method to destroy pathogenic flora and parasites: to eliminate them out of the body by using their own specific frequencies, incorporated into the organism by means of corresponding electric potentials. Dr. Hulda Clark prepared a special test pattern table of such frequencies, evaluating the specific frequency of each pathogenic agent.  The next, principally new, discovery of dr. Hulda Clark was the understanding of a very important fact, that not only precisely calculated resonance frequency is able to destroy the activator, but within certain parameters of exposure, it is possible to medically treat, that is, to eliminate the vast spectrum of invasions without knowing exact helminthes and other parasites invasions.  The scientific researches of dr. Hulda Clark also proved that the most part of diseases (at least, many more than has been estimated before) are caused specifically by particular helminthes and/or pathogenic microflora. The extraordinary discovery of dr. Hulda Clark has allowed to construct a compact medical Device for individual use that is able to eliminate both big and microscopic parasites.

5 Why it’s only experimental?  Dr. Clark's Tooth Zappicator has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is considered an experimental device. No medical claims can be made about these items.

6 How it works?  A tooth zappicator is a small North Pole speaker fastened to the end of a toothbrush. The speaker is conncted to Zapper. The tooth zappicator is then held in place on top of the tooth ridge for three to five minutes. A surge of immune power is induced, which removes lanthanides, other metals, solvents, plastic remnants and bacteria all at once.

7 Pathogenicity

8 Tooth pathogen frequencies

9 How to use? 1. Insert a 9 volt battery into the 1 kHz zapper carefully, io be sure polarity is correct. 2. Connect the Positive output of the zapper to the Positive terminal of the loudspeaker. Do not use any Negative connections. They should not have hanging wires either. 3. Tape the zapper to the tabletop to guard against slippage while in use. A loudspeaker that falls io the floor could change its polarity. 4. Protect the tooth zappicator by placing it in a plastic zippered bag, with the loudspeaker in a bottom corner. Wrap the bag around it, handle and all, snugly. Tape in place. Be sure io keep saliva out of the plastic bag and off the bare tooth zappicator. 5. Wipe with ordinary ethanol or any alcoholic beverage or Lugol's water before first use. Do not get liquid inside. 6. Turn the zapper on. Place loudspeaker firmly on jawbone ridge for three (or five) minutes. 7. Start at the extreme end of one jawbone and work toward the other, skipping nothing. When you come to a tooth, place loudspeaker squarely on top of it. DO NOT TREAT METAL FILLINGS. Move to the neighboring location and repeat. When jawbones are both done on three surfaces, continue on all soft areas of mouth.

10 Zappicate Plastic Teeth  The tooth zappicator can also be used to harden plastic. For this purpose, press it against plastic teeth or teeth with plastic fillings. Give five minutes to each location, then take a break for at least one-half hour. Repeat a second time on inner surfaces. Take another break, and repeat a third (and last) time on outer surfaces. The effect is permanent.  Ideally, each newly zappicated tooth is now tested with the dental Syncrometer probe for unconsumed (not hardened) plastic, amalgam metals, or clostridium bacteria. Resonance with urethane, phthalate or bisphenol-A implicates unhardened plastic. Resonance with platinum, palladium, thallium, or mercury implicates amalgam. Note that even the tiniest brown spot tests POSITIVE for Clostridium. Try to polish it away with baking soda or emery cloth. If you can't, go back to your dentist for assistance. Do not have these tiny infections filled afterward. But brush with oregano oil tooth powder and Dental Bleach alternately.

11 Zappicate The Mouth  Zappicating the teeth does not remove the amalgam remnants still all over your mouth soft tissues. The tooth zappicator can also remove them. Give five minutes to each small area, everywhere you can reach with the zappicator. Taking L-G helps during this procedure. Do not zappicate teeth and mouth on the same day. It could overburden your immune system or give you detox-illness.  In the past, I recommended EDTA, DMSO, and vitamin C as a mouthwash for the final cleanup of amalgam from your mouth. They are not nearly as satisfactory as your body's own L-G. L-G was evidently meant for removing heavy metals, because the body can do it by itself without leaving a molecule behind, and do it quickly provided L-G is present. It takes about five days for L-G to clear your mouth after first zappicating it, then six weeks to clear most of your body.  Take 1 tablespoon of L-G, 4 times daily.  This beginning Home Dentistry is a creative innovation of huge significance. Being able to do home dentistry, using the Syncrometer to guide you, may pave the way to caries prevention that has eluded us for so long. You can find a tooth infection long before it becomes a cavity. And you may be able to clear it up with dental zappication and diet changes.  You are also able to clean up after amalgam removal yourself. You can stop seepage from plastic, and keep Clostridium away.  Your mouth is finally metal-free, plastic-free, dye-free, and Clostridium-free. It is a huge accomplishment.

12 Zapper inside  Breadboard,  555 CMOS Timer,  (2) 1K Ohm resistors,  2.2K Ohm resistor,  4.7K Ohm resistor,  39K Ohm resistor,  (2) 270K Ohm resistors,  (2).0047 uF Capacitors,  Mini Red LED,  (9) Color Coded Jump Wires,  9-Volt Battery Snap,  (2) Alligator leads, and an On/Off Switch.

13 List of used materials  devices/tooth_zappicator.php devices/tooth_zappicator.php  zappicator.html zappicator.html   uski_LifeCycle.gif uski_LifeCycle.gif   ark ark

14 Thank you!

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