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State of the County April 8, 2009 State of County MEETING 1.

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1 State of the County April 8, 2009 State of County MEETING 1

2 Agenda Introduction County Commissioners Brown Circuit Court Planning & Zoning Recorder Auditor Assessor Soil & Water Community Corrections Highway Department Treasurer EMA Purdue Extension Service Clerk of the Brown Circuit Court Health Department 2

3 Board of Commissioners  2008/2009 Accomplishments ◦ New interview process resulted in most-qualified applicants ◦ Exceptional Highway Superintendent, Bookkeeper and Resource Manager ◦ Engaged Resource Manager – to date savings $50K, added Revenue $15K ◦ Provided oversight to a well-managed highway department ◦ Improved data gathering & preparation to for fact-based decision making ◦ Analyzed & created prioritized plan to improve IT -savings now & future ◦ Informed public as much as possible in meetings via projector ◦ Volunteers in key areas as team to identify community projects/grants ◦ Established partnership with Matthew Crouch and OCRA & had site visit to assure that Brown County gets equal share of resources as other counties ◦ Brown County government has a website ---- ◦ All Commissioners are working together to accomplish our goals 3 To manage the County infrastructure and people To provide leadership for the County Our Role {

4 Board of Commissioners  2009 Plans ◦ Efficient, reportable operations ◦ High level of community volunteer involvement ◦ Integration of County, Town, Economic Development, and Community Organizations to prioritize work ◦ Effective utilization of employee resources ◦ Decision making models to support fact-based decisions ◦ Model for cost saving and “green” ideas ◦ Policies and Procedures designed to enhance effectiveness of government reviewed and accepted by 6/1/09 (in one document) ◦ IT capabilities with streamlined support costs by 1/1/10 ◦ Long term hiway infrastructure improvement plan by 9/1/09 ◦ Investigate centralized purchasing-continue to seek cost savings opportunities ◦ Being proactive, rather than reactive 4

5 Board of Commissioners  Create a plan for achieving the goal of best small government in the Midwest  Issues ◦ Detailed plans to achieve goals have not been developed ◦ Standardized reports on operations are not finalized ◦ IT upgrades necessary to achieve effective communications underway, but not completed ◦ Keeping track of and submitting proposals to OCRA, FEMA, etc. so we capitalize on all our opportunties. ◦ Reallocating office space for employees to meet changing demands ◦ Balancing County employee needs with County needs ◦ Lack of communication 5

6 Brown Circuit Court The Brown Circuit Court serves as the only court in Brown County and has original jurisdiction in all criminal law, family law, juvenile law, estate, traffic violation, small claims, personal injury and contract cases.  2008 Accomplishments: ◦ In 2008, over 2,900 new cases were filed in the Brown Circuit Court, and 2,671 cases were resolved. Approximately 2,500 cases were pending at any given time. ◦ The court handled a 27% increase in civil case filings in 2008, including large increases in some of the most time consuming cases such as a 42% increase in divorces. ◦ Not surprisingly, foreclosure and collection cases have risen in the past two years. In 2008, 111 mortgage foreclosures were filed, representing a 26% increase over 2006. A total of 235 collection cases were filed, up 70% from 2006, and up 32% from 2007. 6

7 Brown Circuit Court  2008 Accomplishments (Cont’d.) ◦ In 2008, the Brown Circuit Court tried 16 jury trials, mostly criminal cases, (as compared with 7 jury trials in 2007 and 12 in 2006) and decided 244 court (judge) trials. ◦ The Brown Circuit Court was affirmed on appeal in all cases decided by the higher courts in 2008. ◦ The court continued to offer the grant-funded Family Court Program as a means of extremely low cost mediation to unrepresented and indigent families in divorce cases ◦ The court appointed Guardian ad Litems to represent the best interests of 59 additional children in 2008 in family law and abuse cases.

8 Brown Circuit Court  2009 Goals ◦ Decrease the length of time criminal cases pend in the court system prior to resolution ◦ Implement significant changes in juvenile placement procedures created by new state law ◦ Implement protective order registry so our protective orders are available to law enforcement statewide more quickly ◦ Analyze the benefits of implementing a County Public Defender Commission ◦ Increase security  Needs /Issues ◦ Improve jury room to be handicapped accessible and to provide adequate space and restroom facilities ◦ Improve security ◦ Increase maintenance/upkeep on courthouse 8

9 Department: Planning & Zoning  Department Mission: Balancing of social & cultural concerns with economic growth & community development to improve the quality of life for Brown County and its citizens.  2008 Accomplishments: ◦ Began grant process for New Ordinance ◦ Updated applications & checklists ◦ Reorganization of files ◦ Review of all plans for compliance ◦ Field inspections (Building & Zoning) ◦ Hired new Director ◦ Participation in JLUS ◦ June flood relief project ◦ 9

10 Department: Planning & Zoning  2009 Goals: ◦ Continue to seek grants for new Ordinance ◦ Revision of Brown County Ordinance ◦ Tourist home inspections ◦ Assist County with development of Website ◦ Improve distribution of packets to members ◦ Additional public education ◦ Improve document storage ◦ 10

11 Department: Planning & Zoning  Needs/Issues: ◦ Community involvement for new Ordinance ◦ Additional grants for consultant assistance on Ordinance ◦ Additional funds for part-time staff for data documentation ◦ New computers ◦ County Website ◦ 11

12 Department: Recorder  Department mission:  The Recorders Office was the first Constitutional Office of the United States. The chief function of the Recorder is to preserve public records including deeds, mortgages, liens, leases, articles of incorporation and amendments, certificates of Business names within the County, soldier discharges, and other documents  2008 Accomplishments ◦ Taking office in January of 2009 ◦ 2008 was a year of reviewing and updating my knowledge of the Recorders office ◦ The Recorder and First Deputy Recorder attended the State Board of Accounts training for newly elected Recorders ◦ 12

13 Department: Recorder  Plans for 2009 ◦ Updates for the computer system; the office has researched 5 computer systems and has signed contract with ACS to be installed in 30-60 days ◦ The Internet was extended to the Recorders office this year ◦ To serve the public in a courteous, efficient, accurate and friendly manner. ◦ To be as helpful as possible to researchers who come into the office by providing public terminals for Recorder and Treasurer information ◦ Less reliance on property taxes due to fee-based revenue ◦ Stay informed with SBOA and attend state meetings ◦ Member of Brown County Commission on Public Records concerning preservation & destruction of recorders 13

14 Department: Recorder  Needs/Issues ◦ Keep informed and updated on Property Fraud situation and preventing it from occurring in our County ◦ Need additional employee in office to cover staffing for vacations, sickness, and training ◦ To interface to the GIS system; a new capability to be available with new ACS computer system 14

15 Department: Auditor  Department mission: Our mission is to serve the citizens of Brown County courteously and efficiently while maintaining accountability, fiscal integrity and openness and to assist all local government officials and taxpayers in order to improve the county’s operations and services, reducing costs and increasing public satisfaction and trust.  2008 Accomplishments ◦ Successfully converted tax billing systems for better efficiency and entered three years of deeds and exemptions in system ◦ Continued team approach of communicating and working with the assessor and treasurer toward the goal of timely tax billings ◦ Worked with Department of Local Government Finance and State Board of Accounts toward data compliance and correcting audit findings 15

16 Department: Auditor  2009 Goals ◦ Completely catch up on tax billings to have a “normal” year in 2010 ◦ Continued commitment to public service ◦ Continue to meet challenges as they are presented 16

17 Department: Auditor  Needs/Issues ◦ County website for public access to exemption forms, property records, GIS map, meeting minutes, etc ◦ Replace office equipment: printer & copier ◦ Laptop and technology to make minutes easier for auditor 17

18 Department: Assessor  Department mission:  Real Estate Values  Personal Property Tax Returns  State Data Reporting  Inheritance Tax  2008 Accomplishments ◦ Software and Data Conversion ◦ State Data Reporting Caught Up 18

19 Department: Assessor  2009 Goals ◦ Wrap Up Data Conversion Project ◦ Continue To Catch Up Tax Billing Cycle ◦ Begin 2011 General Reassessment ◦ 19

20 Department: Assessor  Needs/Issues ◦ Easier Information Access For The Public ◦ Take Over Of Trustees Assessing Duties ◦ 20

21 Department: Soil & Water  Department mission: To identify and prioritize local soil and water and other natural resource concerns and to connect land users to educational, technical and financial assistance to implement conservation practices and technologies. (From our Business Plan 2008-2012) ◦ 2008 Accomplishments ◦ Soil and Water partnered with NRCS, IDNR, TNC, Extension to put Best Management Practices on the ground. ◦ Funded projects brought thousands of dollars to Brown County and helped flood victims with damage caused by the June 7 flood. ◦ Workshops and field days were held for education and assistance to landowners. ◦ Education of Adults and Youth stay a major priority. ◦ Reducing erosion and increasing water quality was accomplished through BMP’s. Rule 5 was implemented on disturbed soil which increases water quality. 21

22  Department: Soil and Water ◦ 2009 Goals ◦ Through IDEM Grants 205j and 319, we will begin stream bank stabilization in Yellowwood State Forest and implement Best Management practices within the Bean Blossom watershed to improve water quality. ◦ Mini-grants will be awarded to reduce soil loss and implement conservation practices not covered by federal or state funding. ◦ Implement Rule 5 on developed sites. ◦ Continue to hold educational field days, workshops and youth programs. ◦ Continue to work with partners to enhance natural resources in Brown County on all lands. ◦ ◦ 22

23 Department: Brown County Soil & Water  Needs  Need for technical assistance position ◦ As a result of our State Governing body changing to the Indiana State Department of Agriculture, we no longer have a technician working in our office. This makes servicing the residents much more difficult. Issues ◦ Funding for Best Management Practices not as available. Sediment is largest polluter of Indiana Waters. ◦ Educating children who will be the next generation to care for our natural resources. ◦ Reaching land owners on the assistance we can provide through our office. 23

24 Brown County Community Corrections Values, Vision and Mission Statements Values In order to achieve our mission and vision, we embrace these values: We promote the highest standards for services. We continuously seek to improve our services without compromising public safety. We work to ensure that our services match each offender’s individual needs. Vision The Brown County Community Corrections envisions a community with social order and one whereby neither community members nor property is at risk of criminal activity. We envision a community of people who help and are helped, of offenders whose positive potential is actualized, and of restorative justice after offenders have committed crimes. Mission The Brown County Community Corrections is committed to providing a continuum of prosocial, evidence-based, community-based correctional services in accordance with the Indiana Department of Corrections guidelines that promote public safety, hold offenders accountable, and improve offender ability to live productive and lawful lives in the community. 24

25 Brown County Community Corrections  2007 – 2008 Fiscal Year  The Brown County Community Corrections (BCCC) Program receives grant funding from the Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) and is also supported through the collection of participant fees.  Brown County Community Corrections offers Community Transition of DOC inmates back to their community, Community Service, Day Reporting, House Arrest, Inmate Road Crew, and Work Release.  Throughout the 2007-2008 fiscal year BCCC served two hundred thirty-three (233) misdemeanant and felon offenders. Seventy-three (73) felons participated in various programs.  One hundred eighty-nine (189) offenders completed a locally supervised program. One hundred sixty-seven (167) of these completions were successful, resulting in an overall 89% successful completion rate.  Brown County Community Corrections provided work placement assistance for 16 offenders who were unemployed or became unemployed during their participation on a community corrections program.  Brown County Community Corrections Inmate Road Crew provided 2,106 hours of service to the community. Activities include: mowing, roadside trash removal along various county roads, among other activities for local government and non-profit organizations within the county.  Community Service participants provided 832 hours of assistance to local non-profit organizations. 25

26 26 Brown County Community Corrections START (Substance Treatment And Recovery Transitions) Program The START program is funded through the BCCC IDOC Grant and also received a 2008-2009 grant from the Local Coordinating Council (LCC) to assist with program expenses. START is a voluntary, evidence-based, intensive drug & alcohol treatment program. The goal of START is to address dependency issues which will reduce the risk of the re-offending. Services are provided at no cost to inmates of the Brown County Jail. In 2008 the program served over 100 male & female inmates (often over half of the jail population.) Currently, the program meets twice weekly, provides 12-16 hours per month of treatment per inmate and includes case management for inmate transitioning back to the community and follow-up care.

27 Highway Department  Department Mission: To provide the citizens of Brown County with the best possible roads using the equipment provided and to provide this service in a safe manner. To be pro- active to the needs and desires of all county citizens. To plan forward in a positive and fiscally conservative manner.

28 Highway Department  2008 Accomplishments: ◦ Bridge #11 was completed ◦ Flood damage/Tornado Clean-up

29 Highway Department  2009 Goals: ◦ Clay Lick Road: Replace four current culverts ◦ Add an additional culvert to accommodate CYO parking lot addition (control future water run-off) ◦ Replace Three current creek crossings with grated bridges ◦ Possibly re-pave two sections of roadway ie. Nineveh road and clay lick. ◦ Possibly re-pave three short sections of Salt Creek road ◦ Equipment upgrades: Purchase a new Gradall machine ◦ Purchase two new single axle dump trucks ◦ Plan and execute a salt purchase program early in 2009 with the aim of acquiring salt and reduced cost ◦ Develop a 5 year plan for asphalt maintenance/repair with the goal of extending the life of our road system ◦ Acquire funding for a salt storage shed ◦ Complete evaluations of all employees

30 Department: TREASURER  Department mission: The mission of the Brown County Treasurer’s Office is to provide efficient, courteous service and maintain accurate records, while upholding the fiduciary and statutory responsibilities required of the office.  2008 Accomplishments ◦ Collected 2006 pay 2007 taxes ◦ Implemented the PVD system by G.U.T. S. 30

31 Department: TREASURER  2009 Goals ◦ Collect and distribute 2007 pay 2008 taxes ◦ Collect and distribute 2008 pay 2009 taxes ◦ Anticipated tax sale ◦ 31

32 Department: TREASURER  Needs/Issues ◦ Direct access to IT for us and outside vendors ◦ Access to training thru A.I.C. and I.C.T. A. ◦ Access to having more part-time help ◦ 32

33 Department: TREASURER Wrap up: The Treasurer and staff continue to be an advocate for the taxpayer during these changing times in county government. Resources, along with new strategies, will be needed to continue to assure the trust of our citizens who have elected us. 33

34 Brown County Emergency Management Mission Statement: To emphasis and provide protection of the population and property of Brown County from the destructive forces of natural and man-made disasters through a comprehensive program of mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.  2008 Accomplishments: ◦ Exercised Field Communication operations in conjunction with the State. ◦ Conducted public outreach sessions in family preparedness and published numerous public safety articles in the local paper. ◦ Worked with and coordinated with 29 State and Federal Agencies during the Tornado and Flood of June. ◦ Declared four Local States of Emergency for Brown County 34

35 Brown County Emergency Management  2008 Accomplishments (Cont’d.) ◦ Helped coordinate FEMA reimbursement for expenses from the Tornado and Flood. ◦ Acquired in excess of $213,000 in Grant funds for Brown County.

36 Brown County Emergency Management  2009 Goals ◦ Revise Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan to conform with Federal and State guidelines. ◦ Conduct After Action meetings with all the Emergency Services to identify ways to improve our ability to respond to the next emergency and/or disaster. ◦ Promote public awareness and create education opportunities to better prepare our citizens. ◦ Conduct exercises and/or planning workshops with First Responders and non-governmental agencies. ◦ Investigate security options  Needs /Issues ◦ More fire rate water hydrants through out Brown County ◦ Severe Weather sirens for Brown County ◦ Support new developments with existing Emergency Services. 36

37  Needs / Issues ◦ Find a better solution for the Brown County Ambulance base. ◦ Investigate the possibilities of Emergent Care Facility in Brown County ◦ Find a more appropriate location for the Brown County Emergency Operations Center. 37 Brown County Emergency Management

38 Purdue Extension - Brown County Our mission is providing Indiana residents access to land-grant university research and knowledge to develop youth and strengthen agriculture, families and communities. We provide educational programs and materials that improve the quality of life for individuals, families and communities through teaching skills, increasing knowledge and inspiring aspirations. Purdue University is an Equal Opportunity/Equal Access institution.

39 Program Accomplishments Agriculture & Natural Resources  Brown County Village Market  Grapevine & Combine newsletter to 600 households  Answer phone calls regarding gardening; horticulture; lawn care; insect, plant & tree identification, etc.  Provide programs such as: Master Gardener, Emerald Ash Borer, Horse Management  Partner with Soil & Water Conservation District with Conservation Field Day for 4 th graders, Nature Daze, Ag Breakfast

40 Program Accomplishments Consumer & Family Sciences  Answer phone calls regarding nutrition, food safety & preservation, stain removal, housing, mold, etc.  Provide resources/programs/news articles for youth & families regarding health, nutrition, parenting, and budgeting; including Family Nutrition Program  Assist with community events, such as Brown County On The Move, Domestic Violence Conference, Health & Parenting Fair  Provide educational programs/resources to groups (e.g. local food pantries, Ext. Homemakers, Herb Society, Widowers, Senior Centers, service organizations)

41 Program Accomplishments Community Development  Lead agency for Leadership Brown County  Provide leadership to Brown County 2020 – A Vision For The Future  Provide assistance with disaster preparedness, long term recovery 4-H Youth Development  4-H club program involves 50 volunteers, 20 clubs, and over 340 youth  Expanded outreach to youth – after school program, organized 2 new 4-H clubs  Educational opportunities for youth & adults – club meetings, judging events, leadership training

42 Program Goals Agriculture & Natural Resources  Brown County Village Market  Provide resources & information to residents regarding insects, gardening, horticulture, small farms, soils, and living on the land Consumer & Family Sciences  Community outreach in news media and newsletters regarding health, nutrition, and wellness  Community outreach in news media and newsletters regarding financial and economic crisis information  Provide financial programs - Where Does Your Money Go, Does Your Credit Card Need Plastic Surgery

43 Program Goals Community Development  Increase emergency management/response involvement  Provide Brown County 2020 Vision report to the community  Provide assistance with disaster preparedness for families and long term recovery efforts 4-H Youth Development  Increase outreach to youth, including enrollment, and involvement in leadership opportunities  Provide leadership opportunities for volunteers  Enhance educational programming with 4-H clubs

44 Issues & Concerns 1)Dwindling office supply & paper/printing budget, but increased need for giving residents the resources & information they need regarding financial, health & wellness, growing gardens, preserving foods. 2)Our office has several maintenance issues: a) We need a fresh interior coat of paint within our office. b) Carpet in main office is 21 years old and worn. c) Inside windowsills and carpet get wet during heavy rains, snow, ice (from not having proper roof overhang, no flashing behind gutters, and size of gutters). d) We continue to have mold/mildew issues, but the past improvements have helped greatly. Thank You!

45 Clerk of the Brown Circuit Court  Mission Statement: ◦ The Clerk of the Brown Circuit Court is committed to performing all duties of the office by serving the Brown Circuit Court and public in an efficient and professional manner that demonstrates the core values of public service. 45

46 Clerk of the Brown Circuit Court  Accomplishments of 2008: ◦ 2008 Primary and General Elections ◦ Record Preservation Approval ◦ Improve Court File Storage ◦ Acceptance of Credit Cards 46

47 Clerk of the Brown Circuit Court 2009 Goals: Protective Order Registry Electronic Marriage License Record Preservation 2010 Election 47

48 Department: Clerk of the Brown Circuit Court  Needs/Issues: ◦ Office Space ◦ Building Security ◦ Office Staff 48

49 Department: Clerk of the Brown Circuit Court  Wrap Up: ◦ Clerk and her staff are working diligently to efficiently and accurately perform the diverse duties of the Clerk. Preparation for the 2010 Elections is beginning along with the ongoing projects of the office. With adequate resources, much progress can be made toward the 2009 Goals. 49

50 Department: Health  Department mission: Is to promote health by encouragement and active participation of helping in:  1. Prevention of disease  2. Health Education  3. Administration of public health and public  programs  4. The promotion of the availability and  accessibility of quality health care services  5. Correlation and maintenance of vital statistics and  records  Public Health Encourages organized community efforts to address public health issues by applying medical, scientific and technical knowledge to prevent disease and promote the general health of the community.  Responsibilities of the state and local public health agencies contain the function to provide that vital factors are in place and the mission of public health is correctly addressed  FINAL 02-FEB-2009 COMMISSIONERS MEETING 50

51 Department: Health  2008 Accomplishments ◦ Sponsorship of Health Support Clinic ◦ Continuation of Public Health Preparedness Activities and retaining a coordinator ◦ Help with Disaster and collaboration with many agencies that helped with the flood effort ◦ Total Immunizations given 2253 ◦ Pregnancy Testing 76 ◦ TB Screenings 219 ◦ Communicable Disease Investigations Less than 20 ◦ Smoking Cess 39 ◦ Blood Pressure Screenings 458 ◦ Anemia Screenings 152 ◦ Health Education 710 ◦ Diabetic Screenings 198 ◦ Cholestrerol Screenings 49 ◦ STD Prevention and Ed 96 ◦ Monitoring Septic Installations and Visual Septic Inspections ◦ Complaint investigations ◦ Monitor drinking water quality ◦ Air quality

52 Department: Health  2009 Goals ◦ Continue education to improve inspection proficiency. ◦ Continue to provide 2 Food Safety Manager Certifications ◦ Continue to support efforts for sewer expansions to Coffey Hill and Orchard Hill, Bean Blossom ◦ Continue to offer Public Health Preventative measures such as: Immunizations, Communicable Disease prevention and investigations, home visitations, health screenings etc. ◦ To continue to promote and sponsor the Health Support Clinic. ◦ Continue to follow the 10 Essentials of Public Health As set by ISDH and CDC ◦ FINAL 02-FEB-2009 COMMISSIONERS MEETING 52

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