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Chapter 12 Section 1 Review notes for Quiz.

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1 Chapter 12 Section 1 Review notes for Quiz

2 Vocabulary Reconstruction Thaddeus Stephens Wade- Davis Bill
Radical Republicans Thaddeus Stephens Wade- Davis Bill Andrew Johnson Freedman’s Bureaus black codes Fourteenth Amendment impeach Fifteenth Amendment

3 Character Development
To what extent would you inconvenience yourself for another person?

4 Notes I.The Politics of Reconstruction A.Reconstruction- 1865-1877
B.Lincoln’s Plan 10%Plan C.Radical Republicans-Thaddeus Stevens and Charles Sumner 1.Wade -Davis Bill D.Johnson's Plan 1.Many states met his terms, and Southern members of Congress began arriving in Washington

5 E.Radical Republicans refused to seat them
1.Freedmen's Bureau codes 3.Johnson vetoed them F.Congressional Reconstruction 1.Congress voted to override the vetoes 2.14th Amendment

6 3. Radical Republicans won many seats
3.Radical Republicans won many seats in the 1866 Congressional elections-took control of Reconstruction Reconstruction Act 5.Impeachment of Andrew Johnson 6.Grant-President(1868) 7.15th Amendment

7 Wade-Davis Bill


9 Impeachment of Andrew Johnson

10 U.S. Grant

11 Review Questions The House of Representatives impeached President Johnson for his violation of the ______________. The strong showing by ___________ in the congressional elections of 1866 helped pave the way for Congressional Reconstruction. The Fourteenth Amendment provided a constitutional basis for the_____________. ___________ were slave laws that in effect restored many of the restrictions of slavery to African Americans after the Civil War. The goal of Abraham Lincoln’s plan for Reconstruction was to be as ________ as possible on the South.

12 What did Johnson’s Reconstruction Plan call for?
What was the purpose of the Freedman’s Bureau? What were the provisions of the Civil Rights Act? What were the main provisions of the 14th Amendment? What was the central issue of the 1866 congressional elections? What were the main issue of the act? Why was Johnson impeached? What was the Senate’s verdict? What did the Fifteenth Amendment guarantee?

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