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Region 6 Professional Activities (PACE) Keith Moore R6 PACE Coordinator 24 Jan 2015.

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1 Region 6 Professional Activities (PACE) Keith Moore R6 PACE Coordinator 24 Jan 2015

2 What is PACE? The Professional Activities Committee for Engineers (PACE) Committee is a committee of IEEE-USA of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE). 5/4/20152

3 What is a PACE Activity? Preparing and providing materials Providing individual and group training Organizing, maintaining, and providing successful PACE programs, projects, topics and speakers Career and technology policy issues 5/4/20153

4 PACE Funding comes from IEEE-USA Approximately $20K budgeted for R6 with additional funds for Technical Society Chapters 1. PACE funding can provide up to $1,500 or more for large events (>100 members) with matching funding from the host Section. 2. PACE funding can provide funding for your Student Branch’s S-PAC or S-PAVe event with matching funding from the host Section. 3. PACE funding can provide up to $500 for Technical Chapters outside of the R6 PACE budget 5/4/20154

5 It’s easy to get PACE funding If you already have an event planned - Complete the PACE Funding application - Available at: ngform_000.xls ngform_000.xls - Send to 5/4/20155

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8 Projects Funded 2014 5/4/20158 PACE PROJECTS, Year End 2014 Total funds approved by Region X:$21,602.00 No.SectionProject LeaderObjectivesDescriptionCompletion DateFunds RequestedFunds Approved 1Fort HuachucaRandall BrittoEngineers Week luncheon with guest speakerAwards ceremony and eweek celebration 2/20/2014$500.00 2BuenaventuraBridge CarneyEnigma Code Day mixer event Guest speaker and mixer event 5/9/2014$500.00 3SantaClara ValleyJohn SwanIndustry Outreach lunch meeting for industry relations 5/1/2014$400.00 4FoothillCash Sutton IIICareer counselingSBIR presentations and meeting 2/1/2014$500.00 5SeattleRavendar BhojwanIEE GOLD (Young Professionals) Social Networking Event Event for young professionals to network 3/8/2014$500.00 6HawaiiJohn BorlandDistinguished lecturer sponsor a talk by distinguished lecturer 5/19/2014$500.00 7Los AlamosDavid IzraelevitzEngineering Council Inaugural Banquet Dinner Banquet kickoff event for local engineering socities 2/27/2014$180.00 8Metro Los AngelasEremita MirandaJohn Muir HS, Pasadena Career Path Program purchase materials to support STEM intro to school 2/21/2014$250.00 9HawaiiJohn BorlandState Science Fair provide awards to the science fair winners 4/2/2014$400.00 10San DiergoKesh BakhruPre-College STEM for K-12 schoolsprovide tech training to middle and high schools 12/1/2014$400.00 11San Fernando ValleySevada IsayanCSUN Engineering Careers ConferenceConference for local students in Engeering fields 3/14/2014$500.00 12SeattleAndy ChanUW SPACConnect SPAC students with employers 4/9/2014$1,000.00$1,800.00 13BoiseChris GunningGeorge Mulhern Fireside ChatPresentation on new startups 11/6/2014$125.00 14BoiseChris GunningComputer Society BanquetIntellectual Property Law 10/23/2014$300.00 15OregonGary PermanHoliday Charity DinnerFood drive 12/12/2014$1,500.00 16HawaiiJohn BorlandDL Tom CoughlinMoore's Law for Power 11/10/2014$250.00 17UtahJennifer HershmanProvide mentors and materials for merit badgesScout Merit Badge in Tech areas 3/1/2014$500.00 18Metro Los AngelasEremita MirandaMembership Development 11/8/2014$500.00 19UtahPeijung TsaiGirl Scout DayProvide Girl Scouts materials 11/7/2014$256.00 20AZKeith MooreRS Chapter inaugurationInitial funds for new chapter 12/5/2014$750.00 21BuenaventuraDoug AskegardFIRST RoboticsAssist with competition costs 12/5/2014$500.00 22China LakeWes WinklerBoys and Girls Club Technical TrainingResource local club to provide technical training 11/20/2014$1,500.00 23BuenaventuraDoug AskegardMixerProvide venue, speaker, and supplies as member dev. 11/9/2014$500.00 24SeattleRavendar LalIEEE-USA Meeting registrationIEEE Meeting Registration 5/16/2014$495.00 25LasVegasSarge BensonProfessional Networking MeetingProvide venue and dinner for meeting 11/9/2014$1,500.00 26Los AlamosDavid IzraelevitzEngineering Council BanquetProvide advertising, venue, speaker and dinner for meeting 11/1/2014$500.00 27BoiseKristen HopperFuture City sponsorshipsponsor future city activities 1/1/2015$250.00 28SWAXun LuoApp Developmentdevelop app 11/15/2014$4,800.00 Metro Los AngelasGilbert CamonaGeoscience and Remote Sensing DinnerPresentation, Election, and dinner 11/19/2014$500.00 28Metro Los AngelasEremita MirandaStudent Branch and Section Luncheonrecruit volunteers 11/17/2014$275.00 28SantaClara ValleyBrian BergWIERunning event at Stanford 12/16/2014$171.00

9 Projects Funded 2015 So Far… 5/4/20159 PACE PROJECTS, Mid-Year 2015 Total funds approved by Region X:$6,355.00 No.SectionProject LeaderObjectivesDescriptionCompletion DateFunds RequestedFunds Approved 1StanfordEmily CheungStanford SPACVishnu Ponday - Engineer to Ironman 1/28/2015$355.00 2Metro LAEmily CheungUSC SPAx Dinner, Marion Barchilon - High Performing Teams 2/2/2105$500.00 3San DiegoEmily CheungUSD SPAx Student/ Young Professionals Mixer 1/22/2015$500.00 4Oakland East BayAnthony SutardjaIEEE-HKN Student Leadership ConferenceHost Annual National Student Leadership Conference 3/19/2015$1,000.00 5Metro LAEremita MirandaIndustry Relations for USC Student Branch Employment Opportunities for g 2/3/2015$500.00 6 China Lake - Bakersfield Octavio Escobedo Maggie Cushine Cal State Bakersfield Robotics Boys and Girls Club project materials 10/24/2014$1,500.00 7HawaiiJohn BorlandSFBAC Leadership Training Support travel and attendance 1/24/2015$500.00 8Coastal LAHanna ChouUCLA SPAx Amplify Your Professional Career 2/8/2015$500.00 9BuenaventuraRoss KocenMember Networking, DinnerNew Years Charity Outreach Dinner 1/26/2015$1,000.00

10 Thank you! 5/4/201510 Contact me if you have questions

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