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Scheduling & eLion When * What * How Mrs. Spevak Academic Advisor Dr. Sofranko Advising Manager.

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1 Scheduling & eLion When * What * How Mrs. Spevak Academic Advisor Dr. Sofranko Advising Manager

2 Before We Begin

3 Understanding PSU structure leads to better grades and graduating on time! Why learn about scheduling ?

4 Before We Begin O Late Drop deadline? O Check eLion or academic calendar for date O LD Credits? O BA/BS- 16 LD credits; AA- 10 LD credits O ENTIRE time at PSU O TRIPLE check first! Who? O Instructor, advisor and financial aid O Discuss Late Drop actions with the Advising Center O Holds? Can’t register! Check today! O Holds module via eLion O Why and who to contact

5 Helpful Websites O Hazleton website Hazleton website O Quick links: Blue BookBlue Book O Schedule of Courses Schedule of Courses O eLion eLion O Advising website Advising website O Entrance to Major (ETM) criteria Entrance to Major (ETM) criteria O Recommended Academic Plans (RAPs) Recommended Academic Plans (RAPs)

6 When to Schedule

7 O PSU registers by credit count O Means LD a course can change your date! O Minimum credits to register = total credits earned + credits currently enrolled O When Can I Schedule? link at the top of the Schedule of Courses website O eLion Registration module- Registration Calendar O You can schedule at 12:01 AM

8 O Certain students receive priority registration O Athletes- Only the roster semester! O Fall: soccer, golf, volleyball O Spring: basketball, baseball & softball O Veterans O Honors When to Schedule

9 What to Schedule

10 O Why? Reserves your “seat” in an upcoming course O How many credits/courses? O 15-18 credits *** 5-6 courses O Keeps you on schedule for moving to UP and graduation O Full-time = min. 12 credits What to Schedule


12 O Controlled major? O Plan out your semesters to have Entrance to major (ETM) courses by your Pool Semester O When is your Pool Semester? O Smeal Business- 8 courses *** Engineering- 6 courses O Balance Gen Ed & major courses O Every student- every major - same Gen Ed core What to Schedule

13 O No math course this semester? O Visit advisor to discuss your NSO placement O Continue sequences O MATH 004-021-022-110/140 *** SPAN 002-003 O Earned “D” or “F” in a sequences course? O Take it over before going on! O Need “C” for major? O Didn’t earn it? Take it over now! What to Schedule

14 O Old grades NOT expunged if course is repeated O Averaged into GPA O Some courses are not offered every semester O Past Course Offerings on Schedule of Courses O Some courses require pre-requisites O Pre-requisites = success! O Instructors do check for prerequisites O Too late to get course you really need! What to Schedule

15 O ONE Kinesiology course in regular registration O Can add another KINES during drop/add O Athletes- register for 2 cr of KINES 088 ONLY during the semester you play. O Only register for KINES 088 once at PSU. What to Schedule

16 How to Schedule

17 O Step 1) Make an appointment with your advisor O eLion- Advisor Information O Plan ahead! O Step 2) Create tentative schedule O Schedule planning sheet O 5-6 courses, 15-18 credits O eLion- Schedule Planner* O Remember ETM courses &major/Gen Ed balance! How to Schedule

18 O Schedule of Courses website O So many choices! O Search courses O Course Subject/Number O Additional Search Criteria O Display Open Sections Only O Controls (under Notes) O View Course Materials O Red 0 = closed How to Schedule

19 O Planning sheet Write course subject/number O Schedule number O Why taking it? O Major, GH, GS, etc. O Step 3) Keep Advisor Appt O Take your tentative schedule O Take your RAP & your current degree audit O Changes? All good? How to Schedule

20 O Step 4) Enter schedule O eLion Registration module O 1 min after midnight for best selection! O Check if closed since plan created O Red 0 = closed O Before midnight type out schedule numbers into a Word Doc O Cut/paste into eLion How to Schedule

21 O Step 5) Complete your Course Registration? O How? O Pay your student bill O Moves you from "scheduled" to "registered" status O Even if you do not owe money (FA, scholarships), must still complete your registration O eLion- Bursar Tuition Bills module How to Schedule

22 O Re-run Degree Audit O Be sure scheduled courses (showing as SH) are where you wanted O Not to electives *unless a “review” for MATH/CHEM O Closed Course?? O eLion Course Watch module O Uses schedule number too O Mass email O Put schedule number in phone notes! How to Schedule

23 O The GPA Prediction O Predicts semester and cumulative grade-point averages (GPAs) O Based on grades expected this semester O Target GPA Prediction O GPA necessary to reach a desired GPA O For ETM or obtain 2.0 O If it states you need over a 4.0 - it is not attainable! How to Schedule

24 O Your assigned Academic Advisor O Advising Center O Lower level Administration Bldg. 570- 450-3194 O Dr. SofrankoMrs. Spevak Miss Sue O Not your friends, RA, past students, big sister! O Requirements change! Questions? Just Ask!

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