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2 UCAS 500000+ Applicants. 400000+ Places. 50000 + Degree Courses. 335+ Institutions. There is something for everyone.

3 Step 1: Choosing courses. Step 2: Applying. Step 3: Offers. Step 4: Results. Step 5: Next steps. Step 6: Starting university. The UCAS Process (On-line videos )

4 Key Features of the UCAS Scheme Standard fee - £23 (£12 for single choice) Maximum of 5 choices Simultaneous consideration Invisibility There are opportunities for other choices Extra Clearing Adjustment

5 Important deadlines 15 October 2014 - application deadline for the receipt at UCAS of applications for all medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine and veterinary science courses and for all courses at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. 15 January 2015- application deadline for the receipt at UCAS of applications for all courses except those listed above with a 15 October deadline, and art and design courses with a 24 March deadline. 25 February 2015 - UCAS Extra opens 24 March 2015 - application deadline for the receipt at UCAS of applications for art and design courses except those listed with a 15 January deadline. 30 June 2015 - Last date for the receipt of all other applications for immediate consideration. Those received after this date will be held for Clearing. 13 August 2015 - GCE A Level results are published and decisions are communicated to students via Track. Full clearing information service starts.

6 Course combinations that you can have A maximum of four courses in any one of medicine/dentistry/veterinary medicine/veterinary science. Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. You can use your remaining choice(s) for any other subject. For example, if you apply to four medicine courses, you could still make one choice for veterinary medicine. However, be aware that your personal statement will be sent to all universities and colleges you've chosen.

7 Additional requirements Some courses require an admissions test. It's your responsibility to find out whether your course(s) need you to take one, and to register by the relevant deadline. NB. Aquinas is a centre for Cambridge Assessment tests.


9 HPAT at University of Ulster Dietetics BSc Hons. Occupational Therapy BSc Hons. Physiotherapy BSc Hons. Podiatry BSc Hons. Radiography BSc Hons. Speech and Language Therapy BSc Hons.

10 Ucasapply is a secure, web-based, online application system requiring no installation. Student Area ‘Buzzword ‘ ‘uniapplications’

11 Making Your Application Every applicant has 7 sections to complete  Personal Details  Additional Information  Student Finance  Choices  Education  Employment  Personal Statement Forward to coordinator  Reference

12 Choosing Your Courses Research What do others say? League tables


14 Timetable for Completion Early September Subject teachers write a Subject Report. Mid September Subject Reports forwarded to Writing Team. Students complete a Personal Profile. October Writing Team compiles references based on Subject Reports and Personal Profile. October - December Applications sent to UCAS on-line. (Once submitted, the form cannot be changed).

15 Students wishing to apply for Oxford, Cambridge, Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary who have not already made themselves known to me, should do so by tomorrow morning as their forms must be with UCAS by 15 October 2014.

16 University and College Decisions Applicants will receive one of three decisions: Conditional Offer – we want you provisionally Unconditional Offer – we definitely want you NB. There may be some non-academic requirements Most will receive conditional offers, based on: Grades Tariff points A combination of both Non-academic conditions

17 What do universities use to make their decisions? A combination of any of these sources: Information on Apply - Your qualifications - Your personal statement - Your reference - Work experience Interviews/additional work/portfolios/auditions Admissions tests

18 Applicant Replies When applicants have received decisions from ALL of their choices, they will be asked to make replies and given a date to reply by. UCAS will send reminders – but if applicants fail to reply by this date, their offers will be declined by UCAS automatically. Applicants are able to hold 2 of their offers to the end of the cycle (others are declined). Firm - Applicant’s first choice. Where they really want to go. Insurance – Applicant’s back up choice but nevertheless a commitment like the firm and they will be placed here if they do not meet the conditions of the firm. NB. You cannot swap between the firm and insurance.

19 Courses Outside UCAS system Teacher Training at St. Mary’s University College (QUB )

20 Medicine/Dentistry/Nursing/ Midwifery/Social Work/Veterinary Science/Teaching Personal statement and relevant work experience is very important for these courses. Social Work asks for an additional statement separate to the UCAS personal statement. Applicants need to read the entry profiles (including essential and desirable skills) carefully for these courses and highlight how they meet these in both their statement and at interview.

21 Interviews Oxbridge Medicine Nursing and Midwifery Dentistry Veterinary Science Teaching Social Work Music and Drama courses may require auditions

22 CUKAS This is the official website for the Conservatoires UK Admissions Service (CUKAS). The service is designed to provide the facilities to research and apply for practice-based music, dance and drama courses at the following UK conservatoires: Birmingham Conservatoire Leeds College of Music Royal Academy of Music Royal College of Music Royal Northern College of Music Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance

23 CUKAS Important Dates 1 October 2014 (midnight UK time) Closing date for music applications, your application is 'on-time' and all your chosen conservatoires will consider you. If you are applying for dance, drama or screen production courses you may have a different deadline - check the conservatoires' websites for information. 15 October 2014 Auditions start. NB.Applicants must provide their Music/Drama (specialist reference) teacher and their Careers teacher (academic reference) with the template for the reference for each conservatoire application.

24 Eunicas Eunicas is the European Universities Central Application Support Service. Through, UK students can apply for up to eight degree programmes, taught through English, in universities in Europe. Eunicas will guide and support you on your application journey, ensuring that you apply in the right way, through the right process, with the right supporting documents before any critical deadlines.

25 Eunicas Important Dates 01 Oct Applications open for Dutch programmes 17 Oct Applications open for programmes in Sweden 01 Dec Applications open for programmes in Norway 15 Jan Application deadline for most Swedish programmes 01 Feb Applications open for Danish programmes 01 Feb Application deadline for most Dutch Liberal Arts programmes Mid Feb Registrations open for IMAT [exact date to be confirmed] Mid Mar Registrations close for IMAT [exact date to be confirmed

26 CAO (Central Applications Office) Universities in the Republic of Ireland Apply on-line at

27 Some courses based on 4 A2s. No personal statement. No reference. Offers and acceptances made when results are published. Random selection operates for high demand courses. Pay by credit/debit card.

28 Student Finance Domicile of student Location of institution EnglandScotlandWalesNI EnglandUp to £9k ScotlandUp to £9kNo feeUp to £9k WalesUp to £9k NIUp to £9k Up to £3,685 *£720 for placement year Other International Variable

29 Student Finance Contact the student finance department of the education and library board you live in -Maintenance Loan (varies depending on where you study) -Fee Loan (varies depending on where you study) -Bursaries and Scholarships (check university websites) -Means tested grants

30 Final Tips Sign up for a UCAS e-card Research and shortlist courses Attend university open days Know your application deadlines Apply for student finance – March 2015 Regularly check your emails for updates on your application Understand the conditions of your offers and respond by the given deadlines Use UCAS Track Make sure you are not on holiday on results day 13 th August

31 University of Ulster - Thursday Queens University Belfast - Friday Higher Education Convention –Thursday/Friday

32 Thank you


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