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+ Engaging Junior Secondary Students With Poetry.

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1 + Engaging Junior Secondary Students With Poetry

2 + To warm up Blue sky Sky above Above my head Head over heels Heads up…

3 + Engaging Junior Secondary Students With Poetry Strategies to support students: See relevance of poetry Understand the connection between words and rhythm Focus on quality writing Develop use of detail in writing Use similes and metaphors Respond to poetry

4 + Engage: What is poetry? What does poetry look like? What does poetry sound like?

5 + Engage: What is poetry? Sort these poems into poems and ‘non’ poems Sort these poems intro three different groups

6 + Engage: How is poetry relevant? Write down 10 lyrics (lines) from at least three different songs. Why do you remember these lyrics best?

7 + Airplanes

8 + Robot Airplanes

9 + Engage: We use poetry at important times in our lives Love Death Weddings Feelings

10 + 10 Things I Hate About You

11 + Invictus

12 + Stop All The Clocks

13 + Engage: Poetry Slam

14 + Explore: Splatt Poetry

15 + Explore: Put Together The Poem midnight forest: Something is alive page where my fingers Beside the clock’s loneliness I imagine else the moment’s And this blank move.

16 + The Thought Fox – Ted Hughes I imagine the midnight moment’s forest: Something else is alive Beside the clock’s loneliness And this blank page where my fingers move.

17 + Explore: Stupid Love Poem You must write a 4-6 line rhyming love poem that uses at least 4 of the following words: Moon Sun Star Love Forever Beautiful Rose

18 + Explore: Riddle Poetry

19 + What am I?

20 + Explain: Poetic Techniques Similes Metaphors Alliteration Onomatopoeia Rhyme Scheme Syllables Line Break

21 + Explain: Similes/Metaphors I am a car Zooming, racing Driving far Twisting, chasing

22 + Explain: Onomatopoeia

23 + What are all the sounds you hear at the canteen at lunchtime?

24 + Elaborate: Metaphor Poetry Description: Action: Simile: Reminds me of: Makes me want to:

25 + Elaborate: Found & Borrowed Word Poems Use the cut up words from the newspaper to create a poem The poem must have at least 6 lines Each line can have no more than 8 syllables

26 + Elaborate: Mash Up Poetry

27 +

28 + Replace at least 10 words from the poem Use at least 3 of the below The poem must make sense: Vampire, werewolf, zombie, darkness, stake, fangs Bite, hunt, fly, growl, howl, eat brains, slay

29 + Evaluate Folio of best 3 poems Record poems in powerpoint / photostory Write children’s book Identify and explain examples of poetic techniques in lyrics

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