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Unit 2 Research Proposal Tentative Schedule

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1 Unit 2 Research Proposal Tentative Schedule
Week 6 2-18-Intro to research proposals 2-20-Intro to primary research/research questions Week 7 2-23-Interivew strategies 2-25- Survey +Observation strategies 2-27-Short Proposal Peer Review & Methodology Minor Essay 2- Short Research Proposal Due Week 8 3-2-Statement of Purpose/Statement of Qualification Minor Essay 3- Proposed Research Method 3-4- Lit Review & Abstract 3-6-Peer Review & Final Debates Research Proposal Final Draft- Due 3/6 by midnight

2 Today’s Goals Begin understanding research proposals as a genre
Brainstorm possible topics for the class debate

3 Research Proposal Why do we need this type of writing? Who would read it? How might research proposals compare to exploratory narratives? How might the research questions we use in our primary research differ from those in our secondary research?

4 Research Proposal APA format Divided into subsections: Title page
Abstract Purpose statement Statement of qualification Literature review Research methods References Appendix

5 Group Activity: Research Proposal Evaluation
In your unit 1 groups Read through one of the sample research proposals (on the class website) and answer the following questions below. What is the research question or issue that the writer wishes to investigate? How is voice/person used in the essay? Is it written predominately in 1st or 3rd person? Are there any sections that are exceptions to this? Who is the (theoretical) intended audience of the essay (aside from the professor)? How might this have affected the writing style? In what format is the essay written (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.)? Does this seem like a typical format for research proposals, or might another format be more common? How are rhetorical appeals used in the essay? Are all three used equally, or are some more important than others? Are there certain subsections that have better opportunities for certain appeals? Give a brief description of your essay’s: Abstract/Statement of Purpose: How does this essay grab reader attention? Statement of qualification: How does the writer establish ethos? Literature review: What kinds of sources are used in this review? Are they credible? Research methods section: What sort of research methods are proposed? Are these primary or secondary research methods?

6 Debate Structure The pro-group for each issue will open the topic and introduce their first speaking point to prove their argument. The opposing group will then have the opportunity to refute the pro-group’s argument and bring up their own first speaking point Each speaker will have 60 seconds to speak Every team member must speak Each group must utilize all three of the rhetorical appeals This will proceed back and forth until every team member has spoken

7 Debate Rules Each group must identify 3 of their main speaking points and tell your opposing group what those speaking points will be at least two days before the debate(You do not have to explain how you will support your points however). Each group member may utilize a single source for their information. Any source used must be printed, brought to the debate, and clearly identified when referenced. Consider how this will affect your ethos. The groups not taking place in the current discussion will judge and vote for the winning side. In the event of a tie, the professor will select the winning group The debate will count as a quiz grade The winning team for each group will receive an extra credit quiz grade

8 Debate Grading System Arguments 50% Counterarguments 20%
At least 1 salient point per group member Utilize all rhetorical appeals Arguments are rhetorically sound Propose a solution(s) Counterarguments 20% Did the group take advantage of any rhetorical weak points? Time Management 10% Are all speaking points adequately explained? Individual Participation 10% Groupwork 10% How well coordinated is the group? Do speaking points overlap?

9 Group Activity: Debate Brainstorm
In your unit 1 groups Based on the debate criteria we have discussed, as well as arguable issues we considered in the beginning of the semester, discuss/brainstorm topics you would be interested in debating Generate at least 4 possible debate topics you would be interested in debating For each topic, state how many members would be interested in debating each side of the issue (pro or con) For each topic, identify the main problem(s) that makes the issue so complex

10 Homework: Read A&B pg Bring A&B textbook to class on Wednesday and Friday Exploratory Narrative Final Draft Due Thursday 2/19 to by midnight Electronic submissions only. Paper copies not accepted. (technological problems are not an excuse for late submissions) It is highly recommended that you have a conference or at least speak with me about your essay progress

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