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Sport Club Leadership Series Number One University of North Georgia.

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1 Sport Club Leadership Series Number One University of North Georgia

2  Budgeting  Budget Request Form  Budget Request Presentation

3  Communication: ◦ Important between officers and members because it helps affirm the mutual commitment to achieve club goals ◦ Must communicate clearly with Sport Club Administrator on all budgetary needs/concerns  Planning: ◦ Budget is ultimately the plan for the operations of the club ◦ Many decisions are involved ◦ Old plans and goals must be assessed ◦ New plans and goals must be implemented ◦ Determined what resources are available and what resources will be needed ◦ IT’S BETTER TO ASK FOR PERMISSION RATHER THAN FORGIVENESS

4  Control: ◦ Once budget is finalized it is the plan for the operation of the club ◦ Expenses and revenues must be monitored closely to determine whether the club is on target and meeting their goals ◦ Without being monitored, the club cannot realize that it is not on target until it is too late to make adjustments  Evaluation: ◦ Did the club meet monetary goals? ◦ Was the budget spent effectively? ◦ Was the budget spent with club’s best interest in mind?

5  A budget that is created at the beginning of each year.  This will give your club a chance to reflect, analyze, and determine a very DETAILED list of the club’s financial needs for the upcoming year.  This will also help your club with future planning.

6  Sport Clubs that wish to apply for a budget allocation for the current academic year must submit a Budget Request Form no later than September 6, 2013 at midnight.  Budget packets turned in after the above deadline will not be accepted and your club will not receive a budget for the current academic year.  Your completed budget form should be emailed to either or  The Budget Request Form is required and must be filled out completely.  Any additional information may be included provided it pertains to information requested in the packet.

7  The following recognized expenses are those in which money can be used from the allocated budget your club receives via the Recreational Sports Department (SGA): ◦ Team Equipment ◦ Team Entry Fees ◦ Facility Rentals ◦ Governing Bodies/Association/Conference/League Dues ◦ Officials/Judges Dues  If your club asks for it, be prepared to spend it!  Give us your true request, but BE REALISTIC in your expectations.

8  All clubs who submit a Budget Request are required to make a presentation to the Sport Club Council, members of the Recreational Sports Department, and the Sport Club Administrator.  Each club will present their budget at the Budget Presentation Meetings. These meetings will be held on Tuesday, September 10 th from 7:00pm-9:00pm and on Thursday, September 12 th from 7:00pm- 9:00pm. Presentations will be held in the Rec Center classroom and will be presented at random.  Failure to attend ALL Budget Presentation Meetings will result in your club not receiving allocated funds for the current academic year.

9  Each presentation should last at minimum 6 minutes but must not exceed 12 minutes.  You will need to bring in three hard copies of your budget.  The budget presentation should discuss 6 areas: ◦ General overview of the club ◦ Past year: highlights, accomplishments, amount allocated ◦ Current year: goals ◦ Fundraising: plans to raise money ◦ Breakdown of requested funds for current year ◦ Total amount requested for current year

10  Club Information Tab ◦ Club Officers: Only President and Treasurer. ◦ Membership: Differentiate between Association and Governing Body.  2012-2013 Itemized Summary: ◦ Facility Rental: See budget form. ◦ Officials/Judges Fee: See budget form. ◦ Coaches Stipends: See budget form.


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