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1 Free Template from 1. 2 2 MFR….  What did the zero say to eight?  Nice belt.

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1 1 Free Template from 1

2 2 2 MFR….  What did the zero say to eight?  Nice belt.

3 3 Free Template from 3 Today’s Update Contains….  NAESB  Coordinate Interchange Scheduling Subcommittee  OASIS Subcommittee  Business Practice Subcommittee  Other  NERC  FERC  Order 676-H  ATC Workshop

4 4 Free Template from 4  e-Tag 1.8.2  Electric Industry Registry Update  WEQ-004 Coordinate Interchange Business Practice Standards  Meetings

5 5 Free Template from 5  Interoperability testing completed in 2014  Implementation/cut-over is midnight CST between March 30 th and 31 st 2015  Retirement Date: May 1, 2015 00:00 CST  You have the month of April to replace any e-Tags  Materials are posted on the NAESB web site (but you have to login first) 

6 6 Free Template from 6  Ramp Duration logic regarding e-Tag duration – New logic compares the time ordered segment duration(s) to verify that the ramps do not overlap between segments. The duration of each time ordered segment must be greater than or equal to the sum of one-half its ramp start duration plus one-half its ramp stop duration.  To help facilitate Network Integration Transmission Service (NITS) on OASIS, a NITS resource may be included on a tag by utilizing the NITSResource data elements in the transmission allocation. A Transmission Service Provider may require additional information to evaluate a NITS request. This additional information is not documented in the e-Tag Specification, but should be available in the Transmission Service Provider’s posted business practices.  Section discusses the ability of a Market Operator (MO) on the Physical Path to adjust the Market Level Profile. This will allow intermediate MOs to submit e-Tag market level profile adjustments based on market needs.  When a tag correction is submitted, the tag will require certain Approval Entities (based upon what was corrected) to reassess the tag. If the correction crosses a time limit and changes the Time Classification of the request, such as from “ON-TIME” to “LATE”, then the tag must be reassessed by all Approval Entities.

7 7 Free Template from 7  Logic was added to verify that only one TSP may be associated with a transmission physical segment, and to allow multiple PSEs to be associated with the same transmission physical segment, this is also referred to as stacking.  Logic and verification was added to ensure that the current profile of e-Tags is being computed using the lowest reliability limit based on comparison across participants, i.e. per participant reliability profiles are being considered. The e-Tag system will use the most restrictive profile limit.  Appendix A, Special Interconnection Implementations Requirements, provides a detailed description of special types of tags.  e-Tagging Requirements For Western Interconnection Capacity Tags:  Allows the capacity tag adjustment to be made by the Sink BA and LSE. Adjustments to the approved tag’s market level profiles will only require approval from the Source BA and Sink BA.  e-Tagging Requirements For Western Interconnection Ten Minute Recallable Tags:  Allows the ten minute recallable tag adjustment to be made by the Source BA and GPE. Adjustments to the approved tag’s market level profiles will only require approval from the Source BA and Sink BA.

8 8 ER14001 – TVA requested new energy product code 7-CB (for tagging CBM). Implemented. ER13002 – NWMT requested mechanism to notify when objects will be removed from EIR publication. Implemented. ER13001 – NERC requested EIR include schema and GUI for registration and approval of pseudo- ties. In development. Expect testing and implementation completed by June 30, 2015.

9 9  Determine if Business Practices are needed for registration of pseudo-ties  Investigate the need for more transparent object revision and publication schedules.

10 10 Free Template from 10  Modified and approved by WEQ EC in August 2014 and ratified by the membership.

11 CISS Calendar

12 J.T. Wood and Alan Pritchard, co-chairs (Paul Sorenson resigned chair position) Preemption and Competition development activity is on hold due Order 676-H asking NAESB to make revisions to Version 003 Business Practice Standards to reflect the “Entergy/Dynegy” rulings. It is hoped the revised standards will be complete by the end of 2Q2015 and P & C standards would be complete by the end of 4Q2015. OASIS Subcommittee

13 “Entergy/Dynegy” rulings addressed treatment redirects on a firm basis. Redirected capacity on the parent path is not released until the redirect becomes unconditional. If a conditional redirect be impacted by a competition, the customer can return to the parent path/reservation. A redirect on a firm basis which is end of term shall inherit the parent’s reservation priority. Dynegy – EL01-104 Entergy – ER05-1065, OA07-32, ER12-1071 676-H – RM05-5 OASIS Subcommittee

14 OASIS Subcommittee Calendar

15  Spent the last five years working on Parallel Flow Visualization (PFV). Subcommittee voted out for formal comment the end of September 2014.  At the end of October 2014, the WEQ EC was to vote on the PFV business practice standards. But pre- meeting communications indicated one or two segments may block approval.  So, WEQ EC formed a PFV Task Force to hammer out existing issues in an effort to preserve the work of the subcommittee.  Being considered at Feb 24, 2015 WEQ EC meeting. Business Practices Subcommittee

16 16 Free Template from 16  A WEQ EC Task Force took 200+ requirements/sub- requirements abandoned by the NERC MOD A drafting team and developed a recommendation of “1 must have” and “41 please consider” requirements  In Oct 2014, the Business Practice Subcommittee began crafting ATC/AFC business practice standards  Desired completion by the end of 2Q2015

17 Business Practices Subcommittee Calendar

18  Next WEQ EC meeting February 24, 2015 in Tempe, AZ  In December 2014 the Board approved changes to NAESB’s structure  Retail Market Quadrant (formally Retail Gas and Retail Electric Quadrants officially combined) Random NAESB Stuff

19  All new standards became effective October 1, 2014, except INT-004-3, Requirement 3.  “Requirement R3 will become effective on the first calendar day two calendar quarters after the NAESB Electric Industry Registry is able to accept Pseudo-Tie registrations. All existing and future Pseudo-Ties are to be registered in the NAESB Electric Industry Registry.” NERC INT Reliability Standards

20 FERC Order 676-H

21  Thursday, March 05, 2015, 8:45 am – 5:00 pm EST  Workshop on Available Transfer Capability Standards for Wholesale Electric Transmission Services (AD15-5-000)  FERC staff will convene a workshop to discuss actions the Commission could take to ensure that transmission providers continue to calculate and post available transfer capability (ATC) in a manner that ensures nondiscriminatory access to wholesale electric transmission services.  The workshop will be held at: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Commission Meeting Room 888 First Street, NE Washington, DC 20426 FERC ATC Workshop

22 22

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