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Library Research A Guide for Senior Thesis One br 8/2012.

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1 Library Research A Guide for Senior Thesis One br 8/2012

2 What is a Literature Review? “A review of the literature is a classification and evaluation of what accredited scholars and researchers have written on a topic, organized according to a guiding concept such as your research objective, thesis or the problem/issue you wish to address.” Books? Articles? Websites?

3 Your Goal Your objective is not to rack up points by listing as many articles as possible. Instead, you want to demonstrate your intellectual ability to recognize relevant information, synthesize and evaluate it according to the guiding concept you have determined. Your reader not only wants to know what literature exists, but also your informed evaluation of the literature.

4 The Process Know what a literature review is! Examples of Senior Theses are “on reserve” in the library. Choose and develop a topic! Research, summarize, synthesize and evaluate! Write! An annotated bibliography is most helpful! Do not discard your USB or any articles you have gathered!

5 A Model of a Literature Review Thesis Problem, Question or Statement Introduction (write this last) A. Theme One yellow B. Theme Two pink C. Theme Three blue D. Theme Four green Conclusion

6 Timeline to Success First Class Holiday Holiday Last Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class 1 3 5 7 9 11 14 Choose Research Write First Draft Revise Turn In! Topic

7 Library Hours Monday—Thursday 7:30 a.m.---midnight Friday 7:30 a.m.—8 p.m. Saturday noon– 6 p.m. Sunday noon---midnight

8 Reference Help Monday--Thursday 8 a.m.—midnight Friday 8 a.m.—8 p.m. Saturday noon—5 p.m. Sunday noon--midnight E-mail:

9 What Are Peer-Reviewed Articles? Where Can You Find Them? EBSCO (includes Education Full Text) Sage Premier Proquest Central (CJ and Dissertations) InfoTrac (Academic OneFile) Lexis/Nexis (State, Federal Cases & Law Reviews) Emerald (Business Management) ACM (Association for Computing Machinery)

10 Where Else Can You Search? Google Scholar? Internet Web Sites? Boston Public Library Electronic Resources for JSTOR, Art Full Text, Avery Index etc.

11 What Is Boolean Searching? ____________ and _____________ ____________ or ______________ ____________ not ______________ Movies Music Sports Athletics Advertising “AND” “OR” “NOT” print

12 For MLA, APA, Chicago, AMA and CSE Style Guides Go to: Select: Guides and Tutorials Select: Bibliographic Formats Visit the Writing Center!

13 How to Find Books Go to: Select:NOBLE Book Catalog Select:Keyword Remember Boolean searching ___ and ___

14 What is the Mass. Virtual Catalog? Go to: Select:NOBLE Book Catalog Select:Virtual Catalog

15 How Long May I Borrow Books? You may renew Endicott books without limit UNLESS there is a hold. Endicott does not limit the number of books you borrow. Books from other libraries within NOBLE have different loan rules. We must abide by the loaning library’s rules. You may usually renew these books once.

16 Virtual Catalog and Beyond Books borrowed from the Massachusetts Virtual Catalog cannot be renewed. They must be shipped and returned within 56 days. Books borrowed from our Interlibrary Loan Center (from across the world) cannot be renewed.

17 Managing Your Account Go to: Select:NOBLE Book Catalog Select:Your Account Log in You will need your library barcode (bottom of your Gull Card) and a PIN (ask at the library).

18 Remember… If you register your library barcode and get a PIN Number (Personal Identification Number), you will be able to order your library books from other libraries in our network and renew your books. You may also check on your account at any time! You may also request books from the Massachusetts Virtual Catalog! Make sure your current address, telephone number, e-mail address and library barcode are registered with the library!

19 How To Use EBSCO Go to: – – Library Databases – Select EBSCO You will be prompted to enter your Endicott email address and your password if off-campus. To limit your search to peer-reviewed, click scholarly (peer-reviewed).

20 Business and Industry Analysis Go to: EBSCO To the right of Business Source Complete, click Enhanced Business Searching Interface --Company profiles (Datamonitor) --Country reports --Industry profiles --Market research reports

21 Enhanced Business Searching

22 Sage Premier International peer-reviewed journals in business, humanities, social sciences, sciences, technology and medicine. The default sorts your search by relevancy.


24 How to Use InfoTrac Go to: – – Library Databases – InfoTrac (Academic OneFile) Click Peer-Reviewed Publications. You will be prompted to enter your Endicott email address and password if off-campus.


26 How to Use the Emerald Database (Business Management) Go to: SelectLibrary Databases Select:Emerald You will be prompted to enter your Endicott email address and your password if off-campus.

27 Emerald

28 Lexis/Nexis Academic News New York Times back to 1980, WireServices, Transcripts, Blogs Business Company Profiles, SEC Filings Legal State and Federal Cases, Tax Laws

29 Lexis/Nexis Academic

30 Proquest Central Largest aggregated full-text database. Includes humanities, social sciences and sciences includes CJ and Dissertations. Make sure you click “scholarly.” You will be prompted to enter your Endicott email address and your password if off- campus.


32 ACM (Computer Science) Magazines and Journals Newsletters Full-Text Conference Proceedings You will be prompted to enter your Endicott email address and your password if off- campus.


34 Building Green Suite Green Spec Product Listings Articles about Green Buildings Peer-to-Peer Comments 200 Project Case Studies You will be prompted to enter your Endicott email address and your password if off- campus.


36 Material ConneXion Resource of materials and processes for the architecture, interior design, packaging, industrial design, textile and landscape fields. Provides comprehensive product information.


38 WilsonWeb Education Full Text Now located in EBSCO and called: Education Full Text

39 Find the Journal? Find the Article? Go to: Journal Titles This strategy may help you find half of your sources!


41 Tips for Success Visit the library often. Organize your information and keep track of the articles you requested. Save copies of your articles. Constantly save your work on e-mail, cd-rom. Go to the Writing Center often. Plan ahead. Get enough sleep. Eat properly. “Start Earlier.”

42 Good Luck! Looking forward to seeing you walk across the stage at Commencement next May!

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