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2 Over 22 on-campus locations 4 off- campus flex partners – Papa Johns, 2408 Spring Garden – Ghassan’s, 2501 High Point Road – Mimi Kitchen, 2403 Battleground Avenue – East Coast Wings, Tate Street Use flex for pick up or delivery in the area. You can also have food delivered to the library and classroom buildings. The Foundation

3 – Registered Dietician’s Nutrition Class – FREE Cooking Classes – Balanced U Monthly Subjects Options in both Retail & Residential Dining (ie: Whole Wheat Pasta, Brown Rice, Grilled Chicken, Low Fat dressings, More Vegetarian Options, Gluten Free, etc. Resources: RD appointments, Nutrition Journal, Nutrition Calculators, Stealth Health Commitments Teachable Moments

4 Events - Over 45 events throughout the year: Halloween Boofet, Cancer Awareness Luncheon, Vegas Night, Carnival Night, Midnight Breakfast, Movie Marathons Food Crew Students like you offering information & knowledge regarding everything dining Like/Follow UNCG Dining Services on for specials & programs! Dining in Your Hands

5 More flexibility Save 6.75% Sales Tax Buy-in as low as $150 Flex plan Choose from Meals + Flex or Flex plan options Savings as big as $500 a semester! Incentives: FREE $25 gas cards FREE Meals Can add flex at anytime! * Flex dollars roll-over fall-spring semesters, but expire at end of Spring Semester. Meal Plans: Swipe & Save for Commuters

6 EUC – EUC Food Court - Salsarita’s, Olo Sushi, Chef Yan Can Cook Asian Cuisine, Papa John’s, Coyote Jack’s, Chick fil A, Outtakes, Au Bon Pain Soups, Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee – Spartan’s Place - Jamba Juice, Subway, Wild Green’s Bryan’s School of Business & Economics – Au Bon Pain - Pastries, Steel Grain Oatmeal, Sandwiches, Soups, Salads Jefferson Suites – Bojangle’s, Spartan 360 Market Main Dining Hall Building – The Spartan Restaurant, Spartan Market, Pizza Hut, Wing Street, and Taco Bell Menus & Offerings

7 Marketplace, Spartan Market, & Spartan 360 – Grab & Go salads and sandwiches, popcorn, hot dogs, gourmet desserts & more! – Breakfast offerings C-Blue – Coffee & Tea on the Go! Kuerig Machines – Bruester’s Real Ice Cream & Milk Shakes Menus & Offerings

8 Office of Campus Activities & Programs (CAP) Where to find us:  221 Elliott University Center (EUC) 2 nd floor of the EUC  By phone: 336-334-5800  By Email:

9 Commuter Resources Online:

10 Like UNCGCommuter on Facebook

11 OnTheGo…with Commuters  Advocacy  Outreach  Family-Friendly Programming  OnTheGo & Discover  OnTheGo & Serve  OnTheGo & Fit  Commuter Student Association (CSA)

12 Weekly “OnTheGo” Announcements

13 Getting to Campus: UNC-Greener

14 Getting to Campus:

15 Where to Park for Less  UNCG Parking  E Permit for Park ‘n Ride - 1720 West Lee Street near Greensboro Coliseum Least expensive permit for commuters – only $175 per year E permits allowed in C lots after 3 p.m. weekdays; until midnight on Sunday  C Permits are required to park on campus from midnight Sunday until 5 pm Friday. After 5 p.m. no permit required in lot 7 at corner of Tate & Oakland 5 p.m. Friday – midnight Sunday, no permit required in C/E lots  Request Parking Permits:  Non-UNCG Parking – Pay Attention to City Regulations  Churches around campus – fee for permit, contact church  Streets around campus Tate, McIver, Oakland, etc. Park at your own risk.  Don’t park in apartment complex lots - towed

16 Lee Street Park ‘n Ride Shuttle  SCHEDULE AND STOPS  The Park & Ride open Monday-Thursday 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. Friday 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.  All vehicles must be removed nightly before the gates are locked or will be ticketed and/or towed.  Shuttles operate:  Monday-Thursday 7:30 a.m. - 9:40 p.m. and Friday 7:30 a.m. - 6:40 p.m.  Stops at designated campus locations: Spring Garden near Yum Yum’s Spring Garden Street in front of the Graham Building


18 Plan B  What is your plan if your primary mode of transportation breaks down or is unavailable?  Start planning now: Do research on bus routes, take a trial run before classes Check out Zimride and carpool at least once Have faculty phone number/email entered in your phone  Get Motor Assistance Plan (i.e. AAA).

19 Ensuring Success for Commuters  Attend OnTheGo Events;  Interact with faculty;  Meet other students in your classes;  Give yourself a break between classes;  Be focused on Time Management;  Come back to campus on evening and weekends to utilize campus resources – Library, Student Success Center, Writing Center, etc.;  Attend campus events.

20 Get Set Saturday After your SOAR program, Get Set Saturday offers an additional occasion to meet staff members who are here to support UNCG students. FREE – includes lunch and parking Meet other new students! Learn new skills or brush up on old skills to ensure your academic success! Come for the day or for specific sessions Saturday, January 12, 10 am – 3:30 pm For more info. and to register online go to:

21 Things to do with Family…  Athletic Events;  Weatherspoon Art Museum;  Campus Rec Center – Fridays at 5, Sat/Sun;  Family Weekends (Fall & Spring);  UNCG Performing Arts Series;  CAP will designate certain campus events as Family-Friendly;

22 Things You Might Not Know  Spartan Cash –Bookstore, Library Copiers, Walker Deck, Rec Center (pro-Shop and guest passes) not tax free.  Locker Rental (EUC/Rec Center/Library);

23 Places to Hang Out Between Classes  EUC  All sorts of lounges and sitting space on all three levels  2 nd Floor: lobby atrium, Food Court - microwave.  Bryan Business Bldg.  Au Bon Pain Food Court and Study Lounge  Library  Individual and Group Study Rooms (reservable)  Reading Room and Reference area (1 st Floor)  24/5 access  All floors in Tower 6-9 th floors quiet floors 2-5 group study floors

24 If You Are Living with Family  Set aside a time and place for homework  Evaluate household responsibilities/chores  Show siblings where you go to school

25 Safety Awareness  Adverse Weather Line (336) 334-4400.  UNCG Switchboard (336) 334-5000.  UNCG Police – emergency (336) 334-4444.  UNCG Police – non emergency (336) 334-5963.  Safety Escorts (336) 334-5963.  Receive SMS Emergency Text Messaging -

26 Safety Awareness  Safety Escorts - Call (336) 334-5963 add this number to your contacts today! Hours of Operation: Sunday – Friday 6pm – 11pm. After 11pm, Security and police personnel will assist all safety escorts to those who feel unsafe. The police provide assistance for safety escorts on Saturdays, holidays and University breaks.

27 Car Trouble Call (336) 334-5681 for motorist assistance on campus provided by UNCG Parking Operations  air for a flat tire  jump start a dead battery  Monday-Friday 6:30am-10pm 

28 Important Phone Numbers  Adverse Weather Line (336) 334-4400.  UNCG Switchboard (336) 334-5000.  UNCG Police – emergency (336) 334-4444.  UNCG Police – non emergency (336) 334-5963.  UNCG Parking - Motorist Assistance (336) 334-5681.  (336) 334-5800.

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