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Give Ozarks Training Session February 2015 Introduction Give Ozarks is the region’s first 24-hour online fundraising day, which will take place from.

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2 Give Ozarks Training Session February 2015

3 Introduction Give Ozarks is the region’s first 24-hour online fundraising day, which will take place from midnight to midnight on May 5, 2015. About 100 Agency Partners have indicated their “Intent to Participate” as of Feb. 9. 24 endowment partners selected from a large field. Thanks to new sponsor, Stewardship Ozarks!

4 Three Fundraising Options Operational Funds Specific Project Endowment Building

5 Give Ozarks Sponsors (as of 2/10) Presenting Sponsor: Platinum Sponsors: Gold Sponsors: USbancorp Foundation

6 Give Ozarks Sponsors Silver Sponsors: Bronze Sponsors:

7 Prizes! Thanks to our cash sponsors, we will award at least $68,000 in prizes; that amount may grow.

8 Prizes! Luck of the Draw During 19 of the 24 hours, any agency receiving one or more donations will be entered into a drawing for a $1,000 prize. Each individual (unique) donor counts as one “ticket” in the drawing. An agency can win twice; after that a second agency would be drawn. Total: $19,000

9 Prizes! Golden Tickets This will work like Luck of the Draw, but will focus on 5 key hours like Morning Commute, Afternoon Rush, 10 O’Clock News, etc., to be announced on April 8. BKD Wealth Advisors: $4,000 Musgrave Foundation $4,000 Commerce Trust/Coover Foundation: $4,000 Ron and Janice Penney: $4,000 Edward D. Jones: $4,000 Total: $20,000

10 Prizes! Quick Start The first agency to receive 25 individual online donations starting at midnight (based on Give Ozarks time stamps) will receive a $1,000 prize. Big Finish Agency that receives most individual online donations during the final hour will receive a $1,000 prize. Total: $2,000

11 Prizes! Money in the Bank These will be awarded in each of three budget categories for a total of 9 prizes for highest cumulative total raised that day. CFO endowment matches will not be included, but pre- loaded gifts and day-of checks/cash will count. (Operating budgets of more than $250,000; $50,000-$250,000; under $50,000 – based on most recent 990) 1 st : $2,500 2 nd : $1,000 3 rd : $500 Total: $12,000

12 Prizes! Mystery Hours Three prizes (based on previous budget size) for agencies that receive the most individual (unique) donors in a single hour will receive $2,500 prizes. Mystery Hour times will be announced on the Give Ozarks website during the 24-hour period on May 5. (May be on the half hour …) Total: $7,500

13 Prizes! Pack the House Two prizes for agencies with largest total number of individual (unique) donors. (This will include pre-loaded donors and day-of checks.) $2,500: Springfield-based agency $2,500: Non-Springfield based agency Total: $5,000

14 Arts Prize! Rob and Sally Baird are sponsoring prizes specifically for all agency partners in CFO’s Arts category, Springfield and Regional. Four prizes for Arts agencies with the top four highest number of individual donors throughout the day. 1 st : $1,000 2 nd : $750 3 rd : $500 4 th : $250 Total: $2,500

15 Prizes! CFO endowment matches of up to $5,000 not included in any prize $$ totals. Pre-loaded gifts will count only toward “Money in the Bank” and “Pack the House” (checks only) prizes. See FAQs for more specific rules. CFO and its sponsors reserve the right to make final prize determinations.

16 Media Sponsorships Radio: iHeartMedia PSA schedule will start 2-3 weeks before May 5. Heavy promotion with live messages. Web portals to Give Ozarks from all stations. Give Ozarks focus of “Touch with the Ozarks” on May 3. Potential remote at Jordan Valley Park. iHeartMedia will offer a bank of PSAs as an incentive prize for agencies.

17 Media Sponsorships KSMU and OPT KSMU will run long-form “Making a Difference” stories in March, April, May and June. Topics are: What are Giving Days; Spotlight on nonprofit agencies; How to participate; and follow-up report. Give Ozarks in rotation with our three other standing underwriter messages. Ozarks Public Television will air :30-second video version.

18 Media Sponsorships News-Leader Tentative commitment; still working on structure. KY3: Tentative commitment; still working on structure.

19 Give Ozarks Event Details The CFO will host a public event from 4-7 p.m. on May 5 at Jordan Valley Park. Event will include “donation stations,” food and small gift giveaways for donors, and entertainment. Agencies are encouraged to participate with information tables (BYO), donation stations, entertainment, etc. Stay tuned for more details! Register at by April 17.

20 Order T-shirts T-shirt order form available at Cost is $6 for S, M, L, XL; $8 for 2XL or 3XL. Order deadline is March 17. Distribution at April 8 training or CFO office after that.

21 Drury’s CauseMO Project Dr. Regina Waters, Chair of Drury University’s Communications Department and ???.

22 Tell a good story


24 Toolkit items Posters – Generic available today or option to download template, customize and print your own. Templates – email blast; news release Checklist/timeline Radio script – to come Give Ozarks logos in various file formats Social media - #giveozarks :30-second video Toolkit items available at

25 Next Steps Create your agency account Create log-in, ideally using key project administrator, at Contact Matt Lemmon to provide agency access. ( Fill out your agency profile, begin Give Ozarks page

26 Website How to sign up.

27 Nonprofits’ Responsibilities Get agency leadership and board support for your participation. Decide on goal: Project, Operational, or Endowment. Attend training sessions. Create a profile page for your organization on the Give Ozarks website. Post Give Ozarks link on your website. Consider seeking sponsors and matching gifts for your agency.

28 Nonprofits’ Responsibilities Prepare your own marketing and promotion efforts using provided tools and templates. Identify a volunteer, board member or supporter to be main point person for your organization. Broadcast news about Give Ozarks Day using existing communication vehicles. Use social media to publicize your participation in Give Ozarks. Send thank-you notes to your donors.

29 Nuts and Bolts Any matches or other advance donations via checks, cash or other must be submitted by April 30 to be loaded into Give Ozarks for May 5. Agency must submit form indicating this money is a Give Ozarks match; cannot be withdrawn before June 1. Cash or checks collected on May 5, but not pre-loaded, will count toward bottom line and qualify for “Money in the Bank” prizes. Must be received at the CFO by 5 p.m., Thurs., May 7. Make sure you have appropriate fund type.

30 Financial Breakdown Example: Nonprofit raises $5,000 on Give Ozarks Day $5,000 in online donations $175 – Deduct 3.5 percent credit-card fees ______ $4,825 $48.25 – Deduct 1 percent platform fee ______ $4,776.75 – Net to Agency No 1 percent fee on prize money or CFO endowment match. No 3.5 percent fee on checks, cash or other pre-loaded gifts.

31 Upcoming Dates and Deadlines Webinar follow-up to this session: 9 a.m., Feb. 18 New Funds Established: 5 p.m., March 10 T-shirt order deadline: 5 p.m. March 17 Third in-person training: 9-11 a.m., April 8, Springfield Art Museum Intent to participate deadline: 5 p.m., April 10 Webinar follow up to April 8 in-person training: April 14, 10 a.m. Apply to participate in Jordan Valley Park event: 5 p.m., April 17 Pre-loaded check or cash gifts submitted: 5 p.m., April 30 Give Ozarks Day! – midnight to midnight, May 5 All registration forms at

32 Resources Forms, FAQs, RSVPs, PPTs, etc. on Toolkit items at Knight Foundation Giving Day resource guide: Contact Information: Matt Lemmon: Louise Knauer: Julie Leeth: Winter Skelton:

33 Questions?

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