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By: Phillipa Pearce Power Point By: Jenna Hickey And Hannah Pennington

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1 By: Phillipa Pearce Power Point By: Jenna Hickey And Hannah Pennington
Tom’s Midnight Garden By: Phillipa Pearce Power Point By: Jenna Hickey And Hannah Pennington

2 About the Author Philippa Pearce
Born: January 23, 1920 Died: December 21, 2006 Lived in: Cambridgeshire, England Wrote: The Little Gentleman, Mrs. Cockle’s Cat, and much, much more!


4 Summary The book Tom’s midnight garden is a mysterious but exciting book that you will never want to put down. The main character’s name is Tom Long and his brother Peter Long, is diagnosed with the Measles. He is forced to live with his Aunt Gwen and Uncle Alan. At first he doesn’t like it at all until he finds a magical garden that is only there starting at midnight. (That’s how the book got it’s title.) He was out there one night and he meets a ghost named Hatty and they become the best of friends. After that, everything becomes a big mess-up and a HUGE mistake.

5 What is the Aunt and Uncle’s Names?
Alan and Jenna Jenna and Hannah Gwen and Alan Ryan and Allie Austin and Rebekah

6 What is the name of the mysterious girl/ghost in the garden?
Harriet Tom Peter Hatty Answer 1 and 3 Answer 1 and 4

7 What is Aunt Gwen’s reaction when Tom started talking about the garden?
She said that there was no garden ever on the property. She said to go and pick all the flowers possible. She said to go bring her back a tree. She said go have as much fun as you can.

8 What was Tom’s brother Peter diagnosed with?
Eby Gebys Lung Cancer Diabetes Measles Heart Attack Strep Throat

9 How did the Book Tom’s Midnight Garden get it’s Title?
Because there is a garden that is only there at night. Because there is a boy who loves gardens. Because a boy built a garden at midnight one night. Because he couldn’t find his sweater that he left in the garden because it was so dark.

10 Why did Tom want to stay at his Aunt and Uncle’s?
Because they are really nice. Because his Aunt and Uncle spoiled him. Because Tom didn’t want to leave the garden. Tom had a crush on Hatty and didn’t want to leave her. Tom’s best bud was James and didn’t want to stop playing with him.

11 What was the landlady/landlord’s name who owned the grandfather clock?
Mr. Long/Mrs. Long Mr. Pennington/Mrs. Pennington Mr. Bartholomew/Mrs. Bartholomew Mr. Kuchek/Mrs. Kuchek Mr. Henry/Mrs. Henry

12 What is Tom’s last name? Long Pennington Hickey Mellon Chello Magic

13 Is Hatty a/an… Eskimo Princess Nobody Queen Japanese Girl

14 Who is Hatty forced to live with?
Her awful “Aunt” Her mom and dad Her step mother Her brother and sister

15 Explain the significance of the garden in the book
It was Tom’s only place where he felt welcome, at home or alive. It was Mrs. Bartholomew’s secret garden that she planted and it only came out at night. It was Hatty’s secret plan to capture Tom so, she guided him through the garden and when they got to the giant Venus fly traps, they would eat him.

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