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Targeting Grade C Handling Data Unit 4 Pie Charts GCSE Mathematics.

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1 Targeting Grade C Handling Data Unit 4 Pie Charts GCSE Mathematics

2 TOP: Revise angles Practice 1: How to draw a pie chart Practice 2: Answer questions about pie charts TAIL Can you: Draw a pie chart Answer questions from pie charts Try a test If not you need

3 TOP 1)How many degrees in a circle? 2)How many degrees in a triangle? 3)How many degrees in a right angle? 4)How do we recognize a right angle? 5)What makes a triangle isosceles? 6)How do we know if a triangle is equilateral? 7)How many degrees in a quadrilateral? 8)What do we know about an interior and exterior angle? 9)What do all exterior angles add up to? 10)Write a fact about scalene triangles. Lesson Answers 1)360 º 2)180 º 3)90 º 4)Looks like a square 5)Two equal sides, two equal angles 6)All sides and angles equal 7)360 º 8)Add up to 180 º 9)360 º 10)All sides and angles are different Are you ready for the answers ?

4 Practice 1: Draw the pie charts from the tables below. 1) 2) Lesson ActivityFrequency Gym4 Swimming12 Squash3 Aerobics11 Total30 Type of PetFrequency Cat30 Dog25 Rabbit15 Other20 Total90 Remember: Step 1: Total frequency if not given Step 2: 360 º  Total Frequency Step 3: Multiply each group by the answer to Step 2 Step 4: Draw the pie chart Step 5: Label carefully

5 Practice 2: 1)The pie chart shows how Jenny spends her monthly income. Jenny spends £150 a month on food. (a) Work out Jenny’s monthly income (b) Work out how much Jenny spends on rent each month. Next 120º Food Rent Other Bills Savings Clothes & Going Out Put the angle in the pie chart over 360 (like a fraction), cancel down if possible and then relate it to the money Jenny has.

6 2)The pie chart gives information about the bills paid by a Water Company. (a) Work out the size of the angle representing Wages. The Water Company spent £18 000 on Materials. (b) Work out the amount it spent on Rates. Lesson

7 TAIL 1)Patrick carried out a survey of 45 pupils in Year 11. He asked how many books they had borrowed from the library in the last month. These are Patrick’s results. Next (a) Copy and complete the table. (b) Construct a pie chart to show this information. Are you ready for the answers ?

8 Answers to Q1 Angles : 11  8 = 88 º 15  8 = 120 º 13  8 = 104º 6  8 = 48º Next

9 2) In a town, 1800 cars were stolen in a year. The table show information about the times of day in which they were stolen. TimeNumber of cars Midnight to 6 am700 6 am to midday80 Midday to 6 pm280 6 pm to midnight470 Time unknown270 This information can be shown on a pie chart. (a) Copy out the table below and work out the angles for each sector. TimeAngle of sector Midnight to 6 am 6 am to midday Midday to 6 pm 6 pm to midnight Time unknown Total of angles360º (b) Construct the pie chart. (c) What fraction of cars were stolen between midday and 6pm. Write your answer in its simplest terms. Next Are you ready for the answers ?

10 Answers to Q2. (c) 280 = 7 1800 45 Lesson Angles: 700  0.2 = 140 º 80  0.2 = 16 º 280  0.2 = 56 º 470  0.2 = 94 º 270  0.2 = 140º

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