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Availability Based Tariff Meter

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1 Availability Based Tariff Meter

2 Features of ABT Meter The Meter measures Active/Reactive energy on 3 phase, 4 wire principle, Computes the active energy import /export from the substation bus bars during each successive 15 minutes block and stores it in its Memory. Integrates the reactive energy algebraically into two separate registers, A) One for the period for which the average RMS voltage is 103% or higher (High VARh), B) The other for the period for which the average RMS voltage is below 97.0% or lower (Low VARH).

3 Features of ABT Meter Average frequency for each successive 15-min block, as a 2-digit code Original Frequency = *2-digit code. Net Wh transmitted during each successive 15-minute block, upto second decimal, with plus/minus sign Cumulative Wh transmitted at each midnight, in six digits including one decimal Cumulative VARh transmitted for voltage high condition, at each midnight in six digits including one decimal

4 Features of ABT Meter Cumulative VARh transmittal for voltage low condition, at each midnight, in six digits including one decimal Date and time blocks of failure of VT supply on any phase, as a star (*) mark The meters shall store all the listed data in their memories for a period of ten days Battery back-up for data viewing display.

5 Basic Technical Specifications
. Accuracy Class : 0.2 INTERFACE : WITH RS485 Reference Voltage(Vref) : 110V.(P-P) Rated Current ( Ib) : 5A or 1A. Operating Voltage :+20% to -30% of Vref. Operating Current : 0.2% to 200% of Ib

6 Display List ii) Date (year month day) :081112 d
i) Meter Serial No :NP5001A ii) Date (year month day) : d iii) Time ( hour min. sec. ) : t iv) Cumulative Wh reading : C v) Average frequency of the last block :49.89 F vi) Net Wh transmitted in last block :28.75 E vii) Average % voltage :99.2 U viii) Reactive power (VAR) :106.5 r ix) Voltage - high VARh register reading : H x) Voltage - low VARh register reading : L xi) Low battery indication

7 Data Collecting Device


9 Data Collecting Device
Press (D) for Collecting of Meter Dada Press (U) for damping the data from DCD to PC 3. Press (P) for enter into Programming Mode i.e only for time adjustment for 1 minute 4. Press (O) for Memory status check

10 Time adjustment through DCD
After connecting the Optical Port to the meter and DCD following step to be done for Time adjustment. 1. Press “P” in DCD to enter in Programming mode. 2. Enter the Password: XMISSION

11 Time adjustment through DCD
3. Press Enter after typing the “XMISSION” in DCD 4. Following Manu will come after pressing enter in DCD : (A) Advance (R) Retard (X) back to Manu

12 Time adjustment through DCD
5. i) Press “A” if the meter time is slow ii) Press “R” if the meter time is fast N.B : Program/ time adjustment (only for 1 minute) can be done one in a week. ii) Time taken to adjustment one min hrs. 30 min i.e. 6 Blocks iii) Time adjustment can be done only on power On conditions

13 Do’s & Don'ts with DCD Don’t keep the DCD in Suspended mode
To save the battery life switch off the DCD properly DCD battery should be charged at least twice in a week Charging time is 3 hours

14 RS485 Network Serial Port, Local Area Communication
Two-wire, multidropping Uncomplicated hardware No distance limitation within a premises

15 Hardware Required We have used IEC 1107 protocol for RS 485 communication. Recommended hardware is mentioned below : 1. Twisted pair with foil shielding and a drain wire Make : Belden ( Product Code 9841/8162/9501) cost Rs. 49,000 per 305m or equivalent local cable cost Rs. 2,000 per 100m. Characteristic Impedance : 120 Ohms Twist/Feet : 10 2. RS 485 to RS 232 Converter Make : Moxa Model No : Transio A53 3. PSTN Modem : Used for data transfer on PSTN Line from S/S to LDC Make : Multitech Kbps Model No : MT2834ZDXB

16 The System Meter RS232 D+ Collection Point RS232 to RS485 Converter D-

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