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How to Enter Grades Into WebSTAR Provided by the Huizenga School, February 2002.

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1 How to Enter Grades Into WebSTAR Provided by the Huizenga School, February 2002

2 Please print out this document and read completely before attempting to enter your final grades.

3 The Grade Sheet will be available to you 10 days prior to the end of the term. Please note: The term date is different from the last day of your class and is usually after all courses are complete.

4 To obtain your WebSTAR PIN, call (954) 262-4850 (local) or 1-800-541-6682 x24850 (long distance) between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. weekdays or via email at After contacting the PIN Specialist, you will receive your PIN via regular mail in approximately two weeks.

5 Go to

6 Enter your personal User ID and PIN. The User ID is your social security number. The PIN is the six digit number mailed to you by NSU. This is not the user name and password that you use to gain access to eUniversity or the online library.

7 Click on Faculty Services

8 Click on Final Grades

9 Select the Appropriate Term At the Huizenga School, the Master’s Program terms are: Winter = Winter Spring = Spring Summer = Summer II Fall = Fall Use the down arrow to select the correct term Click here once you have selected the term

10 If you are teaching more than one course, select the correct course. If you are teaching multiple sections of the same course and do not know the CRN, select one of the courses and verify the student names. Remember that each section has a unique CRN therefore your students will appear only on one grade roster. Use the down arrow to view courses Click here once you’ve selected the course

11 To enter the final grade, under the grade column click the down arrow. Select the earned grade for each student (C-, IF and P are not valid grades for our programs).

12 If a student earns a grade of F, please enter the “Last Attendance Date” and “Hours Attended”.

13 Input all grades at once.

14 Data Entry Error If you make a mistake when entering a student’s grade, you may re-enter WebSTAR and change the grade but only the same day you originally entered the grade (before midnight.) After midnight a grade change must be completed manually by the Program Office. Completed a Grade Change Form, found in the HSPortal under Academic Forms and email: Grade changes take approximately 5-8 business days to complete and become viewable to the student on WebSTAR.

15 Incomplete Grades -- The Policy All professors are required to adhere to the Huizenga School Incomplete Grade policy which states, A student who is passing a course, has completed more than half of the required work, and is unable to finish because of exceptional circumstances such as medical leave, must request an incomplete grade contact from the instructor (prior to the end of the term) and receive a grade of “I”. The student will have a maximum of ONE term to complete the coursework. The “I” will automatically revert to a grade of “IF” should the student fails to complete the course requirements within one term or less as specified in the incomplete grade contract. An “IF” will calculate into the GPA as an “F”.

16 Incomplete Grade Contract All Incomplete Grades awarded by the professor must be accompanied by an Incomplete Grade contract. The contract (electronic version located on HSPortal under Academic Forms) must be filled in by the professor and emailed to the Program Manager. The student must also be given a copy of the completed document (either hard copy or via email). Allow only enough time for the student to complete the work, with a maximum of one term (in most cases a few weeks is appropriate.) Please note: a student who ceases to attend class is not entitled to an incomplete grade. Use incomplete grades sparingly and only in exceptional circumstances.

17 Change of Grade Once a student has fulfilled the Incomplete Grade requirements, a Change of Grade form must be completed by the professor. The form is located on HSPortal under Academic Forms. The completed contract should be emailed to HSnet located at

18 Questions?? If you have any questions regarding grades, Incomplete Contracts, or Change of Grade Forms, please contact your respective Program Manager. On behalf of the Huizenga School, thank you for your cooperation and dedication.

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