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Mobile Computing Presented by Lenovo and MicroAge Date.

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1 Mobile Computing Presented by Lenovo and MicroAge Date

2 © 2006 MicroAge Program Introduction to MicroAge Maria Fiore Business Development Manager MicroAge Mobile Computing: Improving your business performance Chet Joshi Product Manager ThinkPad / ThinkCentre Lenovo

3 Introduction to MicroAge Presented by Maria Fiore Business Development Manager

4 © 2006 MicroAge MicroAge at a glance Canada’s leading network of independently-owned systems integrators and value-added resellers Over 40 locations across Canada, many in operation since 1981 Specializing in multi-vendor turnkey solutions: hardware + software + technical & professional services Vast experience in SME & public sector

5 © 2006 MicroAge MicroAge Delivers  IT Solutions  Industry-leading IT products  IT consulting  Procurement planning  Training  Technical support  Flexible leasing/financing options  E-waste management services

6 © 2006 MicroAge MicroAge: your trusted business technology partner  Highly qualified local IT personnel  Proven experience and IT knowledge breadth and depth  Strength of national network  Commitment to customer service excellence

7 Mobile Computing: Improving your business performance Presented by Chet Joshi Product Manager

8 © 2006 MicroAge ThinkPad Series Transition to 2010 ThinkPad Transition to 2010 T Series W Series X Series ThinkPad Edge 13” Overview

9 © 2006 MicroAge ThinkPad T Series Transition to 2010

10 © 2006 MicroAge ThinkPad W Series Transition to 2010

11 © 2006 MicroAge Introducing the New ThinkPad W510 High performance, high quality 15”mobile workstation Features Latest Intel Clarksfield CPU Technology Latest nVIDIA Quadro FX Graphics 95% NTSC Gamut LED Backlight Multi touch panel technology Colour Calibrator USB 3.0 Less 6 lbs

12 © 2006 MicroAge ThinkPad X Series Transition to 2010

13 © 2006 MicroAge NEW INDUSTRIAL DESIGN First ThinkPad to use an entirely new design philosophy: Progressive & Simple A new design language that sets the SMB ThinkPad line apart from its traditional line Great colour choices: Midnight black – gloss Midnight black – smooth Heatwave red – gloss ThinkPad Edge 13” Overview

14 © 2006 MicroAge Simple User Experience NEW KEYBOARD DESIGN Redesigned keyboard layout to reflect contemporary usage patterns New keycap design with a more contemporary appearance reduces the chance of keycaps popping off The same, legendary ThinkPad keyboard feel

15 © 2006 MicroAge ThinkPad Edge 13” Overview 3 USB ports (1 powered) GPS capability 1 Choice of Midnight black - gloss, Midnight black –smooth, Heatwave red – gloss 13.3”HD display 1 On WWAN models Media card reader Gigabit Ethernet Up to 500GB HDD to store your library of movies and music 4 cell, 6 cell batteries

16 © 2006 MicroAge Sneak Peak - New Products ThinkPad X100e ThinkCentre A70z All-In-One

17 © 2006 MicroAge ThinkPad X100e Overview

18 © 2006 MicroAge ThinkCentre A70z All-In-One Powerful - Choices of Celeron Dual Core Through Intel Core 2 Duo processors - Up to 500GB of data storage - 19”16:10 Widescreen LCD packed into a 2.4” frame, optional wireless mouse & keyboard - DVD burner, six USB ports, 2 audio speakers and optional WiFi - Optional high resolution webcam & built-in Skype application for VoIP web calling - DirectX 10 support for high definition graphic support - Fully featured ThinkCentre desktop - Takes up 70% less desk space

19 © 2006 MicroAge Windows 7 Lenovo Enhanced Experience How We Achieve Performance Gains How You Can Get It

20 © 2006 MicroAge Windows 7 Lenovo Enhanced Experience How We Achieve Performance Gains Background Painstaking investigation of thousands of components to identify performance bottlenecks No single area - many small impacts across entire system Hardware Driver Components Significant cumulative delays Ex: wireless Driver from 5 second to 200 millisecond shutdown impact BIOS Tuning Hide devices temporarily so they load only after boot is finished Windows 7 Delay loading non-essential services and applications until after start-up ThinkVantage Technologies Optimized all elements and delay loading non-essential services until after start-up

21 © 2006 MicroAge Win7 Enhanced Experience is developed for: Thinkpad X200, X200s, X200t, X301, T400s, T400, T500, W500, R400, R500, SL410, SL510, L410, L510 ThinkCentre M58, M58p, M58e, A58 Win7 Support Thinkpad X300, X60/61, R60/61, T60/61 ThinkCentre M57, A57 Best practices for Customer Win7 Enhanced Experience (EE) image: 1.Lenovo creates your image (EE Preload or ITC service) 2.Customer starts with Lenovo EE Preload (uninstall, add additional) 3.Lenovo optimizes a customer-created image (ITC service) 4.Customer-created image only, then compiles most EE pieces as download from web Windows 7 Lenovo Enhanced Experience How You Can Get It

22 © 2006 MicroAge ThinkVantage Technologies Delivering a better Windows 7 Experience

23 © 2006 MicroAge ThinkVantage Tools and Win7 Key Enhancements to ThinkVantage tools for Win7 New, simpler user interfaces, tool bars, program access and Tap multi-touch environment Dramatically faster TVT boot times and performance ThinkVantage offers many advantages for individual users ThinkVantage tools are designed for IT administrators The “Super Bar”

24 © 2006 MicroAge Enhancing Multi-touch….Announcing SimpleTap

25 © 2006 MicroAge Software Plan Supported Operating Systems XP Home, XP Pro, Win7 Starter, Win7 Home Basic, Win7 Home Premium, Win7Pro Supported TVTs Rescue & Recovery, Passord Manager, Presentation Director (XP), System Update, ThinkVantage Utilities (Access Connections, Active Protection, System, Power Manager, UltraNav) Preloaded Applications Norton Internet Security, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe Flash Player, MS Office 2007 Ready, Skype for Business, PC Doctor for Windows

26 © 2006 MicroAge Embedded WAN Advantages Simplicity & Durability: – built-in modem & communications software – nothing to install or configure, nor track, lose or break Flexibility: wide selection of ThinkPad line-up to choose, from satisfying your mobile computing needs Improved Performance: notebook integrated antenna pulling in weaker network signals & enhancing battery life Upgradeable: Notebooks can be upgraded to the next generation technology through software or aftermarket kits Total cost of ownership: No asset drift, extended warranties, one-call ordering and support form Lenovo

27 © 2006 MicroAge WWAN Roadmap for X, T, W Series Today Calpella (2010) Ericsson worldwide Gobi 1000 (US: Verizon & AT&T only) Gobi 2000 worldwide

28 © 2006 MicroAge Gobi – New Internal Modem Module Technology Gobi: Allows clients to order laptops in advance without selecting a primary carrier at time of purchase Seamlessly supports both types of carriers technologies (GSM & CDMA) worldwide A “game changer” in the embedded laptop space by paving the road toward 3G WWAN, becoming a standard feature like Wi-Fi module has become today

29 © 2006 MicroAge Gobi (continued) Gobi: Supports all carriers, eliminating module exchange or removal Requires one configuration to support multiple carrier trials Requires one model number, for multi-carrier and multi- national customers Is available for both carriers when roaming internationally

30 © 2006 MicroAge Access Connections –Integrates all wireless options under a simplified user interface and Vista Gadget for quick access –Easy wireless connection and automatic profile creation –Basic and Advanced Views supporting all user skill levels –Advanced IT deployment and configuration available via Advanced View The Network - Always a Few Clicks Away

31 © 2006 MicroAge Q57 chipset / TPM / AMT 6.0 vPro / next generation GMA graphics Latest generation Intel Nehalem micro-architecture All new ThinkCentre designs: all are exclusively Energy Star 5.0 Greenest ThinkCentre: Cutting edge cooling and fan technology Most Secure ThinkCentre: next generation Hardware Password Manager Most Manageable ThinkCentre: supports Secure Managed Client V2.0 (Feb GA) Quietest ThinkCentre: even quieter than today’s M58(p) Unmatched Manageability, Security and Energy Efficiency ThinkCentre M90(p)

32 © 2006 MicroAge $499 $599 $699 $799 $899 M58e/M70* Entry stable offering M58(p) vPro Mainstream stable M90(p) Latest vPro Intel iCore New ID Premium stable 100% Energy Star $399 M90z ** Plan Exit Nov 19 th Premium AIO Latest vPro Premium stable * Launches Summer * * Launches late Spring. Positioning Considerations

33 © 2006 MicroAge Q&A

34 Thank You

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