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Paul Revere vs. the Midnight Riders Final Presentation Amy Godding.

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1 Paul Revere vs. the Midnight Riders Final Presentation Amy Godding

2 Source: That’s not in my American History Book By Thomas Ayers


4 The REAL Revere-Longfellow Poem Poetic FICTION by Longfellow Written more than 50 years after the fact

5 The REAL Revere-not an Alerter No evidence to suggest he awoke a single minuteman. Wasn’t his job to alert militias His mission: Ride to Lexington to warn Samuel Adams and John Hancock that British soldiers were going to arrest them.

6 The REAL Revere-Signal Lanterns Never saw the signal lanterns at Old North Church—was across town at the time. No matter—watchman gave “two if by sea” signal British troops got in boats and went VERY short distance before getting back onto land.

7 The REAL Revere-Journey Made it to Lexington and warned Adams and Hancock. Met up with a Rider who suggested they go warn the militia in Concord. Never made it to Concord. Captured by British Troops before they arrived. To save himself from hanging (for treason) he told all and was released the next day.

8 The REAL Revere


10 Midnight Riders- Israel Bissel 25 yr old rider for the mail service. Watertown, Mass.-Worcester 36 miles in 3 hours (30 miles/day was norm) To Brooklyn, Con.-to New York-through New Jersey-Philadelphia. Stopped only briefly to eat and sleep.

11 Midnight Riders- Israel Bissel +400 miles in 118 hours (5 days).

12 Rider- Sibyl Ludington 16 yr old girl. April 27, 1777-British Troops burned Danbury and were marching on Long Island Sound. Sent by military father to call local farmers to fight. Rode 40 miles in 6 hours-rousing numerous houses along the way. Woke enough men to repel the British.

13 Rider-Sibyl Ludington Made a brief appearance on the kid’s cartoon show “Liberty Kids”

14 Heroic Riders to Know: Israel Bissel Sibyl Ludington William Dawes Dr. Samuel Prescott

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