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SGN INVEST REAL ESTATE Real Estate SGN INVEST 08012 Barcelona, Spain Tel +34 93 2172218

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1 SGN INVEST REAL ESTATE Real Estate SGN INVEST 08012 Barcelona, Spain Tel +34 93 2172218


3 ABOUT US SGN INVEST looking for real estate solutions for individuals, companies and investors carry out their activities in the best conditions. SGN INVEST is a solid company where we offer our services for Real Estate Property Agents (API) very focused on customer profile abroad looking to get residence or looking for an investment profitability. Accompany the client throughout the process, advising both the process of finding, purchasing, processing of residence, profitability analysis, etc. Our staff is composed of architects, economists, engineers and other personnel with high qualifications in the sector, may determine that SGN INVEST has a strong technical, economic and commercial aspects that differentiates our company from other competitors.  Mission We offer the customer peace of mind of being able to manage all the aspects related to processing the residence permit (from the purchase of the property to obtain the residence permit) for investment properties and investment properties we manage quality and profitability in the Spanish market.  Vision Being a national benchmark for customers seeking to obtain residence permits to those seeking a return on investments in the Spanish property market.  Values We believe in honesty and transparency, as well as a good trade agreement for each of the parties involved in our operations. In SGN INVEST we are committed to offering our customers quality products, be effective in all processes and establish a secure and trusted collaboration. With the work methodology of SGN INVEST result our customers get fully satisfied with their purchase.  Trust  Safety  Great Business Opportunities  Extensive Benefits

4 SERVICES SGN INVEST advises and accompanies the client through the process of obtaining a residence permit from the search initial to obtaining and renewing the permit. Carefully analyze your preferences property investment, seeking, in the broad Spanish market, the best products and provide the best quality at the best price. We use a methodology based on our long experience in the sector, ensuring the success of all operations for each of the parties involved. Within the investment operation, incorporated into our operating methodology INVEST SGN can offer their services in the different aspects that can affect the customer on his trip to Spain. We can advise and help on travel arrangements (flights, hotels, restaurants, entertainment, transport...), in search of properties (analyze different options depending on the preferences and needs of each client to adjust their investment needs) and in the legal / administrative part (deeds, legal advice / tax,NIE paperwork, obtaining and renewing residence...) and all the needs that our customers can apply to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

5 STEPS  Customer Contact  Study of the customer's investment profile  Custom quote from our product portfolio  Product Selection  Trip  Processing of documents necessary NIE, etc.  Reception and customer support at all times  Concerted Visits requested properties  Financial advice on investments to be made  Legal and tax advice on investment  Property Acquisition  Managing legal documents  Our legal advisory service manages, complete and deliver  all documentation necessary for obtaining any type of document  necessary or derivative operation.


7 LEGAL NOTE GSZ Lawyers, Law Firm situated in Barcelona, ​​Street Balmes no. 237, Entlo. 2nd CP 08006, Tel. 93.534.04.00 Fax 93.534.00.55 mail and led by the Attorney to the Iltre. Barcelona Bar Association Don Juan Carlos Sanz Galban, no. referee 26,922, is a specialized mainly in the field of Civil, Commercial, Criminal, Family and Inheritance From and Aliens, which works by putting your Professionalism and Customer Service Experience with a human, friendly and personalized service Office; therefore Firm Attorneys Barcelona GSZ clearly and promptly inform him of his record, whenever it deems necessary, with rigor and In relation to the Civil Law, the Firm Attorneys Barcelona GSZ works all the characteristics of this branch of law matters, but, in particular, those relating to contractual issues with the personalized Writing, and for the benefit of the Customer, all kinds of Contracts : Trading, swaps, leases, loans... and obviously the legal defense of them before the courts; also responsible for making Claims of Civil Debts, Foreclosures and judgment. In the field of Business Law Attorneys Law Firm GSZ Barcelona makes, among other functions, Company Incorporation, bylaws Modification, Liability Lawsuits against directors, commercial debt Claims, Claims of commercial contractual breaches, Drafting Contracts commercial law, Judicial Actions Challenging boards and social agreements and Assistance shareholder meetings on behalf of Customer.

8 LEGAL NOTE In the area of criminal law, we offer, Legal Aid in police stations and courts declarations, and judicial follow Filing Complaints and Grievances by all kinds of crimes, and especially those regarding Organizational Crimes and Crimes against property (Scams, Undue Appropriations, Insolvency Punishable) provided all in defense of the best interest of the client. Law on Family and Inheritance, the Firm Attorneys Barcelona GSZ procedures performed Separation and Divorce, Mutual Agreement, and Litigation; Domestic Partner separations; Food Pension Claims, Changes Definitive measures Separation or Divorce; Inheritance, Wills and disables. In the Department of Immigration, Residence Permits problems, residence and work, obtaining NIE, and Family Reunification solved. Calle Sant Marc 13 Local 16, Tel +34 93 2172218 08012 BARCELONA,



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