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Mrs. Hensley AP Psychology Review of Key Developmental Theorists/Concepts.

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1 Mrs. Hensley AP Psychology Review of Key Developmental Theorists/Concepts

2 Jean Piaget Sensorimotor (birth-2years) Preoperational (~2-6 years) Concrete Operational (~7-11 years) Formal Operational (~12 years-adulthood) (Socks Pulled Over Cold Feet)

3 Flynn Effect Each generation gets smarter- more experience, exposure, not necessarily IQ

4 Infancy & Childhood Schema: How kids develop concepts experientially Assimilation: Interpreting new experience in terms of one’s existing schemas Conservation: Where kids transfer logic

5 Lawrence Kohlberg: Moral Ladder Pre-conventional level: morality of self-interest to avoid punishment or gain rewards Conventional level: try to please everyone Post-conventional level: morality based on own choices Criticized b/c not gender or culturally specific

6 Carol Gilligan Accomplishments shape psyche; for women-relationships

7 Erik Erikson: Stages of Psychosocial Development 8 stages (infancy-elderly); emphasis- social conflict and tension

8 Adulthood Cognitive Development Cross-sectional Study: Compare different people of different ages (apples and oranges) Longitudinal Study: Study same people throughout Crystallized Intelligence: knowledge gets bigger and bigger; accumulated knowledge, never ends-increases with age Fluid Intelligence: begin to lose brain power; peaks at a young age

9 Kubler Ross Studied grievances (death, job loss, divorce, etc) D enial, A nger, B argaining, D epression, A cceptance (DABDA) earch_query=giraffe+in+quicksand+ psychology earch_query=giraffe+in+quicksand+ psychology

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