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Grafted with the Lord. A brief study from Romans 6, 7 and 11.

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1 Grafted with the Lord

2 A brief study from Romans 6, 7 and 11

3 Phrases common in Romans: “Don’t you know…” “By no means…” “What shall we say then?” “Dead in sin” Sounds like…

4 These phrases show: Church in Rome forgot many basics Need to be reminded Important to not forget

5 “Don’t you know” – Rom 6:3, 16; 7:1; 11:2 “By no means” – 6:2, 15; 7:13; 11:1 “What then shall we say?” – 4:1; 6:1, 15; 7:7; 8:31; 9:14, 30; 11:7 “Dead to sin” – 6:1, 11

6 Romans 7: 1-3 – Transition to new life is analogous to new marriage that is endorsed by God – when a spouse died (not divorce because can’t get along)

7 Romans 7:4-6 Bear fruit How? Understand the process that has gone through

8 Pruning and Grafting Done when a plant is NOT producing good tasty fruit. Graft this unhealthy tree with a shoot from a healthy plant. E.g. Oranges

9 John 15:1-4 Romans 11:17 Our relationship with Jesus is described like Him being grafted onto us, a wild olive shoot.

10 E.g. Video XmBVsolY Notice the pruning first followed by grafting. Then more pruning later…




14 How being grafted, the continual pruning process is needed… But no guarantee…the match must work …

15 If grafting works then the unhealthy tree that used to produce unhealthy fruit can turn around and produce a wonderful crop of tasty and healthy fruit. Will the poison of the unhealthy tree kill the grafting process?

16 When we get grafted we enjoy the sap…(fluid in the plant)

17 Discipling through small groups

18 Discipling means: 1.Meeting Needs 2.Correcting our thinking and behavior from feedback. If necessary, empathic confrontation.

19 Meeting Needs Loneliness Believe (overcome fear) Friendship Fed spiritually

20 Personal Responsiblity Romans 7:14-20, 24 Notice the number of times “I” is being used. Not in a selfish sense, but taking personal responsibility…(14, 20, 24)

21 Who do we blame? -Past experiences? -Leaders? -Childhood background? -Job/busyness? -Small group?

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