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Success Story in Bauska project WISER Bauska, 2010.

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1 Success Story in Bauska project WISER Bauska, 2010

2 By ANITA MĀLDERE Hairdresser’s services

3 The enterprise is Anita’s first business started in 1999. The enterprise offers the hairdresser’s services. There are no other employees in the enterprise yet. In her workshop Anita spends approximately 40 – 50 working hours. Anita got married in 1981. Two children in family – the son Sandis and daughter Linda. Later - divorce... Now Anita is together with her friend Dainis.

4 Anita’s initial profession is machine – operator of wide profile. Her first working auto was GAZ 53A. In this profession Anita worked just for 7 months and was forced to leave the job because of health problems.

5 When in Bauska the saloons “SAKTA” was started to build, hairdressers, cosmetologists, make-up specialists were invited to apply. Then Anita decided to try.... Because of economical and political changes in the beginning of 1990s, the saloon “Saktas” was closed and for 2 years Anita 2 works as a shop-assistant, but besides work in the shop with her hairdresser’s tools “travels” around visiting her clients.

6 In 1997 Anita gets the MASTER’S DIPLOMA. The study course was very expensive, so to pay for them Anita sells all her valuables.


8 More and more she wants something her own and not to work under other employers, so in 1999 Anita establishes her own enterprise. Premises are hired and Anita starts offering hairdresser’s services.

9 As a main problem starting her business Anita names financial shortage and lack of premises. A big support during the enterprise starting process Anita got from : Her friends, who without interest lent financial resources, Company SIA “Bērzkalni” that hired premises to Anita on very advantageous conditions and also helped with repairs; Anita’s friend Dainis who helped to obtain all necessary furniture and equipment for arrangement of the workshop.

10 Advantages in her woman – entrepreneur’s status Anita does not discern the same like disadvantages. She is still keeping nostalgia about the “gone times”, when in the big saloons worked together about 10 – 20 hairdressers and it gave an opportunity to watch the colleagues working, to learn from each other, to crib something...

11 Support and understanding from family is very important. E specially hard time for Anita was when children were small. As she jokes herself: her kids grew up on the windowsill of the hairdressing saloon... A nita’s friend supports her as morally as financially – whenever it is necessary.

12 As a main problem still she has to manage day by day Anita discerns financial shortage. E nterprises in Latvia are dependent on the total situation in the country. This situation to great extent determines also the further development of the enterprise. A nita’s greatest future project is purchase of her own premises. At this moment Anita still hires premises for her work. A nita weighs also the possibility to enlarge the enterprise creating new labour places.

13 Anita’s hobbies...

14 darts...

15 ...travelling...

16 ...and picking mushrooms!

17 One needs to venture! There is always a risk. If you set an aim, you have to tend to it, and all the obstacles ARE surmountable. Anita Māldere

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