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1 What is Wrong with Christianity  2005 G. Lee Griffith, Ph. D.

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1 1 What is Wrong with Christianity  2005 G. Lee Griffith, Ph. D.

2 2 Christians are: Dogmatic Hypocrites Closed minded Judgmental Evangelistic Problems Other issues

3 3 Dogmatic Intolerant Bigoted Splintered We can make being “right” more important than being “good”.

4 4 Hypocrites Hide that we have problems Fail to acknowledge our fallen ness Divorce rate Premarital sex rate Insufficient outrage at clergy abuse of children Fail to defend the falsely accused Equate extant Christianity with true religion Ignore corporate sin

5 5 Closed-minded Oppose innovation Act like we have all answers Insist on our viewpoint Fail to see what we might learn from others Disrespect of good in other religions See other religions as the enemy

6 6 Judgmental Not be safe to talk to Make honesty difficult We make snide comments about other religions Minimize Judgmentalism

7 7 Evangelistic Problems Try to argue people into the kingdom Evangelism as conquest Convert to European culture not Jesus Convert to escape hell rather than be good Want to be saved to be better than neighbors not to help them Salvation as merely getting to heaven

8 8 Other Issues View God mechanically See Bible as system not story Question the Bible vs. question ourselves Expect perfect leaders Equate “in ministry” to “in pastorate” Not separate Essential from cultural Insist on loyalty to lifestyle of parent not just God Testimonies sound selfish In-group language

9 9 In-group Language Saved Witnessing Sanctification Conversion Born-again Blood-washed Lord Brother and Sister

10 10 Alternatives Dogmatic—articulate convictions and be good listeners Hypocrites—humbly admit our sinfulness and continue to uphold the importance of the standards, be clear on the necessity of God’s grace Closed minded—be comfortable enough with the truth of our own position that we listen to other views without threat. Judgmental—be careful to judge ourselves; hold up the standards rather than condemn violators Evangelism—admit the possibilities of poor motives and offer faith from loving motives

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