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Supply Chain & Financials February 2010 Room 1002 ePro, Inv, PO,AP,AM, EPM.

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1 Supply Chain & Financials February 2010 Room 1002 ePro, Inv, PO,AP,AM, EPM

2 Agenda Welcome –Donalynn Black EPM –Barbara Jacius Accounts Payable –Cynthia Babbitt –Lavern Thomas –Patty Cafazzo –Jane Larned –Yvonne Pierzchalski –Mark Aronowitz Asset Management –David Bonola Purchasing –Noreen Camara –Dustin Guarino –Kathleen Anderson Closing

3 Welcome  GRID Architecture  Processing 40% faster  Security Reminder  New employees  Transferring employees  Employees with new duties  UPK – User Productivity Kit  What is this?  Where is it?

4 UPK – Training on the Fly

5 Financials Training Reminder Training Information: Core-CT Home Page> User Training Training Class schedules are developed from Class Waitlists Contact your Agency Training Registration Contact to be placed on a Waitlist (Core-CT Home Page> Financials User> Other Useful Links> Financials Training Registration Contacts Financials Training

6 Agenda Welcome –Donalynn Black EPM –Barbara Jacius Accounts Payable –Cynthia Babbitt –Lavern Thomas –Patty Cafazzo –Jane Larned –Yvonne Pierzchalski –Mark Aronowitz Asset Management –David Bonola Purchasing –Noreen Camara –Dustin Guarino –Kathleen Anderson Closing

7 EPM Enhancements Security New EPM-Only Reporting Role CT_E_HR_BUDGET_REPORTING Gives Fiscal/Budget staff access to relevant HRMS and Payroll Data in EPM for Budget Reporting purposes No HRMS access is granted with this role

8 EPM Enhancements Purchasing New Fields CTW_PO_TRANS ACCOUNTING_DT - Accounting Date MERCHANDISE_AMT - Merchandise Amt PC_DISTRIB_AMT - PC Distribution Amount ROLL_STAT_R - Rolled

9 EPM Enhancements Purchasing New Reporting Table CTW_PO_DISPATCH - Purchase Order Dispatched Reporting Table The Purchase Order Dispatch Reporting table contains Business Unit, Vendor ID, Purchase Order ID, dispatch date and time, dispatch method and dispatch operator ID

10 EPM Enhancements Purchasing New Reporting Table Supporting Query  CT_CORE_FN_PO_DISPATCH_HISTRY Query returns dispatch dates and operator ID's by purchase order, Vendor, and a range of dispatch dates

11 New Reporting Table CTW_CORE10 - Core-10 Reporting Table This table holds the Core-10 requisition header and the Maintain Bid page information for all requisitions. Users can query this table to view the Core-10 - ITD- 10, ITD-BID & DAS-BID values, the Attributes and the Maintain Bid page values; which include planning, cancel bid, bid award, closing and opening dates, Set- Aside, CT Recovery, EPP, Insurance requirements, Political Subdivisions, Bonds, Bid Numbers, Templates, Favorites and Descriptions EPM Enhancements E-Pro

12 Supporting Queries  CT_CORE_FIN_CORE10_BU_REQ_DT CORE10 requisition information by requisition date  CT_CORE_FIN_CORE10_BY_FLG_DATE CORE10 requisition information by CORE10 flag value & requisition date  CT_CORE_FIN_CORE10_BY_REQ_NBR CORE10 information by requisition number  CT_CORE_FIN_CORE10_VNDR_REQ_DT CORE10 requisition information by vendor ID and requisition date EPM Enhancements E-Pro

13 New Reporting Table CTW_REQ_WRKF - Requisition Workflow Reporting Table This table holds the workflow status for all requisitions. Users can query this table to view the approval history and who has yet to approve a requisition. In addition, the workflow administrator can measure the amount of time it takes to approve requisitions for monitoring purposes

14 EPM Enhancements E-Pro Supporting Queries  CT_CORE_FIN_DAYS_PEND_BY_REQ Query returns the workflow status, the approver(s) and number of days the requisition in pending status for a specific requisition  CT_CORE_FIN_REQS_BY_STATUS Query returns all requisitions in a particular workflow status such as pending by business unit

15 New Fields: CT_WORK_ORD_NO - Work Order Number CT_EQUIP_BUILD_NO - Equipment or Building Number Added to the Reporting Tables: CTW_IN_ACCT - Inventory Accounting Info. Rpt CTW_IN_DEMND - Inventory Demand Rpt CTW_IN_TRANS - Inventory Transactions Rpt Tbl EPM Enhancements Inventory

16 EPM Enhancements Purchasing-Accounts Payable New Reporting Table  CTW_VNDR_ADRPHN - Vendor Address Phone Rpt This EPM Reporting table contains vendor id, name, address, e-mail, phone and contact information. For all vendors used in the purchasing and accounts payable systems Supporting Query  CT_CORE_FN_VNDR_ADDR_PHN_INFO

17 Reporting Table Now Available for Reporting  CTW_VNDR_WTHDJU - Vendor 1099 Withholding Rpt EPM Enhancements Accounts Payable The Vendor 1099 Withholding reporting table contains vendor withholding jurisdiction information including Vendor ID, Vendor Location, Withholding Entity, Withholding Type and Withholding Jurisdiction Code. This reporting table provides 1099 information required by the IRS

18 Query  CT_CORE_FIN_AP_PYMNT_TERMS Query returns all vouchers where the voucher payment terms do not match the contract payment terms and the contract payment terms involve a vendor discount, payment terms code includes the letter D EPM Enhancements Accounts Payable

19  CTW_VCHR_TRANS - Voucher Trans Reporting Table DSCNT_AMT_NP - Line discount amount CT_TEMPLATE_ID - Template ID CT_TEMPLATE_STATUS - Template Status New Fields added to

20 EPM Enhancements Accounts Payable  CTW_PAYVC_XREF - Pay Voucher Cross Reference Reporting Table CT_PYMNT_NOTES - Payment Notes PYMNT_MESSAGE - Payment Message New Fields added to

21 EPM Enhancements Accounts Payable Supporting Queries  CT_CORE_FIN_AP_VCHR_RA_NOTES Query returns all vouchers with the payment handling code, RA, payment date, amount and payment notes as required by the COMPTROLLER'S MEMORANDUM NO.2009 - 31 issued September 18, 2009  CT_CORE_FIN_VCHR_SRC_PYMNTNOTE Query returns vouchers sourced by XML or QUCK, with payment handling code of RA and associated payment notes and messages. Query to be executed only by interfacing agencies

22 EPM Enhancements Asset Management  CT_CORE_FIN_AM_ASSET_DESCR_LOC Query returns all in service assets with description information such as manufacturer, model and serial number by location  CT_CORE_FN_AM_CAT_PRFILE_AUDIT Query provides list of all in-service assets where the category and profile do not match Queries

23 EPM Enhancements Asset Management Queries  CT_CORE_FN_AM_VCHR_ASSET_AUDIT Query Reconciles AP Asset Vouchers with AM asset detail transaction information. Query prompts for AP Business Unit and Accounting Date. Voucher lines posted in AM will display Asset ID. Voucher lines not posted in AM will display "NO ASSET_ID"

24 EPM Enhancements Asset Management Queries CT_CORE_FN_AM_DESCR_SYMBL_AUDT Query provides a list of all in-service assets where the asset description contains either the symbol (‘) single quote or (“) double quote.

25 EPM Job Aids Update Catalog of Online Financial Reports and EPM Queries EPM Queries added

26 EPM Job Aids Update

27 Using the Catalog of Online Financial Reports and EPM Queries On the On-line page, click EPM Queries > Accounts Payable

28 EPM Job Aids Update All Core-CT public queries in the AP Folder will be listed that you can choose to review Click the ct_core_fin_ap_telecom_exps link

29 EPM Job Aids Update The Public Query detailed Design becomes available At the bottom of the page, click the link below to return to the On-Line Catalog of Reports:

30 EPM Job Aids Update Click the link ‘Choosing EPM Queries’ Click on the Accounts Payable link

31 EPM Job Aids Update Review explanations provided under the ‘If you want to’ heading to help you find a general purpose of the query’s use Click on the link to the right to view the query description

32 EPM Job Aids Update Click on the EPM Query Summary Link to open a complete spreadsheet of all Core-CT public queries in the On-Line Catalog

33 EPM Training User Productivity Kit (UPK) Tool Online Interactive Training Tool Self Service EPM Introduction Concepts & Steps

34 EPM Training EPM Intermediate Level Classes FRP 151 AP/PO: Understanding Reporting Table Relationships and Table Joins

35 Agenda Welcome –Donalynn Black EPM –Barbara Jacius Accounts Payable –Cynthia Babbitt –Lavern Thomas –Patty Cafazzo –Jane Larned –Yvonne Pierzchalski –Mark Aronowitz Asset Management –David Bonola Purchasing –Noreen Camara –Dustin Guarino –Kathleen Anderson Closing

36 AP Reminders FYE is Coming! Scorecards Reduced this Year Request eMail Addresses when Adding/Updating Vendor Information Call the HelpDesk with Issues, not Module Leads Classes Available for Payment Cancellation, 1099 Processing and Vendors Use From-To Dates on Voucher Inquiry

37 Combo Editing for Grant Transfers Affects Voucher Distributions Wrong Voucher Styles Used UPK (User Productivity Kit) Pay Terms AP Topics

38 AP Topics-Grant Combo Edit Fund Codes –12060: Federal & Other Restricted Act –12062: Transportatn Gr & Restrct Acct Account Codes –47100: Grant Transfer Fed Grant-Restr SID’s in the 2xxxx Range –47200: Grant Transfer Non-Fed-Restr SID’s in the 3xxxx/9xxxx Range –55110: Transfer-Grant-State Agencies To Ensure Fund Code with Grant Accounts

39 AP Topics-Grant Combo Edit Accounts 55040/55080 are Grant Expenditure Accounts –Primary use is to voucher back unspent Grant money –These Accounts are Not Billable

40 Forgetting to ‘Adjust Match Values/Encumbrance’ when creating an Adjustment Vchr that has a PO Forgetting to update the ‘Associate Receiver’ link when creating an Adjustment Vchr for a partial credit Misunderstanding the use for Journal Vouchers Creating Regular Vouchers to process a credit Forgetting to use ‘Reverse Amt’ when creating an Adjustment Vchr for a Credit AP Topics-Wrong Voucher Styles Used Agencies are…

41 AP Topics-UPK











52 AP Topics-UPK



55 AP Topics-Pay Terms Contract Payterms from DAS website

56 AP Topics-Pay Terms Purchasing>Procurement Contracts>Add/Update Contracts>Find Existing Contracts

57 AP Topics-Pay Terms Payment Terms default into voucher ABC COMPANY XXXM1 ABC COMPANY

58 OSCAPD Reminders & New Functionality Voucher Fields – Usage ~ Voucher Approval ~ Withholding Review ~ ACH Set Up ~ Vendor Self-Serve ~ Lavern Thomas Patty Cafazzo Jane Larned Yvonne Pierzchalski Mark Aronowitz

59 Voucher Fields - Usage Invoice ID – Voucher Line Description Comments Payment Messages Payment Notes To document actions to be taken on the voucher or payment. Should be used if the vendor needs additional Information to properly apply the payment to your account. Should be used to explain anything peculiar to this voucher. Aid vendor in identifying the bill that is being paid. Identifies WHAT was purchased – the actual service or commodity purchased. Vendor 1099 Auditor Agency Auditor OSC Vendor OSC

60 Voucher Fields - Usage Voucher Line Descr: SPLIT BOLT CONNECTORS Comments XXXM1 ABC COMPANY Invoice Number: 2694380

61 Voucher Fields - Usage This link should be used to explain any discrepancies between the invoice and the voucher, or the lateness of processing the voucher, or anything else that is peculiar with the voucher. Use it like a Post-It-Note!

62 Voucher Fields - Usage Payment Note: RA – Check required to be sent with…. Message: Acct 31178 Payment Note: To be closed by OSC as the voucher was entered incorrectly and inadvertently approved. This voucher is replaced by voucher # 12346.

63 Remittance Advice Funding and Trained Workers for your job vacancies. Call 866-844-1903 If additional information is required, please call DOC – Correctional Industries at (860)692-7480 ABC COMPANY XXXM1 Invoice Number Invoice Date Voucher ID Gross Amount 3134785 1/11/2010 00027564 138.00 INV#3134785 CUST#85312-000 PO#17666 A/P PH#860/692-7887 3137534 1/22/2010 00027565 69.00 INV#3137534 ACC#85312-000 PO#17666 A/P PH#860/692-7887

64 Voucher Approval What do you look at before approving a voucher in Core-CT?  Vendor Invoice  Voucher - Invoice Information  Voucher - Payment

65 Voucher Approval Page XXXM1 ABC COMPANY

66 Voucher Approval - Invoice Withholding Invoice Number: 9915793 Invoice Date: 06/30/2009 Receipt Date: 06/19/2009 Withholding CVH-Laundry Rental and Account 51730 ABC COMPANY XXXM1

67 Voucher Approval - Payments Location: MAIN-ACH Method:ACH Discount: 14.08 Message: CVH Pay Terms 3.0/10-45 XXXM1 TEXTILE RENTAL SERV PKWY MOUNT VERNON NY 10550 Address: 3

68 1099 MISC - Miscellaneous Income 1099 S - Proceeds from Real Estate Transactions 1099 G – Certain Gov’t Grants 1099 INT - Interest Income Withholding Review


70 Withholding Review ABC COMPANY

71 Withholding Review ABC COMPANY XXXM1

72 Withholding Review Verify Withholding box is checked for a Withholding PO Withholding Code box must be blank at all times

73 Click On Withholding Hyperlink to view Withholding on the Voucher Match with account code Match with description Withholding Review XXXM1 ABC COMPANY

74 Withholding Review ABC COMPANY XXXM1

75 Withholding Review INDUSTRIES LLC

76 Withholding Review INDUSTRIES LLC

77 Withholding Review XXXM1

78 Withholding Review UNIVERSITY

79 Withholding Review XXXM1 UNIVERSITY

80 To make voucher Non-Withholding Uncheck in box Withholding Review XXXM1

81 Withholding Review

82 BENEFITS Cost efficient and convenient No handling or mailing delays Quick and easy enrollment process Fast and secure Comprehensive electronic payment information ACH / EFT Program

83 ACH Remittance Vendors receive REMITTANCE in EXCEL by email Information includes: –Payment Reference Number Agency –Payment Date Agency Phone –Payment Amount Business Unit –Invoice ID Voucher ID –Invoice Date Payee Name –Invoice Amount Vendor ID –Discount Set ID –Net Paid Payment Method –Payment Message ٭If there are multiple payments to the vendor for the day, they will all be listed in one excel spreadsheet with all of the above information.

84 ENCOURAGE VENDORS TO PARTICIPATE ! Frequent payments Large and recurring payments To sign up or learn more… Download the EFT enrollment form and instructions QUESTIONS: Email Lisa Simpson 860.702.3411 Yvonne Pierzchalski 860.702.3581 ACH / EFT Program

85  What is Vendor Self-Serve?  What are some of the Benefits?  The Pilot Program  What can the vendor see? – Sample  How you can learn more… Vendor Self-Serve

86 What is Vendor Self-Serve (VSS)? A new Module to Core-CT  Available only to Vendors to Inquire on Vendor Addresses (including Alternate Names) Invoices Payments  Administered by the OSC-APD  Help Desk support is provided by OSC-APD Vendor Self-Serve

87 What are some of the benefits?  Reduces calls to agencies and OSC  Provides information for reconciliation  Accessible even when we are not… Vendor Self-Serve

88 The Pilot Program Four Vendors Selected:  Suburban Stationers  W.W. Grainger  The Community Renewal Team  Town of West Hartford Vendor Self-Serve

89 Access to VSS  From the APD Website  Hidden access during the Pilot  VSS Page will have: VSS link UPK link AP & PO Contact link Information about VSS VSS FAQ Vendor Self-Serve

90 What can the Vendor see?

91 Vendor Self-Serve Want to learn more about Vendor Self-Serve? GO HERE

92 Agenda Welcome –Donalynn Black EPM –Barbara Jacius Accounts Payable –Cynthia Babbitt –Lavern Thomas –Patty Cafazzo –Jane Larned –Yvonne Pierzchalski –Mark Aronowitz Asset Management –David Bonola Purchasing –Noreen Camara –Dustin Guarino –Kathleen Anderson Closing

93 Assets Agenda Duplicate Serial Numbers Use of Quotes Category/Profile ID Scanner Software Upgrade

94 Duplicate Serial Numbers Use Serial Numbers To: Help with Physical Identification of Assets Track and Audit Validate Factory Warranties XXI

95 Serial Number is NOT a required Field System still allows DUPLICATES Physical Inventory will NOT process Assets with Duplicate Serial ID’s Duplicates Need to be Addressed Duplicate Serial Numbers

96  There are over 700 duplicate serial numbers in CORE that still need to be cleaned up  Emails were sent to agencies in effort to clean up  It is important to get the serials resolved for Inventory processing  If there is no Serial ID provided, leave the field blank Duplicate Serial Numbers

97 123456789 9876 6789 Duplicate Serial IDs can be corrected in Basic Add: Asset Management>Asset Transactions>Owned Assets>Basic Add

98 Duplicate Serial Numbers Highly unusual to have Duplicates from the same Manufacturer Possible to have Duplicates with different Manufacturers Verified Duplicates need to be differentiated

99 Duplicate Serial Numbers 123456789G 123456789 9876 6789 Duplicate Serial IDs can be updated in Basic Add: Asset Management>Asset Transactions>Owned Assets>Basic Add Add a suffix (First Letter of Manufacturer Name) to the end of the serial number

100 Quotes  Commonly used to describe Inches (“)  Single (‘) and Double (“) Quotes  Remove or Replace CANNOT Extract Data from Key Fields That Contain Quotes

101 Some of the key fields include~ MODEL DESCRIPTION MANUFACTURERQuotes

102 Quotes CT_CORE_FN_AM_DESCR_SYMBL_AUDTAudit Descr fld symbol”PublicAM

103 Quotes Edit or Replace Asset Management>Asset Transactions>Owned Assets>Basic Add

104 Category/Profile ID Asset Categories classify assets by type for accounting entry purposes (CO-59) Initially, Categories default from Profile Incomplete Profile Changes and Recats Category and Profile Should Always be In Sync

105 Category/Profile ID

106 CT_CORE_FN_AM_CAT_PRFILE_AUDITCategory/Profile MismatchPublicAM

107 Category/Profile ID Asset Management>Asset Transactions>History >Review Cost

108 Category/Profile ID Asset Management>Asset Transactions>Owned Assets>Basic Add

109 Category/Profile ID

110 Asset Management>Asset Transactions>Financial Transactions>Cost/Adjust Transfer

111 Category/Profile ID

112 Scanner Software Upgrade Core-CT Implements Updated Software No More Blind Scanning 90% of All Scanner Agencies Updated Initial Training Completed March Help Labs by Appointment

113 Scanner Software Upgrade IMPROVED PHYSICAL INVENTORY Efficiency With On-Site Reconciliation Reduced User Follow-up On-Site Reporting Maximize Resources Reduce Loss/Increase Asset Effectiveness

114 Scanner Software Upgrade CHANGES Extracted Data Loaded onto Scanner Scanner Finds Data For Scanned Assets Ability to Modify Data For Core-CT Upload Capture Pertinent Data for New Assets

115 Scanner Software Upgrade Must Setup New PI Processes Extracts Scopes PI Occurrences

116 Scanner Software Upgrade Manual Agencies Affected Can No Longer Clear Contents Of Manual Upload File

117 Agenda Welcome –Donalynn Black EPM –Barbara Jacius Accounts Payable –Cynthia Babbitt –Lavern Thomas –Patty Cafazzo –Jane Larned –Yvonne Pierzchalski –Mark Aronowitz Asset Management –David Bonola Purchasing –Noreen Camara –Dustin Guarino –Kathleen Anderson Closing

118 Purchasing Topic –Creating Contracts –Payment Terms Reminders- Defaults for Buyers Fiscal Year End/PO Roll- Getting POs ready PO EPM Reports

119 Purchasing Topic Payment Terms: If you create a new contract and the payment terms are not in Core- CT, please email the Helpdesk to create a ticket. Payment terms must be configured in Core-CT before they can be associated to a contract. Payment terms should only have 2 digits after the decimal place. A contract can have only 1 payment term associated to it.

120 Creating Contracts  Once a Contract has been created and saved, you should never make changes to the “Allow for Open Item Reference” checkbox. Changing the checkbox causes the contract to calculate incorrectly, which will cause negative amounts.  Agency established contracts should never have the Open Item Reference checkbox selected  Agency established contracts should never have the Corporate Contract checkbox selected Purchasing Topic

121 1 2 3 4


123 1 2 3 3

124 1 2 3

125 Purchase Order Creators – When changing a buyer on a Purchase Order, the following fields can be impacted depending on your response to the prompts in the box below: Purchasing Reminders The 1st prompt is reminding you that changing the buyer will change the default values and asks if you want to continue. Click on Cancel if you just want to change the buyer field. The 2nd prompt reminds you that changing the buyer will change the defaults. Press ‘OK’ to update the Ship To, Dept ID and Locations with the new Buyer’s information. WARNING You cannot make changes to the chartfield coding if the Purchase Order has already been vouchered.

126 Although you can now add funds to fully matched lines, please note:  Never add funds to an over-expended line – as always, do a Change Order to your PO prior to creating a voucher so that encumbrances will be properly reflected. Over-expending a line takes funds directly from the unencumbered (your budget) WITHOUT creating PO accounting entries.  You must have funds available on each distribution line that you intend to roll – fully matched lines do not qualify to roll.  Never delete lines that had activity or lines that have rolledPurchasing/Reminders

127 How can I tell if my PO is fully expended? 1.PO Activity Summary-Now shows un-vouchered amounts NAVIGATION: Purchasing>Purchase Orders>Review Purchasing Information>Activity Summary 1.PO Balance Report- Has the Encumbered, Expended and Unliquidated balances that reconcile to Commitment Control NAVIGATION: Purchasing>Purchase Orders>Reports>PO Balance Report 2.PO/AP Interface- NAVIGATION: Accounts Payable>Review Accounts Payable Information>Interfaces>PO>PO InquiryPurchasing/Reminders

128  Core-CT rolled 18,280 Purchase Orders  PO, Accounting and Budget dates should be identical on new POs; rolled POs will have a PO date from a previous FY the Accounting Date and Budget Date on rolled distribution will change to the first day of the new fiscal year. You can no longer delete Distribution Lines Created By the Roll Process – these lines have already gone through budget check. Reduce or cancel lines. Purchasing/Fiscal Year End PO Roll

129 The following are examples of POs that must be closed prior to PO roll as they do not qualify to roll:  Fully reversed POs (aka fully matched)  POs in Open Status  POs not Approved  POs in Initial Status  POs in Budget Error  POs on Hold Make a Fiscal New Year Resolution!!!  CLOSE POs EARLY (don’t wait until year end)  CLOSE OFTEN (run PO Reconciliation at least once a month) Purchasing/Fiscal Year End PO Roll

130 DOTPO_003_EPRO_REQUSITION_LIST Requisition List by Date and Dept DOTPO_006_RECV_NOT_VOUCHEREDPOs Received but not Vouchered DOTPO_W12_PO_REQ_CF_MISMATCHPO vs Requisition chartfield mismatch DOTPO_W16_PO_VCH_CF_MISMATCHPO vs Voucher chartfield mismatch DOTPO_W17_PO_RECEIPT_CF_MSMTCHPO vs Receipt chartfield mismatch DOTPO_W18_PO_CNTRCT_CF_MISMTCHPO vs Contract chartfield mismatch CT_CORE_FIN_PO_COMPL_BUD_ERRORPO Complete & Budget Error CT_CORE_FIN_PO_COMPL_BUD_CHKD PO Complete & Budget Checked CT_DAS_PO_BY_Contracts_items_1_2DAS Contracts BF_CORE_FIN_PO_GL71_REPORT_C GL 71 Annual PO Reporting - DAS CT_CORE_FIN_EXPIRED_CONTRACTSExpired but active contracts CT_CORE_FIN_PO_BAL_ALL_POAll PO Bal w/ or w/o Vouchers CT_CORE_FIN_PO_BAL_SUM_BY_PO Remaining PO Bal Sum by PO CT_CORE_FIN_PO_CONTRACT_ACCTG Contract information CT_CORE_FIN_PO_FULLY_VOUCHERED PO/Voucher by date range CT_CORE_FIN_PO_GL71_REPORTING GL 71 Annual PO Reporting CT_CORE_FIN_PO_NO_VOUCHERS PO's w/o vouchers by Fund, SID CT_CORE_FIN_VENDOR_COMMITMENTS Vendor Commitment CT_CORE_PO_CONTRACT_EXPIREPO Contract Expire Date CT_FIN_PEND_OR_CANCELED_POS EOY PO Pending, Approve CT_FIN_POS_ON_HOLD EOY POs On Hold CT_FIN_PO_BALANCE_DETAIL Remaining PO Balance Detail CT_FIN_PO_BUD_CHK_ERRORS EOY PO Budget Check Error CT_FIN_PO_DIS_WBAL Dispatched Bal with Zero Quantity CT_FIN_PO_DIS_WOUTBALDispatched without Balance CT_FIN_PO_POVCHR_ALL_BALANCES All PO Bal w/ or w/o Vouchers CT_FIN_PO_RECV_REQ RECEIVING REQUIRED CT_CORE_FIN_PO_ITMS_BY_CONTRCTCatalogue Items by Contract CT_CORE_FIN_PO_REC_NO_VCHRPO received not Vouchered CT_CORE_FIN_SAAAS_OPTION16_5_8SAAAS (detail by voucher # and PO#) Purchasing EPM Reports

131 Inventory Statistics – BU transactions, On-Hand value ($) Reminders – SpeedTypes, Approving MSR’s, Useful Report Links – UPK training exercises, adding items to the catalog Inventory EPM Reports – What’s New

132  10 Agencies currently use the Inventory Module  25 Active Business Units  221,903 Transactions processed (up from 216,000 in 2008)  On-Hand value of over $25 million Inventory Stats - 2009

133 Inventory Speed Types: When requesting items from a Business Unit (Express Issue or Material Stock Request), users often have common transactions in which they must enter the same combination of ChartField values repeatedly. By creating SpeedTypes for these frequently used combinations of ChartFields, users can increase entry efficiency and reduce errors.

134 Inventory

135 Inventory Inventory Reports Navigation: Inventory>Manage Inventory>Reports

136 Inventory

137 Inventory Links To add an item to the State catalog –http://www.core- xlshttp://www.core- xls Send requests to

138 Inventory Links UPK interactive training exercises – nt/PlayerPackage/toc.html nt/PlayerPackage/toc.html Select Modules and Topics from the left hand menu, then select the Playback Mode to begin the training simulation.

139 Inventory EPM Reports CT_CORE_FIN_IN_CO_59_DEP CT_CORE_FIN_IN_CO_59_RCV CT_DOC_INV_USAGE_INFO_DEPT_ID CT_DOC_INV_USAGE_INFO_ITEM_ID CT_DOC_INV_USAGE_ITEM_BY_FAC DOTOTH_11_STORES_CATALOG DOTOTH_14_INV_DEPL_INACTIV_ITM DOTOTH_15_INV_USAGE_SHIP_INFO DOTOTH_16_INV_ITM_PRICE_DIFF DOTOTH_17_INV_CYCLE_COUNT_ADJ DOTOTH_19_INV_ITEM_USAGE DOTOTH_W03_INV_MSR_NO_ACCT_CD CO-59 for Inventory Depletions CO-59 for Inventory Receptions Inventory accounting info for all depletions by Dept ID Inventory accounting info for all depletions by Item ID Catalog of Business Unit items Items by Business Unit that have all item vendors inactive Inventory accounting info for all depletions Compares the average item cost with the last PO price Cycle Count adjustments Lists total items issued and total received Identifies MSR’s with missing account code info

140 eProcurement ePro Reminder Core-10 WorkFlow Worklist Viewing Attachments Core-10 EPM Queries UPK

141 Requesters- When creating a requisition you must enter the buyer on the ‘Define Requisition’ page before entering your requisition line(s). ePro Reminders

142 eProcurement The eProcurement Core-10 process was implemented statewide during 2009. The Core-10 replaced the DAS SP-10 and the DOIT-10. Core-10s are initiated by a CT Multi-Requester. The translate values for the Core-10 are: ITD-10, ITD-Bid or DAS-Bid. Core-10 Navigation: eProcurement>Create Requisition

143 Workflow DOIT ITD-10 ITD-BID Agency Purchasing Approval DOIT BDD Approval CIO/CTO Approval Over $10,000 ITD Buyer Approval ITD CPD Director Approval Convert to Contract Agency Chartfield Approval DOIT BDD Approval CIO/CTO Approval Over $10,000 ITD Buyer Approval Purchase Order Agency Purchasing Approval Sourcing ITD CPD Director Approval ITD-10 Core-10 Workflow Agency Users will need to create a new req. or PO to use contracteProcurement

144 BID/RFP CONTRACT AWARD Agency Purchasing Approval DAS Team Leaders Contract Specialist Agency Chartfield Approval Agency Requester Agency Amount Approval Agency Users will need to create a new req. or PO to use the contract. Ad Hoc + Core-10 Workflow DAS-BIDeProcurement

145 Navigation – Finworklist > Worklist WorklisteProcurement

146 Navigation: Finworklist > Worklist Searching your FINWorklist Users can use Ctrl F on your keyboard to search by Requisition IDs or DescriptioneProcurement

147 Viewing Attachments – Comments BubbleeProcurement

148 Viewing AttachmentseProcurement

149 eProcurement Core-10 EPM Queries CT_CORE_FIN_CORE10_BU_REQ_DT CT_CORE_FIN_CORE10_BY_FLG_DATE CT_CORE_FIN_CORE10_BY_REQ_NBR CT_CORE_FIN_CORE10_VNDR_REQ_DT Navigation: EPM Reporting Tools > Query >Query Manager

150 eProcurement

151 Closing Thank you for your participation today We hope this information proved helpful. Look for this presentation on the Core-CT website

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