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Surveillance system MainConsole

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1 Surveillance system MainConsole
NUUO Surveillance system MainConsole

2 NUUO Solution CMS NVR IP+ NDVR(Hybrid) DVR

3 NUUO MainConsole Up to 64CH and 128CH Remote Live View
Support H.264 and megapixel cameras Open platform Supports 36 brands of IP cameras, over models High flexibility to choose IP cameras for high-end projects or budget limited projects Digital PTZ and multiple viewers

4 NUUO MainConsole Support Transcoding.
-Users can have different resolution/frame rate between recorded video and remote live video. Support Digital Watermark. -Prevent recorded video files/snapshots/AVI/ASF from being tampered. Remote live viewer, Desktop config Supported by NUUO CMS

5 To save your time on construction and training!
Easy and Friendly Easy to install Easy and quick Full Product Line Open Platform Easy to set up UPnP search Graphical schedule Easy to learn Friendly GUI To save your time on construction and training!

6 Why NUUO? Your Best Choice

7 Fact #1 NUUO software supports the most IP camera models in the world.
--Support 36 Brands, over 560 models

8 Fact #2 High end H.264 hardware compression NUUO software supports from Entry level needed to High end needed. Full D1, 30 frames per second Entry level Mpeg4 software compression CIF, 7.5 frames per second

9 Fact #3 Total solution with simple one software interface.

10 Fact #4 Video Analysis Instant Response E-Map GUI Recording Schedule
Intelligent Playback Video Enhancement

11 Main Intelligent Features
6 types of video analytics and 10 instant alarm responses.

12 NUUO function overview
Instant response Video Analysis Triple Monitor Display Pup-up E-map POS and I/O integration Video Enhancement Playback with Intelligent search GUI recording schedule

13 Intelligent and Flexible
6 video analytics General motion Missing object Foreign object Camera Occlusion Lose Focus Signal Lost

14 Intelligent and Flexible
10 instant response Display on local screen Play Sound / Send Signal Digital output PTZ Preset Go Send SMS message Send to CMS server Send snapshot to FTP Popup E-map on Event

15 Intelligent and Flexible
Triple Monitor Display Popup E-Map

16 Intelligent and Flexible
I/O Devices Integration GUI Recording Schedule

17 Intelligent and Flexible
Video Enhancement Tool Multifunctional Playback System With Intelligent Search

18 More Benefits……. Hybrid system Open platform
Full product line – From large scale to SMB Supports up to 64 CH User friendly Competitive pricing with high-end functions

19 CMS Manage all events from unlimited recording servers
Server-Client structure Unlimited Client, Unlimited Matrix Intuitive E-map to indicate where events happen Remote desktop control all remote recording servers

20 Architecture of CMS

21 Success story

22 Success Story

23 Government-Albania Interior Ministry
Challenge: 445 IP cameras(with Megapixel) in 70 different locations to build credibility of election

24 Government-Albania Interior Ministry
Solution: NUUO NVR IP+ manage 445CH IP cameras AXIS and MOBOTIX Megapixel IP cameras Benefit: 70 Multi-Site surveillance with central management Support 128CH Remote Live View Support Megapixel IP cameras

25 Casino-Gran Casino de Talca
Challenge: Need to monitor 400 slot machines, 60 bingo seating area, 15 gaming tables, bars, restaurants, hotels, 48 rooms.

26 Casino-Gran Casino de Talca
Solution: NUUO NVR(IP+)& NUUO CMS (Central Management System) ” NUUO can be used for professional applications and constant recording over a huge number of operations. NUUO works with high caliber projects.” - -Alejandro Herrera.

27 Industrial-LG Powercom
Challenge: Up to 2000 IP cameras secure many branch offices Solution: NUUO NVR IP+ Benefit: “We think NUUO product has a high quality and best software for VIVOTEK cameras” --Stan, Project Manager, POSDATA Co.,Ltd

28 Look forward to our cooperation
For more information, please go to our website: Further Sales issue, please contact... Technical issue, please contact… Marketing issue, please contact

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