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Hacking Capture Save and Playback User Session Screens.

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1 Hacking Capture Save and Playback User Session Screens

2 Hacking Part 1 Capture Scenario

3 Do Any of Your Employees Look … Bored?Sulky?Furious?

4 One of Them Could Easily Change Financial Records and “Pocket the Difference”… No one is watching… They’ll never notice! According to FBI research, 85% of security breaches are performed by employees.

5 The Employee Changes Financial Records…

6 Capture to the Rescue: Immediately Records User Screens in Rapid Succession

7 Security Staff Easily Finds Proof of Offender Identity Log of Captured User Sessions Search for Suspicious Item within Log Locating Offender Identity and Proof of Breach

8 Part 2 Capture Information

9 Capture Features Silently copies and documents user (green) screens Activated by user-selectable criteria Collects and documents CL (Command Logs) Useful for monitoring & technical support Real-time screen capture and storage including playback, with no performance degradation Integrated with several iSecurity modules (i.e. can display Audit log text as a part of captured screens) Complete solution for industry tracking regulations (banking, insurance), including query documentation Option for notifying users that their session is being recorded

10 Sample Applications Financial Institutions Provides critical audit trail for transaction-intensive financial institutions, such as banks, investment brokers and insurance companies Healthcare Designed to meet new data auditing, retention and security regulations in the US and Europe Help Desk Ideal solution for technical support - staff can scroll through user screens to determine which actions caused elusive error conditions Valuable tool for program debugging and troubleshooting user errors

11 Multiple Triggers for Capture Initiation Firewall Network Intrusions Audit Unauthorized user actions Help Desk Crossing of thresholds in business-critical applications

12 Please visit us at Thank You!

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