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Multimedia – An Overview Unit A. 2 Objectives Multimedia defined Multimedia on the Web Multimedia growth Educational applications.

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1 Multimedia – An Overview Unit A

2 2 Objectives Multimedia defined Multimedia on the Web Multimedia growth Educational applications

3 3 Objectives Entertainment applications Business applications Multimedia playback systems Multimedia development systems

4 4 Multimedia Defined A computer-based, interactive experience that incorporates text, graphics, sound, animation, video and virtual reality.

5 5 Multimedia Elements Drawings and Photos GraphicsGraphics 2-D and 3-D, Video AnimationAnimationSoundSound

6 6 Interactivity of Multimedia Allows user to interact with application Content presentation is nonlinear User determines –What content is delivered –When it is delivered –How it is delivered Input can be keyboard, mouse, voice and touch screens

7 7 Computer Playback System Internet connection with browser also important

8 8 Multimedia Applications : All uses of multimedia Applications : All uses of multimedia Titles : Specific products; usually on CDs Titles : Specific products; usually on CDs

9 9 Multimedia on the Web InternetBrowsers World Wide Web

10 10 Multimedia Growth Highest growth rate is online Telecommunications –Multimedia courseware –Training and teleconferencing Internet –Home pages for products –Video demonstrations –Product purchases

11 11 Webcasting - Includes audio and video in real time Live broadcast Program needed to receive webcast can be downloaded Live updates on scoreboard

12 12 Animations Rotating text and 3-D settings Software –HTML –Macromedia Flash –Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML)

13 13 HTML HyperText Markup Language Basic Web documents Hyperlinks HTML tags: Hello HTML tags: Hello

14 14 Multimedia Web Pages Java programming language –Animations –Database searches –Applets Need for file compression –Video/audio files very large –Modem speeds can be slow

15 15 Growth of Multimedia Growth in % of homes with computers in US Prices dropped from $2000 to $500 from 1997 to 2001 Growth in % of homes using internet in US

16 16 Growth of Multimedia Audio and video delivered on web (RealPlayer) CD-ROM titles decreased –1992 = $100 –Today < $20 Computer company marketing techniques –Next “killer application” Adding value to an existing product (the computer)

17 17 Multimedia Barriers Different types of computer systems Vary in speed, capacity and display capabilities Lack of standardization Lack of a way to deliver huge amounts of information to the desktop

18 18 Using Multimedia for Education Learning by association Learning by experimentation Learning by visual stimulation Learning by sound

19 19 Multimedia Allows Students To “Jump” via hyperlinks Proceed at their own pace Focus on particular areas Be in charge of learning experience Have instant feedback

20 20 Online Course Benefits access it anytime from anywhere see animations with audio and video have virtual labs to conduct experiments Students can:

21 21 Edutainment CDs

22 22 Reference Titles and Multimedia Encyclopedias Census data Yellow Pages Dictionaries

23 23 Entertainment Applications Pioneers in multimedia were game developers Emphasis has shifted from: –Pure action  Action + story-telling –Games  Entertainment –Physical  Mental

24 24 Games on the Web

25 25 Virtual Worlds A new field in entertainment on the Web where individuals can log on and interact with others in a virtual environment that includes chat sessions.

26 26 Online Entertainment Categories Sports (Beckett Interactive Football League) Mystery (Avalon) Adventure (Webstrike) Fun (Playsite backgammon, etc.)

27 27 Recreation Applications Give user a vicarious experience –“play” a famous golf course –“fly” over 3-D cityscapes Could include hobbies and sports titles

28 28 Microsoft Flight Simulator Award winning; most popular; oldest U.S. Navy has used it to train pilots Requires a fairly powerful computer configuration for latest version Has spawned web sites, user groups, newsletters, and add-on products

29 29 Multimedia Category Crossovers

30 30 Business Applications Multimedia used for communication: TrainingPresentationsMarketing

31 31 Marketing on the Web Go global on the Net Shop online Demonstrate product lines Allow users to customize products online Publish magazines online

32 32 Corporate Training Multibillion-dollar industry Focus on specific skill sets Can be on CD or the Web –Often use an Intranet Can train for certification tests

33 33 Business Presentations

34 34 Computer Playback Systems Development System Playback System

35 35 Hardware Issues Minimum configuration vs. recommended configuration Processor can determine speed Memory types: –Temporary: Random Access Memory (RAM) –Permanent: hard drive

36 36 Hardware Issues: Displays Monitor standards: –Screen resolution –Number of colors

37 37 Hardware Issues: Displays Resolution differences 640 x 4801024 x 768

38 38 Hardware Issues: Displays Video Graphics Card –Video Graphics Array (VGA) –Super VGA (SVGA) Card determines: –Resolution –Memory capacity –Number of colors displayed

39 39 Hardware Issues: Sound Need: –Audio card (Sound Blaster) –Speakers Sound quality depends on number of bits used Standard is 16-bit sound

40 40 Hardware Issues: Digital Disks Compact Disc Read-Only Memory Digital Versatile or Video Disk Drive determines –What type of disk can be played –Speed of locating data on disk (seek time) –Speed of transferring disk information to computer CD-ROM DVD

41 41 Multimedia Development Systems Speakers Video camera Flatbed scanner Microphone High capacity removable disk storage Disk array for video capture and storage CD-ROM recorder

42 42 Development Platforms Macintosh –Superior handling of graphics –Cross-platform capabilities –Used extensively in multimedia development Windows Software allows –Development on particular platform –Playback on both platforms

43 43 Development Configurations Pentium III 750 processor or Power Mac 500 256 MB of RAM desired 20 GB of hard disk space Video capture card (internal) and video source (camera, VCR, TV) 19” monitor

44 44 Digital Cameras Menu Options: –Preview –Play back –Delete –View in slide-show Images stored on 16MB CompactFlash™ card

45 45 Issue: What is the appropriate use of multimedia? Does development time outweigh cost of alternatives? How should we use text and video? Who is your audience? Is use of bells and whistles appropriate? What are our objectives?

46 46 Issue: MPC Standards - Are they needed? 1990 MPC Level 1 specifications created 1991 Multimedia PC Marketing Council formed 1993 MPC Level 2 specifications created 1995 MPC Level 3 specifications created 1996 to present ????????

47 End Multimedia – An Overview

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