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With Watch your athletes TM. 80% of all human learning is visual Athletes train faster and smarter when using visual feedback Olympic and professional.

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1 with Watch your athletes TM

2 80% of all human learning is visual Athletes train faster and smarter when using visual feedback Olympic and professional athletes have been using video training for decades with TM

3 the complete package Requires only one operator Setup and ready to record in 10 minutes or less Can be moved to different sites in a van, minivan, and most full-sized SUVs All components store conveniently on the command center cart and can fit in a 4’x 6’ area On-site training available with any SV4 purchase Everything you need to capture, playback, store, and transfer your recordings. SV4 is… TM

4 SV4 Club Package 4 High Resolution Waterproof Sony 1/3" Color CCD Video Cameras One 4 Channel Triplex 120 fps DVR with DVD/USB Backup & 250 GB HD 4 61” Self-leveling Tripods 19" LCD Monitor Wireless Headset All-Terrain Mobile Command Center Cart 80' Extension Cord with Shockbuster GFP All cables, adapters & connectors. Nothing else to buy…period! 1 year replacement warranty on DVR; 2 year warranty on all other components Support via phone, e-mail, or chat: 18 hours a day, 6 days a week TM

5 4 High Resolution Sony 1/3" color CCD video cameras High Resolution: 420 TV lines Rugged Steel Housing Sun Visor included Attached 100' Cable 12 pc of Infrared LEDs and a CDS Sensor Waterproof to 100 Feet 2 Year Warranty 4 61” Tripods Full-size Adjustable Tripod Self Leveling Rubber-tipped Feet Leveling Bubbles Three-way Fluid Panhead Extends from 24” to 61” 2 Year Warranty TM

6 4 Channel Triplex DVR User-friendly interface similar to a standard VCR/DVD player JPEG2000 compression for the best playback quality available Anti-pixilation technology for ultra-crisp playback Search video playback quickly and easily by time/date or percent 120 fps recording and live viewing for smooth real time video Triplex (recording, playback, and internet viewing simultaneously Back-up recordings to DVD+R or USB Playback Viewing Format: Choice of Single Channel or Quad Screen Remote control, Mouse, and Jog Shuttle control for easy playback controls Multi-directional Playback Speeds x1/16 to x64 and frame by frame Hard Disk Storage: 250 GB installed expandable to 1 TB TM

7 19" LCD Monitor 19-inch widescreen LCD: Delivers 1440 x 900 resolution with over a million pixels for excellent picture quality at 720p 850:1 dynamic contrast ratio and 5-ms response time DVI and VGA connections Pole mounted to SV Command Center Wireless Headset Add coach commentary and analysis to video Lightweight & portable 90 ft operating distance FM modulation 80-12500 Hz frequency response Transmitter clips on to belt 80' Extension Cord with Shockbuster GFP 14/3 Extension Cord Waterproof for extra safety Instant GFCI protection TM

8 SV4 Collegiate Package All components in the Club Package plus: 500 GB Hard Drive (instead of the 250 GB) External multi-function DVD recorder: Burn video instantly in full speed, slow-mo, frame by frame, etc with coach’s audio commentary 22” LCD Monitor (instead of the 19”) 24” LCD monitor (available through December) TM

9 3500 lumen video projector with portable 8 ft. screen: See your athletes on the BIG screen! 12V battery with inverter & charger: Run the system 10 hours when electricity is not available Dome to protect the cameras from impact Web hosting: Your athletes’ videos posted on-line for viewing from anywhere with an Internet connection 1 Terabyte Hard Drive Optional Equipment TM

10 “We needed a system that is simple to set up, utilize and break down as well as user friendly. We got that and so much more with StrokeView. StrokeView has built a system with athlete, coach and team in mind. StrokeView asked us after our purchase if we had any feedback for them. Based on the Buckeye team and facility we suggested an alteration to one of the parts…it was done and shipped to us within a week. I have been a part of programs that have utilized video feedback with athletes for over 20 years. This system is the best that I have used in terms of providing your swimmers with a quick, practical and useful tool that will provide significant stroke feedback.” Bill Dorenkott Head Coach Women's Swimming The Ohio State University “The StrokeView SV4 system has been a wonderful addition to our video portion of our daily practices. The underwater cameras are clear and can get any picture needed based on placing them in the proper positions. We have found the system easy to set up (10 min or so) and take down and can be left to record the entire practice or just a portion based on your needs. Our team has enjoyed seeing their videos and has made numerous strides in the short time we have had the system.” Bill Wadley Head Coach Men’s Swimming The Ohio State University

11 "Studying underwater technique is critical for providing quality feedback to swimmers. SV4 gives you 4 different angles every lap allowing the coach and swimmer to maximize their technique development." David Marsh CEO and Director of Coaching Swim MAC Carolina “Our SV4 is the best piece of training equipment we have. It brings credibility to us as coaches as the athletes can actually see what we are asking them to change. With SV4 we have the ability to get 4 different angles and include the front view/side view/turn and moving all on one shot. This is great because sometimes the athletes key into the one thing you are looking for and something else in their stroke falls apart. With the 4 cameras on one lane they really need to keep focus throughout their swim. Also, we have the ability to video 4 lanes at once and watch side by side each individual performer as they compete against each other. The cameras never lie and the system is easy to use! SV4 provides IMMEDIATE feedback. Having the ability to pause, view in slow motion and frame by frame helps emphasize the points coaches try to drill home. It is the best purchase you can buy other than the pool itself. It will immediately make your athletes and your coaching better.” Brian Melanson Schenectady HS Boys Varsity Swim Coach Section II Swim Coordinator Customer Reviews

12 TM

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