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Lriectay throguh lieisntng nda seineg. Literacy & Background explanations Technology considerations Application/Software demonstrations Speech recognition.

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1 Lriectay throguh lieisntng nda seineg

2 Literacy & Background explanations Technology considerations Application/Software demonstrations Speech recognition – Dragon Dictation – Microsoft Speech Recognition Text to speech – Apple iPad / iPhone settings – Speak it! – Web tools: AT&T, Acapela & Natural Reader – Microsoft software – Adobe pdfs Text enhancements – Modifying tasks to engage more

3 Literacy ability to read and write one's own name and further for knowledge and interest, write coherently, and think critically about the written word. lifelong, intellectual process of gaining meaning from a critical interpretation of the written or printed text. progression of skills from listening, speaking, reading to writing Reading development involves awareness of: orthography spelling patterns semantics word meaning syntax grammar morphology patterns of word formation phonology speech sounds full language literacy critical analysis, inference and synthesis; to write with accuracy and coherence; and to use information and insights from text as the basis for informed decisions and creative thought.

4 Speech recognition

5 Dragon Dictation application (Nuance) Apple iPhone & iPad Advantages free portable simple design editing clear trasferrable – email, sms, facebook & twitter change language option highly accurate Disadvantages minor comprehension difficulties dictation of grammar unnatural personal device – one user profile instant display unavailable Internet or 3G connection necessary

6 Microsoft Speech Recognition To access Click Start Button Open Control Panel Open Speech Recognition Work through prompts – Set up microphone, Take Speech Tutorial, Train your computer to better understand you, print off Speech Reference Card Controls computer well Voice to text – to be built with each use Navigation Narrating Editing LOTE – change Language for OS by downloading a language pack & you can speak in target language

7 Microsoft Speech Recognition Advantages free on PC instant display developing quality each release synchronises with Office products faster than speaking/typing voice control editing develops vocablary bank Disadvantages imperfect comprehension quality microphone required lengthy set up voice correction tedious

8 Speech Recognition Speech-to-text / Voice recognition Benefits hearing imparied – text functions like subtitles physical difficulties with hands, wrists, arms sufferers of fatigue - speaking feels easier than writing with spelling & orthographic difficulties emphasis on thought &understanding over physical process of writing pronunciation practise & development in low stress environment independence required students receive more feedback and need to act upon it - either to correct language, add grammar or re- pronounce their text - beneficial to their learning where the reward is accuracy, self-regulation, problem-solving

9 Text to Speech (TTS)

10 Text-to-speech (TTS) Benefits Student-centred and controlled Playback allows students to auto-correct heard word in relation to spoken word – spelling can be developed Allows enunciation and pronunciation to develop with concerted practise Students can engage individually, in their own time and place Options relating to voice speed, voice volume and font size personalisation Experiencing voices for consideration: html html

11 Apple mobile devices – iPhone, iPad, iPod touch iOS Devices have Speak Selection (TTS) with highlighting built in (iOS 6). You must activate it. Settings > General > Accessibility > Speak Selection > On > Highlight Words. Adjust speaking rate as required. Change device language – be sure to know how to change back (although consistent pathways allow this) Settings > General > International> Language> Done>the screen will black with a message saying Setting language in the chosen language

12 Speak it! app Advantages words highlighted when spoken audio files created files saved into library editability of language – voice speed & volume, font size foreign language voices available for purchase Students Disadvantages not free $1.99 additional voices $0.99 reading toneless long texts unpausable text access - needs to be available to iPad via cloud or synchronised file management

13 Microsoft Text To Speech (TTS) Set up in programs – Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Excel & Outlook Open Microsoft Program > File > Options > Quick Access Toolbar > Commands that are not in the Ribbon > Speak I have had huge challenges installing new voices from Microsoft. As a language teacher, I would like to add foreign language voices and they appear available but installation has failed repeatedly. Unfortunately, there is only one voice installed – Anna (USA) To be continued…

14 Adobe Read Out Loud View Read Out Loud Activate Read Out Loud Select text to be read Edit Preferences Reading Read Out Loud options Volume Use Default voice Use Default speech attributes

15 Web based TTS AT&T Audio playback & wav sound file download (limited length) Acapela demo.html Natural Reader Free trial 200 characters Free download (lite) No mp3 unless purchased

16 General language app(lication)s Most are grammar based, quiz-like Download free versions, play, see if something stands out Open App store >Search key words – French, etc.>switch between iPad Apps and iPhone Apps Conversation Cards – speed dating-type questions that allow for creativity, humour and reflection Complex language required so Stage 6 only Available in English – good warm up for a discussion Purchased La Bescherelle (verb conjugation) Le Robert (French dictionary) With AirServer running on PC, can display iPad screen, show entry, discuss and apply

17 Text enhancement Create forms in Word or Adobe which guide students through using correct grammar and vocabulary. Use comments in Word and comments in Adobe to give hints & reminders for reading & writing skills Use OneNote to record audio & visual in seconds as it is able to be emailled Record speaking responses with Audacity (freeware) and save as mp3 files (also use iPhone Voice Memos recorder) Correct speaking responses with soundcloud (free account required) Create word clouds using Wordle & Tagxedo for vocabulary lists

18 “I am tomorrow, or some future day, what I establish today. I am today what I established yesterday or some previous day.” James Joyce Ferran Adria - elbulli

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